Midafternoon Summer Tea

Midafternoon Summer Tea

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It sure feels like summer time here, and when its particularly warm I can’t help but think of afternoon escapes. One of my favorite ways to escape is with a delightful cup of tea in the cool shade. This summertime tablescape perfectly embodies the dreamiest of summer afternoons. Touches of traditional seersucker and delicate eyelet are perfect embellishments for a …

Happy Mother’s Day!

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We were planning a special issue of Louisiana Cookin’ and we thought of a beautiful way to honor our mothers—a Queen Cake!! My mom always made marvelous cakes when we were growing up. It was always a treat to smell the aroma coming from the kitchen. So in honor of our moms, we created a cake just for them. The …

Toad in a Biscuit

Eggs in a Basket

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We’re moving in! As Neal and I settle into our new home, my mind is flooded with all of the new memories I can expect to make here. Soon the rooms will be filled with laughter and joy as we entertain our friends and family. With a fresh place, we will make fresh new memories! I especially can’t wait to …

The History of Hosiery

The History of Hosiery

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When Neal and I were packing up our old house to move, one of the most daunting rooms to pack was—no surprise—my closet. One clothing category I had in extreme excess was pantyhose and socks. As I was putting the hosiery into my little bags, I flashed back to the first time I wore stockings. I was going to my …