Fall House

Fall Means It’s Time For Apple Pie

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Last fall, my sweet children took us to Vermont to the Trapp Family Lodge for my birthday. I am a Sound of Music addict, so you can imagine my delight when they announced the plans. The views were breathtaking from the mountains, and there were pumpkins everywhere. My birthday dinner was at a lovely restaurant that was a converted farmhouse. …


Gracious Entertaining: How to Polish Silver

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The wonderful staff of Victoria magazine put together an easy guide for how to polish silver, so I thought I’d share: Silver has been prized as a precious metal for centuries. But it reached a new level of prominence during the Victorian era, when members of nobility enjoyed elaborate meals—sometimes with as many as ten courses. Each dish served required …

A Peek Into My Sewing Tool Collection

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When we started our business in the needlework industry in the 1980s, one of the most popular magazines we launched was Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. Inside those pages were patterns for sampler reproductions, historical information about needlework through the centuries, and fabulous collections of needlework and tools. I have a few pieces left from my once large sewing tool …

baby shower

Why Baby Showers Are Special for Grandmothers Too

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I have had the pleasure of attending baby showers for new moms and now grandmothers—yes, grandmothers. We grandmothers need our nursery stash as well. And what better excuse for a party than a grandmother shower for a friend? When your gift giving calls for something unique for a new mom, give a gift that is special and sentimental. Here are …

Gracious Living Club

Join the Gracious Living Club

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When we began Southern Lady magazine in 1999, we tapped into a wonderful world of women who love to put their personal touch on just about every aspect of their daily lives. I, being one of them, love to set a beautiful table, cook wonderful meals, celebrate entrepreneur women who have launched wonderful businesses, and collect blue and white china. …

Childhood Keepsakes Remind Us to Keep Handwork Art Alive

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I was sitting in my sewing room the other day and looked around at the keepsakes I have kept through the years. I have wonderful artwork from my boys when they were young, quilts from grandmothers, embroideries and crochet from the women in our family, paintings from my mom, and many other things that have special meaning for me. There …


Create a Family Treasure for a Special Bride

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When Vanessa James got married and I was searching for a special gift for her, I decided that I would sit down and write all my favorite recipes in a three-ring-binder cookbook for her. Since all new brides struggle with dishes to cook for two, this just might be something to consider. Vanessa said this was one of the greatest …