Back to School Memories

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“Back to School”—those words alone send chills down my spine. This year my little grandson is going to 5-year kindergarten and will be there all day: 8:00 to 3:00. Seriously? I can already see my bed-head sleepy boy trying to get up, get dressed, force down breakfast, and reluctantly go to school knowing that playtime is now restricted to the …

The Legacy of the Button Box

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From the time of my earliest recollection, my mom had a button box. It was filled with every conceivable button that was made at the time. Buttons were never discarded and were reused on new garments when needed. When my sister and I had a sick day from school—which meant we were close to death—we could play with Momma’s button …

Simply Grace

Meet Vicki Hardiman of Simply Grace

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Vicki Hardiman and Joni Crenshaw are creative sisters that I met years ago when we started our first magazine Just CrossStitch. They designed some of the most beautiful samplers to cross-stitch that were available back in the 1980s. Today Vicki has pioneered another wonderful business, Simply Grace, with unique dresses for little girls. When my first granddaughter was born, Vicki …