Amelia’s First Sewing Project

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After I wrote the blog post last week about my quilting projects, I received a very special surprise. Amelia came for a visit, and I had planned our activities, but she had other ideas. She came in (while still in her gown) and announced that she was going to make a quilt for her new doll. I could have jumped …


Celebrate Veteran’s Day Today and Every Day

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This past week my dad, Oliver Norton, was given the flag that had flown over the capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, and then subsequently flown in the city of Hoover. It was a family celebration as my husband, Neal, a career fireman, presented him the flag folded and neatly placed inside the triangular case. It was amazing to see my siblings, …

Needlepoint Kit

Cool Weather Means Needlework Time

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One of my favorite things to do in the fall is start a needlework project. I have selected my project for the holiday season: Winter Sampler from Elizabeth Bradley Designs. I love the primitive design and the colors just fit my décor perfectly. When the weather turns cold, it is fun to sit by the fire in my favorite chair …

Deep-Dish Apple Tart Recipe

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When I walked into our test kitchens last fall, I was intrigued by this little creation. I had always wanted to learn how to make one of these “folded pastry” pies, but when I tried, mine completely unfolded. It was only when I saw that it is made in a pie pan that my heart skipped a beat. Of course, …


The Study Bible for Women

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In my travels, I get to meet the most interesting people. I am often invited to speak at various women’s organizations and ministry groups, and it gives me an opportunity to really connect with the readers of our magazines. I get to meet new friends and visit with dear friends from my past. It is amazing the accomplishments of women …

Fall Party Ideas

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My daughter-in-law Katie hosts the most splendid parties. Her personal touch on everything makes each celebration so special. From the invitations to the take-home party favor, she plans right down to the last detail. I wanted to share her ideas with you because this time of year offers wonderful opportunities to decorate for a party, and I’m fortunate that my …

Meet Entertain Decorate Celebrate editor Heather Martin Jeffcoat

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From the time Heather was a child she loved entertaining. Whether it was setting up parties for her Barbies or having the high school French Club over for a festive holiday gathering, serving homemade crêpes and a bûche de Noël cake, entertaining came naturally. Heather thought that this affinity for entertaining was normal for everyone since she was used to …

Fall Quilting

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In the fall my sewing interests turn to quilting. I don’t know why, but the cool weather just reminds me of quilting. I especially love blue and “any color” quilts, but my current project is quilt blocks that are made from Civil War reproduction fabrics. I am using start patterns, and I just love it. My ultimate goal is to …