Valentine Tea

Valentine’s Day Tea

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express love and admiration to those who are important in our lives. A tea is the perfect time to celebrate special ladies in your life. A best friend, a daughter or daughter-in-law, or a precious granddaughter will love being the honored guest at your table. Tea is a time when the world slows …

One-Pound Brownies - The Ribbon in My Journal

Delicious Brownies to Bake this Winter

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Who couldn’t use more chocolate in their lives? January’s chilly days call for a little baking—while I’ve told you that I’m already excited to try the bread and cinnamon rolls from Bake from Scratch, I also couldn’t resist sharing a tried-and-true favorite with you. The latest issue of Bake from Scratch has a variety of winter baking delights. They’ve included …

Bake from Scratch - The Ribbon in My Journal

Why I Love to Bake from Scratch

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Do you love baking from scratch? I do. When I undertake a new baking project, I cherish getting out all of my “stuff” and laying out my pans, measuring cups, whisks, and measuring spoons. There’s nothing quite like carefully adding each ingredient and ending up with a delicious result. Our newest publication, Bake from Scratch, celebrates the many joys of …