Veterans Day

Honor Those Who Served This Veterans Day

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My dad served in World War II. From time to time, he tells the story of his service in the Navy. I particularly love his stories of when his crew sailed by the president’s summer home. He says they had to stand on the deck of the ship all dressed up in their finest and salute as they passed by. …


Our Hearts Are With Texas

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My heart is sad this morning. I am still in total shock over the shootings in Texas this past Sunday. I have tried to put myself in the place of those attending church and visualize what it must have been like for a shooter to come into your place of worship. But I just can’t comprehend it. All I can …

Pondering Moments

Pondering Moments: Trust During Times of Tragedy

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As I sit at my desk thinking about the horrible news of the Las Vegas mass shooting, I can’t seem to compose the words to convey my thoughts. Since we are all friends and have formed a bond through this blog, I am just going to share my random emotions and reactions to the events of the past days. We’ve …

Little Acts of Kindness

Make a Difference with Little Acts of Kindness

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This past week has been one of great emotion. I watched the devastation across our country just as you did. Hurricanes, horrible fires in Montana, and many other tragedies happened that break our hearts. Then throw in the 9/11 anniversary. My emotions have been on edge. What do we say, what do we do, and how can we make a …