Seasons of Williamsburg

Worth the Trip to Williamsburg

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I love Williamsburg—as you all know! Always on the top of my list, it is a fabulous place to go for inspiration and restoration. I make Seasons of Williamsburg a part of my trip anytime of the year I am lucky enough to be in Virginia.

Seasons of Williamsburg

This year Neal and I planned a trip to be at the Christmas Open House at Seasons! I love to go there during the holidays, but I have always missed the Open House. This year we decided to make our journey a little earlier than usual. Even though we got to Seasons on the first day of the celebration, the line was across the front of the building. Yikes! I thought I had outsmarted everyone, but many people arrived even earlier than we did. When we got to the door and I could peek inside, I felt like I was looking at a magical place.

Seasons of Williamsburg

Once inside I was mesmerized by all the wonderful displays. I totally understand why the shop is closed three days for the staging! It is a masterpiece of holiday decorations. Kendall Kerby and Kent Harrell ­­­­are the proprietors of Seasons. Their customers were chatting as they carefully perused each item, and I could tell this was the highlight of their Christmas preparation. Many had driven miles for this; others lived nearby. But each had the same exuberance for this wonderful store. I laughed with delight as each customer—including me!—wanted Kendall and Kent to see their selections. Of course, they loved our choices—they picked them out for the store!

Seasons of Williamsburg

The two-month-long season will delight the most discriminating “Christmaser”, and you will find beautiful keepsakes for all budgets. The trees that tower to the ceiling have branches laden with breathtaking bows, lights, and glittering ornaments . You will find vignettes that dazzle and will spark your creativity.

Seasons of Williamsburg

I like to add something to my stash every year, and usually it’s from Seasons. This year I discovered artificial greenery that everyone will think is real, along with gorgeous artificial pomanders. I gathered up an armful for my centerpiece. If you haven’t seen the flickering candles that look real, you have missed something. I had to look twice! When these are tucked into an arrangement, you can enjoy the flickering with no flame, which makes them the perfect choice for me.

Seasons of WilliamsburgIf you are in the Williamsburg, Virginia, area during the holidays, you must stop at Seasons of Williamsburg. You will find a little magic in the air, and you will have plenty of Christmas spirit when you leave. Check out their website for information on store hours and location.


What is your favorite Christmas shop?

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  1. I have been wanting to visit Williamsburg for over 30 years. We finally planned our trip for this weekend and I saw this post! How wonderful we decided to stop in on our way. You are correct, what an inspiration! Haven’t first dinner party in early December and will have those wonderful candles!

  2. I have two favorite places to shop for Christmas in Atlanta, Boxwoods and Peridot in Buckhead. Boxwoods has the most beautiful live centerpieces. They will even create one for you in your container.

  3. I attend this open house each year and it is as lovely as you described! Just a magical winter wonderland and a great way to spend an afternoon. Thanks for sharing–

  4. Dearest Phyllis,
    0nce again, you have shared with us some Christmas joy. What a
    beautiful place. Would love to
    see it someday.
    This conjured up a wonderful
    memory for me.
    Many years ago, I used to go with my dear old friend at Christmas time to a beautiful, magical all tore called The Lenox Shop here on Long Island. Its snow flocked windows had the original Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls peeking thru & beckoned all
    to come in. When you opened
    the door, a beautifully lit fireplace greeted you to warm a cold winter chill. The smell of or
    fresh pine was intoxicating.
    We stayed for hours and it became our annual tradition.
    Upon arriving home, we topped
    the afternoon off with a mug of
    hot cocoa and sweet treat.
    Thank you for making me
    remember such wonderful
    Many blessings to you…..

  5. Lovely but Christmas still means CHRIST MASS and the reason for the Season CHRIST ‘s birth not decorating.

    Decorating is enjoyable but let us take centre stage in our homes while we no longer see his stable set up with Our Blessed Mother and St Joseph anywhere on the Christmas magazines. Don’t let this happen in your home, heart or family.

    Make a birthday cake for the Christ Child and say a prayer of thanksgiving that He homies your home and family. He is the Royal Guest. Welcome Him!!

  6. I love Williamsburg . We were there the middle of October for a few days. Would love to go visit when the have it decorated for Christmas. I did not make it to Seasons . So much to see and wish we lived closer. Now you have made me want to go for there for their open house next year.

  7. I was also at the open house and it really was beautiful. So much to see and so many ideas for decorating. But as beautiful as it was, my highlight was meeting you, Phyllis. You were as nice and gracious in person as you are on this blog and in your magazines. Thank you for all you do for us. You are such an inspiration to us all.

  8. Williamsburg….I know it well. I love visiting there.
    I love browsing and shopping the boutiques, No bling , framed words , considered art; very classic not trendy.
    Love it !

  9. We’ve lived in Williamsburg for 12 years and Seasons is a part of our every day life. Everything they display is perfectly presented. They did my daughter’s wedding and all I can say is that it was magical. They certainly are gifted men, and don’t forget their staff.
    Also, very gifted.

  10. Thank you Phyllis! I will put Seasons Open House on my list of things to do when I retire very soon! Beautiful pictures!

    I truly love The Holiday Shop on old Rocky Ridge Road! Quaint, beautiful, peaceful, set apart from the hustle and bustle of the season!

    Lois Razek, Birmingham

  11. Thank you for the reminder about Seasons. We love Williamsburg. Our favorite place in Ohio to get a real Christmas boost is the Pine Tree Barn in Wooster, Ohio. It has seasonal displays all year but Christmas is magical there. Horse-drawn wagons (weekends during Christmas season) take you part way into the fields to hand-cut fresh Christmas trees. You can eat there and shop for furniture and wonderful household items too. We have cut our tree there for over 30 years and make it a family event.

  12. I follow Seasons Of Williamsburg on social media and I LOVE their displays for the seasons. They are a gifted pair and I hope one day to be able to visit Williamsburg one day to see their shop with my own eyes!

    I am delighted that you have given your readers a glimpse at this fine shop and the owners who do magnificent work at creating such outstanding beauty!


    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

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