Hydrangeas as Far as You Can See

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Hydrangeas are one of those flowers that will forever fascinate me! There are so many colors, shapes and sizes. I have even watched friends change the colors of their beautiful blooms by putting iron in the dirt, how crazy! Before planting her first hydrangea bush in 1989, Wendy White was never much of a gardener. In the years since, her …

Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life

Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life

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What better way to celebrate life’s special events than with afternoon tea? Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and retirements of people dear to us call for tea parties, with table settings and delectable fare in keeping with the occasions. Whether casual or formal, modern or traditional, serving four or 400, afternoon tea provides a memorable experience for all ages and genders. After …

Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

Susan Currie’s Style Secrets

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The style of your home is a personal decision. Some pieces in our homes are gifted or passed down, others are instant favorites that were worth the splurge, but they are all a piece of the larger puzzle we call our lives. A great interior designer beautifies and enhances this style without losing the true feel of a home. Too …

Tomato and Corn Tart

Our Father’s Day Picnic

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Fresh corn is one of the many perks that summer brings. The golden kernels are a juicy and sweet delight that I enjoy to this day. There isn’t much that’s better than farm fresh corn on the cob. As a child we used to help mom by shucking the corn for dinner. We’d huddle on the porch around a sheet …

White Flowers: A Shop of Serenity

White Flowers: A Shop of Serenity

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The idea behind this serene wonderland in Birmingham, Alabama, all started with a simple T-shirt. When a dear friend of mine, Diana Hansen and her husband moved into a beautiful older home, they acquired a spectacular garden. Diana says, “I was so inspired by the flowers  there, I began to draw them.” Her husband, a professional photographer, took pictures of …

Gumbo Love Cookbook Giveaway with Lucy Buffett

Gumbo Love Cookbook Giveaway with Lucy Buffett

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When my friend Lucy Buffett called to tell me about her wonderful new book, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Gumbo Love—what a brilliant name for a book! One of my favorite dishes of all time is gumbo. Now there are a million versions of this favorite, so I was thrilled to know she was sharing her recipe along with …

Midafternoon Summer Tea

Midafternoon Summer Tea

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It sure feels like summer time here, and when its particularly warm I can’t help but think of afternoon escapes. One of my favorite ways to escape is with a delightful cup of tea in the cool shade. This summertime tablescape perfectly embodies the dreamiest of summer afternoons. Touches of traditional seersucker and delicate eyelet are perfect embellishments for a …

One-Layer Cake | Coconut Buttermilk Pound Cake

My One-Layer Cake Obsession

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I love sharing my family with you. Today I asked my son Brian Hart Hoffman to write a blog post about baking. He has turned out to be quite the baker, and I’m proud to say he is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Bake From Scratch magazine. I hope you enjoy: I love to bake, but I’m sure you already …

Oyster Plates

The Beauty of Oyster Plates

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The other day, I was in a conversation about setting an elegant coastal-themed tablescape and what dining options were available. It’s hard sometimes to find pieces that enhance the theme without being over stated. After a roundabout of sorts we landed on the topic of Oyster plates. I love Oyster plates! The sizes, shapes and patterns amaze me. Did you …

Cake For A Memorial Day Crowd

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This weekend is Memorial Day, and I imagine many of us will be headed to the beach or to the backyard for some quality time in the sun to kick off summer! It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring the family together. When planning for such an event its important, for your sanity and energy, to find easy recipes to satisfy …