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Hear from Vietri Founder, Susan Gravely at Our Southern Lady Celebration

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I cannot tell you how excited we are about the upcoming Southern Lady Celebration! I have fabulous memories about events held in years past. It seems like yesterday that we all gathered together to glean inspiration from wonderful women who were willing to share their stories. It encouraged me immensely, and I know it did you as well. And this …


Tomato Gardening on My Terrace

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I decided this year that I would grow tomatoes in pots and place them on my terrace. I was inspired to do this when John Coykendall, Master Gardener from Blackberry Farms, visited our office and gave me the seeds to get started. Our next-door neighbor, Dr. Michael Blum, has an incredible green thumb. So, I took the seeds to Michael …

Highland Gourmet Scones

Highland Gourmet Scones!

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It was several years ago Neal called me from one of the fire stations in the city where he worked. He said, very braggingly, “Guess what I am eating?” Of course, I figured a huge plate of food, as firemen are known for. He laughed and said, “We are having scones!”  I thought, You have got to be kidding. He …

The Key Ingredient to a Soft Pound Cake

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Friends, it is no secret that we love pound cake around here. We have celebrated National Pound Cake Day, made countless variations, and even released a wonderful compilation of all of our very best pound cake recipes in cookbook form. Pound cake is just one of those desserts that everyone gets excited about. And there are nearly no restrictions when …

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This Tradition Makes June a Special Month for Our Family

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June is a rather interesting and exciting month. When I was growing up, June meant no school, sleeping late, and…the birthday of a certain someone. A guest writer on this blog, the baby of the family, my sister—Janice! The day itself didn’t really matter. She insisted, and still does, that the entire month is hers. As other people entered the …

Southern Lady and Victoria 2019 Events!

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I am excited to announce two amazing events that our company is hosting! First, let me tell you that I love it when those of us get together who love the same things in life. When you have a thread that binds you, it makes events so enriching. Second, who doesn’t love a good trip? Southern Lady Celebration is back! …

The Embroidery Club—New and Improved!

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I am thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of The Embroidery Club! We have been hard at work on this new and improved version. So, if you love machine embroidery, you are going to be delighted with all of the new offerings! You can subscribe to our 2019 collection to receive all the new 2019 designs. The designs will …