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Create Joyful Moments This Christmas

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Christmas is here, and all the children are running on adrenaline. I remember that feeling well. School is almost out for the holiday break, and kids are counting the days. In each of our magazines, we celebrate the holidays in different ways. We feature fun Christmas outfits to make in Classic Sewing, delicious treats in Bake from Scratch, and divine decorations in Cottage Journal, Southern Lady, and Victoria. The other magazines are filled with entertaining ideas, dinner party recipes, and tea celebrations. There are so many ideas, it’s hard to choose which ones I love the best. It’s all about celebrating the way we love best.

Coming from a year of being confined, all of us feel life is beginning again, even though we still have the virus to contend with. I think we live differently now than we did before. I learned that being quiet and staying in is very nice. Being content with ourselves and what we are surrounded with is peaceful. A dear friend said to me that she loved her life as it was and misses it terribly. I think we all feel that way, too. One thing is for sure: Each day is unpredictable, isn’t it?

My greatest joy is seeing the holiday sparkle in children’s eyes. I love the choir programs at church, where they are singing their little hearts out dressed in special outfits. I wish we could capture that innocence for a long time. It’s so important to let children be children. The giggles and laughter, the smiles, and hugs are all a part of being a child. And don’t forget to put a dot of cookie icing on their little noses. It creates a moment that will not be forgotten.

We have a wonderful man at our church known as the candy man. He always hands me a peppermint for a smile. He only rewards smiles. I think he is very special and brings a moment of joy whenever I see him.

I hope our lives are such that when people encounter us, they have a moment of joy. I can only imagine the moment of joy at the manger when the shepherds saw the Christ child. That moment of joy was celebrated with a magnificent star over the manger. What a wondrous night when the quiet, calm darkness was interrupted with the greatest gift ever. Merry Christmas to you, and may you create joyful moments for those around you.

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  1. So thankful for your encouraging words, Phyllis, and for all the Ribbon “family!”
    Praying you all enjoy peace and joy this Christmas season. Life can be so difficult but with God, all things are possible. All things can be changed by Him. So glad for the miracle of God becoming flesh to live in this world so that we could come to know Him. He is with us! Emmanuel!!

  2. Thank you for such thoughtful and thought provoking words. Merry Christmas. Like Connie, I retired from teaching after 32 years of joy in the elementary classroom. I always think of students I taught. I am truly thankful for the gift of spending 180 days each year reaping the benefits and impact they made on my life. May God bless them everyone!

  3. although we know God can do anything. Take notice to where the star led them. Not to the manger but to heard who had put out a decree to kill all newborn to two years old because he knew it was time for the Messiah to appear, then he led them to the child. Ask yourself, would God provide a star that would help herod? I hope you read that passage in your own Bible and reason on it.

  4. Dear Phyllis, This Sunday would be the day that all of the Hill families would get together. It was so much fun. You would have to leave early so that you could play for the special choir presentation. Miss it so much.

  5. There would be times, as an elementary teacher (now retired), that my heart would be broken as I would look out at my “kids” in the classroom and it would be like I was looking at old faces in young bodies. The Lord showed me some time ago that the innocence of a child is a treasure of heaven and must be guarded by us and woe to those who steal and destroy this precious treasure. I had to rely on the Lord in prayer everyday to help me help them…and I still do as He brings them to my mind or they show up in a dream…even after all these years…and I know that I am to lift them up in prayer. I pray that an army of intercessors will rise up to pray for our youth of today. I know that they are hungry for the real Truth and once they have found it…there is nothing to compare to their passion and ability to change the world…that’s why the enemy fights so hard to come against them. May the Greatest Gift of all time, Jesus, light our hearts with His amazing love so that we will shine with love & hope for our children to see the wonder of the true meaning of Christmas…the birth of the Savior of the World…the Answer to all of life’s situations. Hallelujah!
    Thank you, Phyllis, for lighting up our lives with truth and joy. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas that is merry and bright! And may the same be for all of our Ribbon Family. God Bless each one. :o)

    1. Connie Rogers, that was heart warming and beautiful! God bless you and may of your students of the past remember you as your Christ light shone in their darkness!
      And thank you, Phyllis, for always bringing forth the Christ child as the reason for our celebration of Christmas!

  6. Loved your post today. Reminds me of this excerpt from a song lyric by Billy Dean –

    So let them be little, cause they’re only that way for a while.
    Give them hope, give them praise, give them love, every day.
    Let em cry, let em giggle, let them sleep in the middle.
    Oh, just let them be little.

    My prayer is that every child has a family member or loved one that creates a joyful moment in their lives which will stay in their hearts forever.

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