3 Ways to Create a Centerpiece Using Multiple Small Arrangements

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My post last week about my garden got me thinking about how I plan to use what I have growing this year. When entertaining, there is simply nothing quite as beautiful as an arrangement of flowers sitting in the middle of the table. It immediately draws your guests in and creates conversation, warmth, and beauty. 

However, even when I am not entertaining, I love to keep a fresh array of florals on the table. It livens the room and is an instant reminder of the joy that I get from my garden. 

Sometimes, when creating an everyday centerpiece, I don’t always want something large or extravagant, but I do want it to fill out the space. I have come to learn that the best way to accomplish this is to create one arrangement using multiple smaller vases. Since we are not all professional florists here, this is a much more approachable way to accomplish an equally stunning centerpiece.  

Don’t get me wrong, when I am prepared to pull out all of the stops, it is extremely rewarding to craft one large centerpiece. But I truly do adore the charm of these simpler arrangements, and I think their casual nature is just splendid for summer!

Here are three ideas that will hopefully inspire your next summer table!

1. Space out vases containing a single stem.
2. Bind glass milk jars using baker’s twine.
3. Place Mason jars or any vase that fits into a wooden stand.

Do you have any other ideas? I would love to hear them!

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  1. A good use for some of the beautiful summer fruits is to arrange in large bowl. Insterting individual plastic flower tubes, the little tubes that florists often use with little plastic tops with hole in center, with flowers same hues as the fruits. Insert some with delicate greenery to ensure tubes are hidden. Grape clusters are also good at hiding the tubes.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    Just have a hostess, named Scarlett, dressed in long emerald green , ready to have lunch with friends, and especially the boys, with cold jugs of choice to enjoy that beautiful floral table on a day so perfect for delicious food!

  3. For a summer evening centerpiece I fill various sizes of clear jars with sand and add a votive candle. If it’s breezy I will use the flameless tealights since they can’t get blown out.

  4. Sometimes I put fresh herbs on the table in pretty pots and then at the end of the celebration, guests can leave with a nice pot of herbs as a party favour, which they can then use in their own kitchen or plant in their garden.

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