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If you have ever wanted to learn to make an heirloom outfit, then this sew-along is for you. And I’m delighted to tell you that it’s absolutely free! As you know, I learned to use heirloom techniques on my sewing machine and have made my granddaughter many beautiful outfits. It started with her christening dress, and I now use these same techniques in an array of projects. In response to multiple requests for a tutorial on this technique, we have partnered with Brother Sews to provide you a four-lesson sew-along on the Classic Sewing website.

Making clothing for my granddaughter is a passion that I believe will never lose it’s appeal. My mom made my clothes, and bless her heart—I managed to tear the hem out of every dress during the week. We were required to wear dresses, which was not so conducive to my usual tomboy ways. I would catch a shoe in the hem of my handmade dress during recess, and out it would come! I bet my mother hemmed some of those clothes a million times. She made our Sunday dresses, too, and I remember standing up behind the front seat of the car so that my skirts would not be wrinkled when we arrived. My, how things have changed! I am forever grateful for those memories and for the one-of-a-kind treasures that I wore as a child.

Sewing is something that most moms did to save money, but today women sew because they love to be creative! Try something new today and learn to sew. Even if your kids are grown, you can make some wonderful things for yourself that will bring smiles!

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  1. Your dress is beautiful. My mom and my grandmother made most all of my dresses and for every school dance, high school through college, I always thought I had the most beautiful one. Sometimes Mom would see a dress in a shop that I really wanted and she would easily replicate it for me. Even my doll outfits matched my dresses! She later made adorable smocked dresses for my daughter when she was a little girl.

    Then one day, out of the blue, Mom decided she wanted to paint, rather than sew. She became an accomplished artist, painting into her late 80s. I always knew she had an artist’s eye!

  2. I admire you for all you manage to accomplish with your many commitments. While I gave up sewing a while back, I always remark on the fact that my first gift from my husband almost 50 years ago was a Singer sewing machine – used – which I still have! I really was so delighted! Your comment about the hems in your dresses as a child were also relatable – being from the deep South, we were not allowed to wear pants in school all the way through college! Oddly enough, I never thought I was freezing – whereas now, I have pants on when the temps dip below70!

  3. My “ baby” just turned 59 three days ago. I hand embroidered the bodice and flowing skirt while watching “The Jack Parr” show on TV! That dress has been worn by her sister and my two grand daughters, and I hope will eventually be worn by great grand children. I love to sew even now at the age of 84.

  4. Thanks, Phyllis, for helping to keep the joys of sewing alive! My Mom and both of my Grandmas were excellent seamstresses and I was so blessed to be the recipient of many special items they created!
    Thought you and your readers might enjoy this story — when I was about 8 years old, one of my Grandmas made a special coat and hat (complete with veil) for my Chatty Cathy doll. This outfit turned out beautifully, as did everything she created, and she thought, “I have never pulled the cord to see what this doll can say — just for fun, I’m going to do it!” So, holding the doll, all dressed up and complete with purse, she pulled the cord — and Chatty Cathy said, “Where are we going?” :o)

  5. My Mother also made a lot of my clothes growing up. Now I wish she had made me learn how to sew. I have a basic understanding but I have never tried. I can sew a button and make a few repairs but that is it. Maybe I will learn when I have grandchildren. I would love to see some of your creations in one of your magazines. Southern Lady is the one I enjoy most. I’m sure even if it isn’t a sewing magazine your readers would love to see the creations you’ve made for your sweet granddaughter.

  6. That dress is adorable. Your granddaughter will treasure these and in time they will be passed down as heirlooms. My mother sewed so many of my dresses and outfits for my Barbies too. However, she used to go to a seamstress to get dresses for herself made.
    Phyllis, you have so many talents but this one is truly special. I never got the sewing gene and sadly after even taking sewing lessons, I never mastered it.

  7. Phyllis, this post certainly brings back memories. My grandmother and mother both sewed for me when I was a little girl. My, I did have some lovely things. I am grateful they both taught me to sew. While I don’t make clothing, I do enjoy making drapes, pillows and things for our home. You are right ~ “one-of-a-kind” things.

    Thank you for this post and the dress is beautiful!

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