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This past weekend, I went to Atlanta to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. Our company bought this event company last fall, and this was the first event of the year. I was thrilled to attend! I sat down in the lobby to take a break, and a wonderful lady named Linda Hudson came over and asked if she could sit on the bench with me. We exchanged pleasantries, and she asked if I was there alone. I told her I was with the people from our company. Then Linda said the most profound thing—she explained that she was attending the expo alone because she needed to do something for herself. “There are times you just need to be by yourself and do the things you love.” Wow, that made me stop and think about what she said, and you know, she is right!

How many times in a week or month do we do something for ourselves? I had to really be honest with myself about that one, and I couldn’t recall a time of late. I have a routine of working, house responsibilities, and other necessary to-dos, but to choose something just because I want to do it is rare. I used to think it was a trip to get my natural hair color put back in, but let’s be honest, that now has moved to the necessity list!

We should all plan something frequently for ourselves. It doesn’t even have to be a vacation necessarily, but just something simple that makes us happy. Linda was bubbly that she was there alone and could shop, become inspired to sew, and just be on her own schedule. I admired her for doing that, and she inspired me to do the same! So today, I am going to stop midafternoon and have a cup of tea. Simple sounding, I know, but when relaxing is intentional and personal to what you love, it is a treat!

The Original Sewing and Quilting Expo will be in Lakeland, Florida, this week. If you live in that area and enjoy beautiful sewing and quilting, please come. We would love to have you! To purchase tickets and explore classes and exhibitions offered at the event, visit this website here!

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What are the things you like to do alone that restores your soul?

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  1. I like to take some time at the end of each day to meditate and then read in bed before my husband tucks me in to sleep. This routine helps me relax and fall asleep easily.

    A couple of times a year I take myself out on a date. I go somewhere nice for a leisurely breakfast and then spend a few hours at a museum or walking in a park. After a light lunch I might do a little window shopping or maybe get a massage. Before heading home I stop for an afternoon tea break.

  2. I work part time 4 days a week, and my quality time is my drive to work. No radio or music. Just me and my personal private prayer time, I have so much to be thankful for and it’s my
    time to pray for my family and friends our beautiful community and peace. It just re-news me every day. That time is so precious I can’t wait for my drive, time alone with God.
    I keep you and all your bloggers in prayers too! My blessing for a healthy and happy spring to all!
    California Carmel

  3. Thank you for the kind words Phyllis. I thoroughly enjoyed my mini-vacation at the Sewing and Quilt Expo. I loved all of my classes and had a wonderful time. I learned a lot about myself too. We all need some time to ourselves so that we can come back to our life of responsibilities renewed and recharged. I used to think that I didn’t have time, but we all have the same amount of hours in a day. We have to take the time, even for a few minutes each day, to do something for ourselves. I do hope that you take some time for yourself Phyllis. You’ll be glad you did! P.S. I’ll be thinking of you when I have tea at my desk this afternoon. 🙂

  4. I am SOOOO happy that you now have the Expo and The Martha Pullen Company!! I’ll be at the Cleveland, Ohio show. Can’t wait!!

  5. Ms. Pat♥
    I have never told you or made a comment before, but today Ms. Phyllis, I just want
    to tell you you are such a blessing in all you say and do. I just thank my Papa God for
    Special people like you , who just made the world a nicer place by just being in it♥

  6. When one suddenly becomes a caretaker, alone time is one of the first necessities that seems to fall to the bottom of the list. PTL, recently our complex lives have become a bit less complex and I am able to periodically fit in a bit of Me Time.

    Antiquing has been a pleasurable experience for me many years. Alone (and often with Mother), I have attended large antique shows that included dealers from all over our country with international attendees. I have purchased beautiful quality items of all types for our home and for my personal use, including some fantastic jewelry.

    Lately, traveling to shows or shops in larger cities isn’t practical; but, I’ve discovered that our local thrift store is a fun place to shop. Less than a mile from our temporary home in assisted living, I can stop by even when I may have only a few minutes. I have found a number of lovely treasures such as a lovely white $2 damask tablecloth and $10 sterling sugar & creamer set. The money I spend helps others, I enjoy a new pretty and spend a few minutes not being responsible for anyone but me. (And if I decide I can live without an item, I can always donate it back to be sold again!)

    Not that we won’t be going to shows again, after all some of my closest prayer partner friendships began as client-dealer relationships; but, for the time being a few minutes in some of our local shops brings refreshment of my spirit. After all, there are only so many antiques and we must keep passing them around!!

  7. Recently a friend, Pat, passed away unexpectedly. At his memorial service, his wife told all of us that his goal every day was to spend time doing something he loved. For Pat, it was playing his guitar. Even if he could only squeeze in ten minutes, it was very important to relax with his music every day. My husband and I took his message to heart, and now my husband will pop his head in the room and tell me that he and Pat are heading down to the model railroad room, and just as often, I’ll mention to my husband that Pat and I are going to our music room. Phyllis, your message today is such a great reminder to all of us. Thank you. What a great legacy Pat left for all of us.

  8. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere by myself…a sort of mini vacation but have not had the time or courage…you have inspired me Phyllis, to do just that. Now where should I go???

    1. Roma, take an organized tour to Europe. They will pick you up at the airport and drop you there after the trip. I have taken 2 river cruises and a land tour with TAUCK. They take such great care of me!!!

  9. Phyllis, I have tea parties in my home for my friends. Yes, they can be work, but I am the one who receives the greatest blesssing. I enjoy all the getting ready and then actually having tea. As Emilie Barnes said in her book, it is a “ceremony of loveliness.” That feeds my soul!! That’s my get away in my own home!

  10. I always love your blog posts…but this one brought a GREAT BIG SMILE TO MY FACE !! Know why ? I am 72 and drove to a local Quilt show in Watkinsville, Ga (outside of Athens) this past weekend !! And just like your new found friend–I, too enjoyed walking and reading and looking and listening “at my own pace”…….once in a while, I would comment to a stranger regarding a certain quilt–but overall it was one of the BEST afternoons I’ve spent in a long time……..and oh by the way, I have a loving husband and family–but just going somewhere that pleased just me was an uplifting experience !! hugs, Joan

  11. After years of wanting to, I finally joined the quilters at our parish. What a wonderful group of ladies. I felt welcomed right away and look forward to Tuesday’s . My only regret is that I didn’t join years ago

  12. this is something everyone needs to do..something for themselves, rewind ourselves to do better with our responsibilities as the day goes forth. I have been widowed for 3 years now and find I need to get out, but in my car and take a ME DAY. Head out in any direction, pack a toothbrush and jammies…just in case…it doesn’t happen a lot but I find a new road, beautiful farm land, small little towns.. one doesn’t have to go far, just enough to make one
    relax and feel worthy… Of course now it is sorta hopeless cause we have ALOT of snow up here in the MN /Wi area.. but spring will be coming soon, so get ready……….

  13. I just sat down with a cup of mint tea and my Bible study when I opened this up. Hubby is at our cabin, our dog Mandy is sound asleep on her pillow, and no TV. It’s so quiet and the sun is setting. Yes, alone time is just what we need on occasion.

  14. This is exactly how I felt when I attended my first expo in Columbus Ohio, more than 20 years ago. Having raised 6 children, I decided on the spur of the moment, to do something for myself. This is the same reason I attended many of Martha Pullen’s School of Art Fashion, and continue to travel for classes . I am so looking forward to more classes, and hope you can provide us with some wonderful events

    1. We are going to have the School of Art Fashion again. Be sure and sign up for our newsletter so you get first hand info!!!

  15. Trying to find time to do something for yourself is so hard. I put it on my list every week but just never seem to find the time for me. But I keep trying!!

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