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A Sale Just in Time for Christmas

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Today is the last day you can order from our online store and get your magazines and books in time for Christmas. With that, many of our holiday items are on sale and as an added bonus, you can get an extra 20% off your entire order when you use the code HOLIDAY at checkout.

I love gifts that inspire. There’s something special about a present that the receiver can use to create something new. It could be anything, really—perhaps a new decorating idea or a recipe sure to become a family favorite. And our holiday special editions and books are sure to bring extra cheer to your loved ones for years to come.

Here are a few favorites that I think would be especially good gifts this year:

Holiday HomeHoliday Home 2015
This special issue from the editors of The Cottage Journal features 132 pages of lovely cottage-style holiday décor from homes around the country.






Christmas with Southern Lady, Vol. 2Christmas with Southern Lady, vol. 2

This follow-up to last year’s popular first installment includes everything from creative gift-wrapping ideas to holiday décor to all the recipes you need for a festive feast. It’s also a beautiful book that will accent your Christmas décor by simply sitting on the coffee table.





Teatime Holidays 2015

Teatime Holidays

This series of special tea parties includes not only Christmas but also Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve. It features a variety of tea celebrations for each holiday as well as ideas for napkin folds, centerpieces, and party favors.





May the coming weeks be full of happy memories for you. As you finish your Christmas shopping, I hope this sale helps you finish your list with gifts you’re excited to give.

What are you getting loved ones this year?

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  1. I finally convinced my daughter to choose her Christmas china pattern, even though she is not engaged. To my surprise, she went very traditional with Spode Christmas tree. But my best gift this year, was when I presented her with her first nativity set. She was so pleased. I told her every home should have one, regardless of how small the home or apartment. She said, Mom, it is perfect and I know exactly where I will display this. With all the giving to Angel Trees, food banks, toys for tots, her reaction, to her nativity set was my best Christmas gift.

  2. We are trying to give our family quality time together with traditions and memories to treasure. I want to deviate from your question and tell you about a gift I received last evening. My neighbour, Lavonne, sent me an ornament “Merry Christmas from Heaven” and a beautiful poem which really touched my heart. It was like Jesus paid me a little visit. This is the same person who was shovelling my driveway last winter during a big snow so I could get to my mother she said. Her mother also became ill during this time and she went to heaven one day before my mother but unexpectedly. Friendship with those who love Jesus is a remarkable gift. They give of themselves freely and generously because they know the Holy One. I hope to be as much like my friends as possible and give the Jesus way. Let us embrace this season of Love in all its beauty.

    1. Dianne, I think your lovely suggestions are the best of all. During my children’s growing up years, I passed on my Southern traditions to them, blended with my husband’s. Advent and Christmas have always been special to me, focused on the advent, or coming return, of our Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest Gift of love and mercy, joy and gladness. Anything else we add – beautiful greenery from the woods and berries from the garden, great music from Baroque/Renaissance/Classic eras, savory aromas from the kitchen (not to mention fruitcake and eggnog!) are extras that add to this basic “reason for the season.”

  3. I will be giving my granddaughter Valentina most of her requests to Santa! I just love to see her look of excitement when she opens her gifts! I purchased a Christmas trunk and I will be putting all her gifts in it with layers of tissue in between each one. It is all about her! She makes my Christmas a Merry one!

  4. Helping a family who would otherwise would have had nothing at all for Christmas. They had no food, tree and no presents for their two little ones for Christmas morning. As God says, if you give with a loving heart, you will be blessed. I have found this to be true many times over. It is why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus who saved us from the world of sins and our own! As we enter this holiday season, let us remember the true meaning of the day, and not get wrapped up in the glitter and glam. Paint the picture of Jesus and Mary with Mary riding on a donkey about to give birth and trying to find a place, only to end up in a barn stall. What a precious sight! God Bless each and everyone to experience a blessed Christmas with your families. Blessings

  5. I love to give Tea Time, Southern Lady and Victoria items to friends for any and all reasons!! A cup of tea and one of these in any form always brings enjoyment.

    I do have a question (and a compliment)— Is the Victoria DVD no longer available? I looked for it just a few moments ago. Did I miss it?

    Phyllis – it does not seem impolite to use your first name because I feel I know you from reading your words these many years – your posts and lovely publications bring such to joy to my life and to the lives of our kindred spirits who reply here…

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  6. Within our family we are simply buying things that we need in the way of clothing. For others, nice gifts (a Michael Kors bag for an 80 year old friend) and the best part, giving to the local Rescue Mission which feeds hundreds of people each day of the year. Giving, along with the real meaning of Christmas, should be an everyday focus. Hope that your Christmas is lovely and meaningful, Phyllis.

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