My Journal – Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

I am Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, CEO of Hoffman Media, publisher of women’s magazines.

I am the mother of adult twin sons, who are presidents of our company. Along with their spouses, I have two grandchildren, and two gift children who came with my wonderful husband, Neal. So my life is full of many blessings for which I am grateful. I love to laugh, and have fun. I am passionate about beautiful things in life and I admire writers and authors who bring joy to us through the pages of books and magazines. I collect antiques and pretty vintage things. Monograms…just say the word and I am ready to put my initials on something. Needlework and sewing are hobbies of mine that lead years ago to a new path professionally.

My career began as my church’s pianist/organist when I was in high school and college. When I finished college, I worked for a national CPA firm where I received my CPA certificate and practiced accounting until my twins were born. While I loved the professional world of accounting, I wanted to stay home with my babies. When my sons were very young, I got an idea for a magazine about counted-cross stitch. I talked it over with friends and family and we decided that it was worth a try. I had no experience in publishing, but after sharing this idea, four of us started the magazine Just CrossStitch. Janice (my sister), Barbara (my friend and experienced journalist), and Juanita (a friend) pioneered our way through a hobby industry of women who loved to stitch—creative women, if you will. Our company was launched and running with the premiere of the magazine. And we could work from our homes or while our children were in school.


We sold our business 10 years later and if you can imagine, I bought it back 5 years later! This time, it was not just about stitching, but we added lifestyle publications one-by-one. Today we have many magazines that I hope you will recognize: Southern Lady, TeaTime, Cooking with Paula Deen, Victoria, Taste of the South, Louisiana CookinCelebrate, and Cottage Journal. We also publish a number of our very own, beautiful books on a number of different lifestyle topics. Our company has some of the most talented people who bring happiness to millions of readers through the pages they create every day. I thank God for the successes that He has bestowed on our company. We inspire our readers to try new things, celebrate each day to the fullest, and put their personal touch on everything in their lives.

One of the aspects of my job that I love is meeting hundreds of people, mainly women, at events yearly. When I am asked to speak for groups, I am always reminded that women need to hear that they are special and have great worth. I believe that women set the tone for the homes, offices, schools and organizations. We sometimes become weary in well-doing and need to be reminded that we are important.

As we start our journey together on this blog, it is my desire that every time you receive a post from me, there will be words that will encourage you to the understanding that you matter and that you make days special by your personal touches. I hope you will find courage to start the business you have dreamt of, and the push to start that project you have postponed. You may find that the stories of women who have interesting careers will challenge you in some small way. For it is out of hobbies that many great businesses have been born.

Today we begin and when we are finished, I will put a ribbon in my journal to mark the place where we will begin the next time. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

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  1. Congrats on the launching of “Quilt Street” good idea, I hope it works out for you and all involved. in the DC area we lost a lot of quilt shows and even craft shows with COVID, so we really could use something to help keep us inspired. I pray for the return of Quilt and Craft shows but it seems unlikely. This may help. I always got inspired to create after a quilt show, here’s hoping these things do the same for all.
    Best wishes,
    Jo I

  2. I would love to see a Christmas magazine that devoted at least half of it with decorating ideas for warm weather places like Florida. Christmas is not only in the cold weather places.
    Thank you

  3. Good morning Phyllis. We met many many years ago when Hoffman was distributing the needlework designers’ publications. I certainly remember you, as you had distributed a great number of my creations. I am still in business and I am still designing day by day.

    We were in Birmingham the last two days, and I regret that I was not able to contact you. Oh how I would love to meet with you and share some ideas I have of publishing my book. I have 15 designs completely stitched, finished and framed.

    My story is featuring my life through the eye of my needle. I have been blessed with numerous journeys around the world displaying, selling and teaching classes to anxious stitchers. My designs have continued to be created and finished with my unique one-over-one cross stitch method, thus affording them detail and clarity beyond what you would normally experience when stitching any design on linen over two linen threads with two strands (or plies) of any stitching fiber. If you remember Phyllis, they are certainly unique and are recognized worldwide.

    I am about 3/4 through the text of my book, but completely finished with all of the designs to be photographed.

    Never having published anything of this nature, I really did not know who to reach out to. You were the first name that came to mind and I truly regret I could not contact you while I was here in Birmingham.
    I marvel at your accomplishments in your lifetime of publishing such world known fine magazines of which I subscribe to several. Congratulations Phyllis. You really have done a fabulous job. You must be so proud.

    Tomorrow morning we head down to Florida to spend some time with my family. Family is extremely important to us and we are looking forward to spending time with them.

    I will look forward to your response and hopefully I can further interest you in my publication entitled “Through The Eye Of My Needle”………. A very interesting and true story of My Life seen through my stitching. It really has blessed my life with so many wonderful experiences. I’ve always prayed to God to please allow my hands to forever hold a needle and create beautiful designs.

    Fine regards to you Phyllis.

    Maureen Appleton-Sorenson
    The Heart’s Content, Inc

  4. Good morning Phyllis. We met many many years ago when Hoffman was distributing the needlework designers’ publications. I certainly remember you, as you had distributed a great number of my creations. I am still in business and I am still designing day by day.

    We were in Birmingham the last two days, and I regret that I was not able to contact you. Oh how I would love to meet with you and share some ideas I have of publishing my book. I have 15 designs completely stitched, finished and framed.

    My story is featuring my life through the eye of my needle. I have been blessed with numerous journeys around the world displaying, selling and teaching classes to anxious stitchers. My designs have continued to be created and finished with my unique one-over-one cross stitch method, thus affording them detail and clarity beyond what you would normally experience when stitching any design on linen over two linen threads with two strands or plies of any stitching fiber. If you remember Phyllis, they are certainly unique and are recognized worldwide..

    I am about 3/4 through the text of my book, but completely finished with all of the designs to be photographed.

    Never having published anything of this nature, I really did not know who to reach out to. You were the first name that came to mind and I truly regret I could not contact you while I was here in Birmingham.
    I’m marvel your accomplishments in your lifetime of publishing such world known fine magazines of which I subscribe to several. Congratulations Phyllis. You really have done a fabulous job.

    Tomorrow morning we head down to Florida to spend some time with my family. Family is extremely important to us and we are looking forward to spending time with them.

    I will look forward to your response and hopefully I can further interest you in my publication entitled “Through The Eye Of My Needle”………. A very interesting and true story of My Life seen through my stitching. It really has blessed my life with so many wonderful experiences. I’ve always prayed to God to please allow my hands to forever hold a needle and create beautiful designs.

    Fine regards to you Phyllis.

    Maureen Appleton-Sorenson
    The Heart’s Content, Inc

  5. A friend gave me a subscription to Victoria Magazine earlier this year. As I looked through the issues that arrived this summer, I noticed that the few humans who appear in the pages of this magazine are white. All of them are white – every single one – even in the advertisements. Why is this? Would you please include stories featuring people of all races? There are plenty of talented people of color who create beautiful homes, gardens, businesses, and products. Why aren’t they featured in Victoria Magazine?

    1. Dear Brook,
      I think Phyllis and Hoffman media may have taken your comment to heart because I have noticed a happy move toward diversity in the Victoria magazine over the past year!
      Denise Dunlap

  6. Hi Phyllis, I hope you are well and keeping safe. I am so sorry to post this on your personal blog but I am having no luck with the Customer Service staff at Victoria. I love Victoria and have been a subscriber since 1997. A few years ago I changed address but my new address was recorded incorrectly – with no state and no post code (I live in Australia). I’ve asked for it to be corrected three times, and each time I’m assured it has been but it turns out to still be incorrect – firstly the post code was put in as my city, then the name of my state was removed, and then the name of my state was put back twice – once before my city and once after it. One customer service officer refused to believe that my address was incorrect until I sent him a photograph of the mailing label. The situation now is that I have only received one issue in the last 9 months. It would break my heart to have to cancel my subscription but I object to paying for issues that I don’t receive. As CEO, is there anything you can suggest I do to fix this problem? Thank you.

  7. What a joy that grandchildren are! We are their toys and they are ours. I love having the experience that I have now to share with my grown children in raising my grandchildren.
    I have ALWAYS loved Bliss Victoria (it fits my personality) and am very glad that a sweet, christian lady owns and runs it. Many blessings and thank you so much!

  8. I am writing on your personal blog to tell you that I subscribed to Victoria Magazine at Christmas as a gift to my 82 year old mother. Despite numerous emails and requests for information, action or anything from your subscription department she has still not received a single copy. What was supposed to have been a lovely Christmas gift has turned into an upsetting nightmare. Having worked with mailhouses etc. for many years I understand that it isn’t that difficult to shrink wrap a magazine and post it in a timely fashion to people who have paid a not inconsiderable sum of money to receive it. I’ve seen other people comment on social media regarding problems with their overseas subscriptions – I regret giving you the benefit of the doubt. As CEO you need to go and kick some ass – someone isn’t doing their job properly.

    1. Post

      Hi, Megan!

      I am terribly sorry for the failed subscription and I would love to find out more about the problem. If you don’t mind, please email with your name and address. We hope to meet your needs and get this taken care of. Thank you for your readership and support of Victoria magazine!

  9. Phyllis,
    You have left your footprint on my heart many a blog…..sometimes I’ve just cried as a
    message you relayed I could really relate to. The death of my dear Mom, Family issues
    and this new generation. My old fashioned heart aches at times and to know there are
    like people out here is very comforting. Have a wonder Christmas with family and loved ones and know that your Bloggers love you!…….Happy Thanksgiving. California Carmel

  10. I read somewhere on your blog that you collect antique bride’s baskets. I have a glass bride’s basket and don’t know anything about it. It is in perfect condition. I was wondering if I sent you some pictures, if you could tell me anything about it. It appears from doing a search on the Internet, they are not really worth anything. It sure is a beautiful piece though. Thank you.

  11. Am trying to locate Part 5 of your Sampler of Psalms published in July/August 2012 in Just Crosstitch magazine. Have all installments EXCEPT Part 5. Would you be able to help me obtain a copy of this part? Thank you.

  12. Dear Phyllis,
    Now residing in Los Angeles with two young children, I have savored a little taste of the south with every Celebrate Magazine that appears in my mailbox. I have several years of copies which I return to seasonally for inspiration on everything from Mardi Gras to Oscar parties and myriad gatherings in between. As I was about to create a gift subscription for a friend, I realized yesterday that I have not had a copy in a few months. I spoke to customer service today and was just sickened to learn that CELEBRATE is no more. I am terribly disappointed and completely surprised. I did receive my Southern Lady Classics, which is beautiful, but I would love to know why it was cancelled (I am sure there are credible business reasons behind it) and if it might ever reappear? I know you can relate, as I believe the cancellation of Victoria Magazine was what spurred you into the publishing world. Perhaps my destiny awaits as well. I do hope it will return one day soon!
    Thanks for your thoughts!
    Kira Davis Kosove

  13. Such a timely article for me to read as my 9yr old Daughter finished her Thank you cards to the guests of her birthday party. My Grandmother (85+yrs old) has always practiced this polite tradition, as she calls it. I use her lovely hand-written notes and gracious cards of gratitude for every detail of life as a leading example. Never more than now does society and our culture need defined guidelines that help us to cultivate our lives more. Civility does not need to parish with such informative articles so readily available for all. My gratitude to you and the many people whom shared their own stories on the subject, a bounty of knowledge!

  14. Phyllis,

    is there a way to contact you via email? I couldn’t find any information and I have a question I’d like to ask concerning for being a gracious hostess.

    Thank you.

    1. I too am so saddened by the demise of Celebrate Magazine. It was my all time favorite! I have saved every issue and given many gift subscriptions. I feel like there was no official notice. I miss it terribly. Is there any chance it will come back? If not I feel you should strongly think about including party themes in your replacement magazine. My friends and I are SO disappointed!!!!

  15. Right here is the perfect website for everyone who wishes to understand this topic.
    You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject which has been written about for
    years. Great stuff, just excellent!

  16. I am so happy to see this post, although the subject matter is sad. It can be difficult to know what to say, but just saying you care can make such a big difference. While it is not traditional, I try to include a funny story (if I know the recipient well enough), and I am often surprised at how much that means. People need to be able to remember positive times. As a few weeks pass, I try to send out another note to make sure people realize they are not forgotten. Once the funeral has passed and everyone goes home, it can get very lonely.

    Thank you so much for tackling a tough subject.

  17. Thank you Phyllis for sharing your story and for such wonderful magazines!

    I am a faithful reader of Victoria and Tea Time; and now Cottage Journal and Southern Lady (even though I’m from NJ!).

    God bless you and yours this Christmas season!

  18. Oh my goodness dear Phyllis,
    I had no idea how long I have savored the magazines and gentility, tea and femininity, among many other things, “your path” has led you to grace our lives with! From early Victoria, when a subscription was a treat, and others were celebrating women’s lib in its various forms, the sense of style and purpose each issue conveyed allowed me to dream my dreams that maybe someday all would come true. My home is filled with so many of your magazines that I find myself wondering how I could ever be surprised when I look inside only to see “Hoffman Media”….

    As a lover of all things Martha Pullen and Sew Beautiful magazine, I was stunned to receive my “last issue”! I Oh no, it cant be…just when “retirement” was looming and I hoped to “launch” dreams held in my heart over the years. Needless to say, I was devastated! Then a serendipity moment – when I had the good fortune to speak (all to briefly) with Kathy out of the blue as it were. What an awesome delight and genuine encouragement she was to me! Now I look forward to and cant wait for my first issue of Classic Sewing to arrive…and yes, even at my age I am still dreaming big and expecting them all to come true!

  19. I am looking forward to receiving my first issue of Classic Sewing. If you have a gathering of local Birmingham area subscriber/sewists, count me in. It would be nice to meet the Classic Sewing staff.

  20. Hi Phyllis… I’am so glad that I joined your blog!!! Years ago a co worker gave me a Victoria issue and I never put it down… Unfortunately the publication had stopped and I was soooooo disappointed! I said to myself I finally found a great magazine and now will not be around anymore. Then one day I come to find out that is is back in publication…. I rejoiced and I felt so very fortunate to be getting this magazine once again. Please do not do that again, my heart was so broken… I love Victiria for so many reasons, it just captures my heart each and every time I pick it up! The photos and articles are all about the things I so enjoy in life. It touches all the aspects that I truly love and adore. It has been a pleasure meeting you and please continue your great works, it does not go by unnoticed. Many Thanks, Denise Pellegrino

  21. Phyllis,
    I commend you, as an entrepreneurial woman, for inspiring others…….in so many different areas!
    As a reader of Victoria Magazine for over 25 years, I delight in each new issue!

    My favorite issue is June, 1989 (I still have it, and refer back to it often). The reason it is my favorite is displayed on pages 34-35, 72-73, 76-79, and pages 80-83, especially. It is filled with the celebration of traditional marriage and family…..over the generations! I was and am particularly inspired and encouraged
    by the “Family Album” article, which shows the faithful love and dedication of a man & woman celebrating….with their children and grandchildren……their many years of marriage together. I would love to see more such articles, and more attention paid to our children (& grandchildren), as a rich heritage of blessings-beyond-measure!
    Perhaps there could be a regular section, within the pages of Victoria, entitled “Victoria’s Children”, as a celebration of activities for children, educational opportunities (yes, I am a retired preschool teacher, & am now, joyfully, a grandmother!), and perhaps even some lovely, classic children’s fashions!

    Thank-you, Phyllis, for your promotion of all things lovely and good……
    Many blessings to you & your own beautiful family!

    ~Janet Bauser Boyles

  22. Hi Phyllis, Hoffman Media magazines are the only magazines I buy. They are so beautiful and informative! I have a big complaint though…why do I have to wait so long for my monthly magazine subscription to arrive? I see the new issues in the stores weeks before I get mine in the mail. That is very frustrating. I really have to hold myself back from reading the magazine on the store shelves. I don’t see any advantage to having a subscription.

  23. Good Morning Phyllis, I’m a newbie here at your blog. As a matter of fact, I just accidently found it today. Now…I must share I’m a firm believer, things don’t happen by chance. There is a reason I found you. You see…my husband Richard passed away three weeks ago from a malignant brain tumor. His journey with cancer was short, only six months. I, being a registered nurse was able to stay home and care for him. The reason I’m sharing this all with you is that I love to write. I actually have three quarters of a book written already. I’ve read my story to many and they’ve loved it, encouraging me to continue and finish it. My husband in his journey over the last six months has made be promise to complete it which I agreed to do. Your blog here this morning as I read the “About Me” post, gave me a sparkle of inspiration which at this time of my own journey….I needed. Thank you for being so encouraging and reminding us dreams can become a reality. You just have to put energy and determination into making it happen. As I shared through my writings during Richard and my journey over the past six months….Every moment in life counts! This one right here right now provided me with the encouragement to take pen in hand and once again begin to write. Thank you!

  24. I couldn’t find where to write you. I wanted to ask: Are punch bowls obsolete? The lovely drink dispensers in different shapes and sizes are so much easier. I’ve noticed this at places we have been. Two years ago, I bought 4 punch bowls, one has a pedestal. Now I don’t know if I should use them or not. Plus they take up a lot of space. Am I too old fashioned if I should use them?

    1. Punch bowels will never be obsolete. I have many including silver, gold, 24% lead crystal and some very old press glass. Just use them every occasion you can. They are a lovely memory of times in the past from Sunday School parties to bridesmaid showers and weddings. And here in the South during the hurricane season they can be pretty handy as a water vessel before the storm hits.

  25. Dear Phyllis, I remember many years ago, as a young military wife, with small children in tow at the Shoppette at Griffiss Air Force Base, standing in line to buy a gallon of milk when I spied the first issue of Victoria. What joy! The best thing about that issue was your letter telling readers about your vision and the crazy quilt pin pillow pictured. I was already a needlewoman, but that crazy quilt heart-shaped pillow changed my focus. I have been creating works of crazy quilt art (having won hundreds of awards over the years) since then. My book on crazy quilting will be released this year. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Victoria with dreamers, creators and romantics. Best wishes for continued success! Betty Pillsbury

  26. My dear Phyllis,
    How excited to find your blog
    and to read your bio. I have loved
    Southern Lady for years and delightfully welcome each issue.
    I would love to attend one if your speaking engagements. Are these
    dates published? Thank you Phyllis

  27. So happy to get an email this morning to subscribe to your blog…………love several of your magazines (have ALL of my VICTORIA’S and they have made several moves with me)……..couldn’t wait to sign up and follow your blog too! Looking forward to moving to Tennessee in late summer 2015 and living a passionate, southern life………….that you just don’t find as much of in the NewEngland States. I have a few beloved traditions that I will bring with me…………but looking forward to embracing the next chapter of my life!!

  28. I am so excited to find your blog!!! I love several of your magazines!!! May I ask where you got the beautiful brown jacket you are wearing in Southern Lady? It is on page 9, I just love it!!

  29. Phyllis, I have been a fan of the Victoria magazine for decades. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that magazine and have gone on many ‘journeys’ as a result of the magazine. This is the first time I started reading the blog and it’s inspiring to read your story and feel that, really, with the right passion, nothing is out of reach. Thank you.

    1. Tina Wisler – I too had decades of Victoria magazine but lost them ALL (Along with everything else) in a house fire back in 2001 – New Years Eve! When I saw the word “decades” of Victoria magazines my stomach growled!! In one of the magazines of late 1980’s was the WORLD’S BEST RECEIPT for a PUMPKIN-CHOCOLATE-MARBLE CHEESE CAKE!!! A lot of work goes into the preparation but well worth the time because it was sinfully decadent! I made it for my husband – a lover of pumpkin – but it was ME that could not leave the refrigerator closed. “Just one more bite, ok two more bites.” I ended up eating more of the cheese cake than him – and I was no “fan” of pumpkin. I have hunted for years to find that receipt again.
      It’s a long-shot but did either of you (Tina or Phyllis) happen to discover that receipt and you STILL have it filed with your other yummy desserts??

  30. Good morning, I have kept your web site on my computer thinking some day I would respond, well today is the day, I am going to be 89 in a few months and have lots of family but all seem to be far away and the others busy so I would love to hear the positive comments about others in my situation and thanks for the chance to still log on to your site.

  31. Phyllis, what a treat it is to find your personal blog! I have been inspired by your magazines for years. Believe it or not, I remember stitching patterns from Just Crossstitch when I was in high school. I love hearing your story and philosophy about doing work that you love and that encourages other people. It’s what I try to do everyday with my site, so I’ve been inspired to march on. Thank you!

  32. Phyllis, I am so enjoying your blog, Ribbon in My Journal, as much as I enjoy your many magazines. You are like a breath of fresh air.

  33. Hello Beautiful Phyllis!

    I can’t even begin to thank you for the inspiration that I’ve found from enjoying your many publications! Especially Tea Time. When I started my company FruiTea2Go, I went looking for tea inspiration to test for our fruit infused tea recipes and I was so thrilled to learn so much about tea from your site! I have very special memories from my Aunt Clare, who had tea time with me every afternoon when I spent summers at her house in California. Earl Grey has always been my favorite, and I’m so thankful I’ve learned about other amazing teas from your site.

    It wasn’t until after I researched your growth and achievements that I truly realized that you are quite a wonderful example of a lady and a true inspiration!

    Thank you for all you do!

  34. I am glad I found this blog through enchanted home! what a story of your media growth. magazines like Victorian one of my favorites. I have saved all my copies. regards mary ann

    1. Yes it was one of ours, but we stopped publishing it after one year. It seems there are many free baby magazines out there and the market was flooded. I loved it very much!!

  35. How refreshing you are ! I so love those women like yourself who understand the value and passion for balance. Your interview with Cindy from RBD was evidence of our big your heart is, you mirror those around you…

  36. I have followed your career for several years now. Whenever I see a beautifully photographed magazine on he newsstand I always turn to the list of editorial staff & yep, there you are “Editor In Chief”. I’ve learned that I can count on your magazines to deliver that dose of “Ahhhh…” that I need at the end of a busy day. Any one of your magazines (Victoria, Celebrate, Paula Deen are faves) and a cup of tea spell instant relief to stress. And now, to have found your blog (first through Victoria, but reminded to visit by Paula) I can get a daily dose of calm – Thank you for all you do to inspire & provide such a role model to other professional woman.

  37. This is impressive! Truthfully, I thought I was subscribing to Paula Dean’s blog! I’m actually blind and can’t read very well! I manage by using magnifier on the computer, wearing special glasses and using a magnifying glass. I can only read the things in black, bold print. I cannot read the orange, peach, light blue, gray, etc.
    I am an artist and writer, so I do love beautiful things, and have really enjoyed Victoria magazine. Especially having grown up in a Victorian atmosphere in a small Texas town.
    I also love artists and writing magazines, but I haven’t been able to read them since I lost my vision due to Macular Degeneration.
    Good luck with your blog and continued success with the magazines!

  38. I just looked and have issues saved since 1994 and think that must be when I discovered Victoria. At some point I started having trouble receiving all issues I had paid for and the last time I had paid for another year before the last was finished I just gave up the argument and have been buying on newsstand since. I knew something had changed but did not figure out that it had a new Publisher till READING THIS BLOG. Thank you I have already requested a new subscription for mothers day this year. I love to sew and have become acquainted with many, unknown to me, authors with delight in these lovely pages. thank you for reviving the spirit of our beloved Victoria. Vincette Hubbard

  39. Ms DePano I only subscribed to your blog a day or two ago and the first thing I read is about Dixie Carter. Thank you so much. I loved it. If this is a sample of your blog I will be looking forward to each day.

  40. I just finished reading your Inspiration blog and it brought back a memory of something I did several years ago. My birthday is in April and when April arrived I was living in another state. My mother raised me by herself and I wanted to do something special for her on my birthday. I decided to send her a bouquet of flowers “Thanking” her for being the best mom anyone could be blessed with.
    During the remaining years do her life I gifted her with numerous items, including more flowers but those were the ones that touched her the most. I am sure those carnations were well remembered.

  41. I happily echo all these comments! I was beyond overjoyed to find Victoria had returned in all its former glory thanks to you. It is my most favourite magazine ever! This blog will be a joy to read as well, I am sure!

  42. Glad you invited me to join you. I am a mother of two sons, grandmother of four girls and two boys, and great-grandmother of one boy and one girl and one boy on the way. I am a Vet from the Viet Nam war and ex-army, I an a RN and also a graphic-artist and worked for a paper for 25 years along with working in the medical field. We live in a small rural town and are in the middle of planting a garden today.

  43. I, too, love working from home, Phyllis. I’m a writer and when my children were small, it was a blessing to be able to be around whenever they needed something or when they had to be home from school due to illness. Now that they are grown, I still find myself enjoying NOT having to get up and leave every day, but to be able to work from a place that feeds my soul. And my dogs would hate it if I weren’t here to put them out and bring them in a dozen times a day or more!

  44. Phyllis, So happy to see you have a blog and I look forward to each post. I met you in Dallas at the relaunch party for Victoria. I, like you, picked up a copy in a grocery store so many years ago because it spoke to me on a level no other magazine did. The sentence I like in your About Me page is: ” I hope you will find courage to start the business you have dreamt of.” I did just that. From inspiring women, including you, I found the courage at 58 to start Swede Collection, to manufacture and wholesale Swedish design furniture. It was a life-long passion finally come true. Courage is exactly right. I enjoy the articles you have done on entrepreneural women. Please keep them coming. Colleen

  45. I read your inspirational words on a day that I really needed them. Thank you for doing all that you do. We all should spend more time appreciating ourselves and others.

    P.S. – I love Tea Time.

  46. Dear Phyllis You are such an inspiration! I have subscribed to Victoria for many years. It blesses my soul. I have loved reading about you. Thank you for giving glory to God. May He bless you as you bless others. In Him

  47. I love your magazines. Especially cottage journal and tea time . They are so beautiful. Your are so smart and creative and a doer. I so glad you sent me your post. Thank you

  48. Hello Phyllis….Congratulations on the blog. I will enjoy reading each post.

    Blogging is such a labor of sheer love. I’ve been blogging for four years and six months—-seven days a week—-and have never regretted having a blog. (

    As a writer, it is my daily spurt of joy to post!

    Congratulations again and I look forward to all your posts. Sincerely, Susan

  49. How exciting! I just received my invitation today and have forwarded it to appreciative friends – the ones who will be eagerly awaiting the next blog.

    I’m reading the archives and as there are only four, does this mean you’re just starting or is there a place to go for more archives? I don’t want to miss anything.

    I’m so happy to see Alexandra Stoddard and also to learn of her book on letters. I’ll be buying it, I’m sure.

    Can’t wait for your next posting. Hurry!

  50. I was so happy to see Victoria magazine returned to all it was meant to be in the first place! What a dreadful turn it took for a brief time. Thank you for respecting the original visions that were almost destroyed. Your new blog will be wonderful, too, I know! Can’t wait to see it! I’m very grateful for your sensitivity and your hard work. Please don’t stop!

      1. How comforting to learn I was not the only one who missed the richness and beauty of the Victoria I read 15-20 years ago! I am so looking forward to my subscription and now to this blog! I am letting my friends know about it all too! Thank you!

        1. Oh ladies! I thought I was alone. I, too, hated that “dreadful turn” as Libby called it but kept on buying it until it disappeared. The day I saw it in all its former glory on a Newsstand, I looked quite the fool as I was dancing and smiling!

    1. Oh, I do agree with Libby and Cheryl. I noticed what was happening to Victoria, which I eagerly looked forward to, and when I considered discontinuing my subscription, I got another strange mag in the mail instead of Victoria, which I quickly declined. That “replacement” magazine failed, as such things are doomed to. When I received the post card in the mail some years ago “Your best friend is back!” I was very happy and promptly renewed my subscription to Victoria. Thank you, Phyllis for restoring Victoria! I look forward to just resting in my recliner, after a day of working at home as a homemaker, and finishing up the dinner dishes, and “traveling” to peaceful and beautiful places and “meeting” lovely ladies who are very busy at making our world a beautiful place with all the different things they do. If you love what you’re doing – you’ll never work a day in your life!

  51. Dear Phyliss,

    Howdy from Dallas, Texas! I am a 38 year-old wife and mother of an 8 year-old boy. I have been a huge fan of your publications for over a decade! I think I subscribe to almost all your publications, and I have many of your books, including , “Honey, It’s All in the Shoes.” I have bought countless gift subscriptions through the years, many to teenage girls that love hanging out in my almost 100 year-old home! However, I realized that I have been a fan of yours since I was a child! As a little girl, I loved to cross-stitch! I distinctly remember buying your magazine at a fabric store, and I just had to subscribe! I saved my money, and then I asked my mother to write a check for me…since I had no checking account yet! We lived in the middle of “no where” in far West Texas, and receiving those magazines in the mail was a huge treat!

    Also, thank you for making it “okay” for young women to be homemakers! Before my son was born, I tutored kids in math in our old home for almost a decade. I always served chocolate chip cookies and their favorite drink, usually lemonade. Algebra didn’t seem so tough then! Before long, I was making around 3000 cookies a year to feed all those hungry kids and the parents and siblings that came in to get a treat from the cookie jar too! I made lots of sweet friends. What I learned most is that teenagers, especially girls, loved seeing the art of hospitality practiced. Your magazines make homemaking “cool,” hence why I often buy subscriptions for my girls! Girls often ask if they can come over and “just hang out and maybe cook something?” One of my former students, Abby, flipped when I bought her the autographed copy of “Monograms.” Abby and I will often discuss what “Phyllis” wrote when we get our magazines in the mail!

    Please continue to leave the Proverbs 31 scripture in your opening letter! Thank you for providing such classic and wholesome publications! I am still just as excited to receive them in the mail as when I was a little girl!

    May God bless you and give your company continued success!

    Katie Carter

  52. So happy to have found your blog. I enjoy your magazines and your gracious style. My favorite magazine is TeaTime, The year I studied in England, we had tea each day at 3 PM! Once on a visit with a dear friend, she brought me to the tea room called The Maids of Honour in Kew Gardens. They have been serving tea since the time of King Henry VIII! Thank you so much for all the beauty you and your staff bring to our attention. You help to inspire me to infuse my days with beauty and joy.

    When I was a full time Early Childhood Teacher, I treated my students to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party each Spring after Easter break. The children were encouraged to come to school wearing their favorite or most outrageous hats. I served them Sweet Tea and Lemonade. I served various kinds of cookies. I used to poll the children to see what their favorites were as the selection sometimes changed for the different years. Such wonderful memories! I used to wear one of the hats I bought while shopping at The River Walk Mall, situated along the Mississippi in New Orleans!

    I shall enjoy reading your blog. Thanks again!

  53. I started reading your letter in the latest issue of Victoria. I related to your story about the diary because I had one like that when I was about that age. Somewhere along the line through the years I lost it. Would love to read it now. I love Victoria magazine. I have almost every copy that was published. The older ones are lined up on a shelf in our guest room closet. A good thing about them is they never go out of style. I enjoy occasionally looking at one that is several years old. I’m excited about this blog. I’ve been blogging for several years.

    Keep up all the good work. You are an inspiration.



  54. I remember phoning you directly upon reading my first store-bought issue of Victoria years ago. You were so gracious to take a moment to chat with me and I marvelled on your pleasantries. You had recently acquired the publication and I wanted to thank you for its continuity as well as affirm my heartfelt compliments on your creating an even better design and editorial content style than its original. It was immediately evident to me that you had placed your personal touch towards its production and subsequent issues. The gorgeous photographic content, not to be undone by the artistic watercolor vignettes placed throughout merely exemplified your devotion towards true southern hospitality and graciousness. I love that you continue to place such delightful detail to every page – and now your additional publications under your wings. I subscribe digitally as well as print to these additional publications. I love your piano CD and find myself in serene contemplation whenever I listen to it. Your talents are our blessings and I wanted to once again thank you for being such an engaging and far-reaching Southern hostess to all of us. As I type this response on your new outreach blog, I hear my iPad ring that I have just received my latest download issue of Southern Lady – and that YOU are! By beautiful ribbon is placed to now send this message back to you…

    Meg McDonough, President
    Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC (Sarasota)

    1. Phân tích có lý. Việt Nam lên dạy cho trung quốc bài học về tội bằng trướng chứ không nên để trung quốc coi Việt Nam như đứa trẻ bị đánh đòn vì không biết nghe lời

  55. I am so happy to hear that you have started a blog that your admirerers can follow and enjoy. I’ve been a fan since discovering the first issue of Southern Lady. After that I was hooked on Taste of the South, Paula and Tea Time not to mention the special publications on Teas, Cottages and Celebratons. So, I was so pleased when you decided to revive my all time favorite magazine Victoria of which I have every issue since their first one published in March 1987. Thank you so much for your beautiful publications and high standards that make each issue a joy to read and re-read! I myself have been dabbling with my own blog when time permits. is my guilty pleasure and you’ve inspired me to blog more than I have been doing lately due to health issues. So continued success to your wonderful publications and blog.

  56. I shall enjoy your new blog beyond measure!! Since I am a fan of your publications, I already know that we love so many of the same things and share a passion for sewing, too. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with everyone!

  57. Dear Phyllis, I love ‘Southern Lady’. Such inspiration. But most important is that you give God the glory for your success. What a testimony.

    1. I simply want to tell you that I am all new to blogging and siui-btildeng and actually loved this web-site. Very likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with very good article content. Thanks a bunch for revealing your website.

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    4. Lee, I should have included more positive about the article itself as well. Sorry. I’m still processing the Ursinus quote, which I somehow–I am embarrassed to admit–completely missed up to now.Apparently, I may have missed much more. Sorry to disappoint. I’m disappointed with myself as well. I figured the comments that corrected me would also correct readers. But, I just added a note in the text of the post. to make sure of that

    5. Its really inspiring…if everyone goes through it carefully he will never miss any failure opportunity in life n he will follow one path Winners Path…Both Robertvn Lei r my inspiration n I can now say my best friends too. Thnx 4 sharing…

    6. Great post! I’m glad you re-ran it, so us newbies could enjoy it. But don’t worry about the fruitcake industry: it doesn’t exist. There are only 17 fruitcakes in the world, and they just get passed on to the next sucker (…I mean… giftee) the following year.

    7. Hello! I thought I had asked this question already but I looked hard and could not find it anywhere, so I hope this is not a repeat question! If it is I am really sorry.What is your opinion on using essential oils that have been tested and shown to exhibit anti fungal, viral and bacterial properties as preservatives?

    8. well your’re right but in the end who cares if you use a not perfectly suitable miniature? it reminds me the hand flamer issue. well, i simply don’t care. by the way yours is an excellent miniature

  58. Hi Phyllis. I am so happy that you have started this blog. I subscribe to many of the beautiful magazines that are offered by Hoffman Media. I am so excited every time a new issue arrives. I was wondering. Would you be willing to share how I can start a magazine – print or on-line? It is a dream of mine and your magazines have motivated me to pursue my dream. God Bless you and your family!

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