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When my granddaughter was born, I immediately started collecting American Girl dolls for her. The first was Felicity, a doll that was being retired. Felicity’s story is based in Williamsburg and the her books teach a lot of American history. Then others followed! I adore American Girl as a company and brand.

American Girl dolls are household items for families with young girls. Throughout the years American Girl has done a great job continuing to teach young girls the fundamentals like cooking and sewing. When I found out that American Girl is working with William Sonoma to design a cookbook and cookware line specifically for teaching our future bakers and cooks, I was thrilled. American Girl by Williams-Sonoma is a line designed to make baking even more fun for the young food lovers out there.

With fall around the corner and Christmas soon to follow, these darling tools are the perfect gift for the young cooks in your life. I’m giving away three of the new cookbooks, including A Smart Girls Guide: Cooking, You’re the Chef, and American Girl Cooking, and a pancake set.

I hope this set will inspire many baking adventures and cherish able memories. I will choose a winner Thursday, September 1 at 9:00 a.m. Good Luck!

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  1. We adore American Dolls. One of our faviore times with our Grandaughter Riley Grace was eating brunch at your store and then letting Riley Grace shop for any thing she wanted! We had the best day and our heart are full of joy remembering that day!

  2. I have 5 of the sweetest Granddaughters. They are so kind , giving and so so lovable and they sure do love there Grandma time. I know that they would share nicely with one another. Because they love one another so much.

  3. My daughter had an American Girl doll and now it is time for granddaughters to have one. I know 2 would really enjoy this gift.

  4. Oh I would so love this baking set for my first granddaughter. She loves to help me bake in the kitchen already! She is my dream come true.

  5. I would give this to my cousin’s granddaughter. She asks her mom if she can come visit me and always hugs me when she arrives and leaves. She’s such a kind child who never needs correcting (at least not from me!). She’s smart and loves to talk to me. What a blessing she is.

  6. I have two granddaughters who love American Girls anything! They both love to cook with their mom on a regular basis. They would absolutely love this set and what fun it would be to present them with such an amazing gift! Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. I have five granddaughters who each have an American Girl doll! I would love a chance to get the American Girl Cookbook give-a-way! My girls love helping me cook in the kitchen! How exciting!

  8. My daughter, age 7, and my son, age 5, love to bake with me. We made two zucchini cakes last week. They love anything sweet. Their favorite food is pancakes! Thank you for a chance to win.

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  9. Hi! I would give this to Alyssa, for Christmas, who is 12. We have 21 grandchildren, varying ages and I think she would enjoy this!

  10. One of our most delightful experiences was sharing afternoon tea at American Girl in Dallas with our Goddaughter and her family. Also, sharing the event was our grandGoddaughter ‘s doppelgänger.
    This set will enable the lucky winner to create new memories!

  11. My grand-daughter just started cooking lessons and loves American Girl and has a doll in her likeness. She would love this.

  12. My granddaughter Lydia Grace is 7 years old and she loves to bake and she loves American Girl Dolls. Lydia is 2nd generation on having American Girl Dolls as both my daughters had the dolls and Lydia’s mom handed down Felicity to her that was still in excellent condition. They are heirloom dolls.

  13. Thank you for the offer. My 10-year old granddaughter, Karoline, has an American Girl doll which she enjoys. She has taken cooking classes which have inspired her and would be thrilled with these useful tools and book.

  14. I can still remember finding the ad in a very early Victoria magazine for Samantha, the first doll made by Pleasant Company, which later became American Girl. I was later blessed with a daughter who received Samantha on her 5th birthday. What a wonderful time making clothes for her and Addy as well as furnishings, the slumber parties with friends who also had the dolls….. My daughter and I have now passed our love for the world of American Girl on to her daughters. What a wonderful time we have when we get to visit the store! What fun on birthdays and holidays when I get to give them treasures for their dolls!!

  15. I am looking forward to next year when my granddaughter will be old enough for American girl dolls. They are a wonderful way to learn about history.

  16. My three granddaughters have American girl dolls and accessories and the movies. While visiting them in Houston we have gone to the doll store several times. Would love this for them!!!

  17. Our family love American Girl and their dolls. Our two daughters received dolls and accessories from the first year of business. Christmas morning they found Felicity and Kirsten under the tree displayed in antique trunks. It was a magical Christmas! Now , they each have daughters and the dolls have been passed down. The tradition continues…

  18. My sisters and I collect American Girl dolls. Any one of us would be thrilled to win the cookbook. Thank you for this giveaway.

  19. My great-nieces are starting to be interested in cooking. These American Girls products would be a good teaching tool for them.

  20. Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize for a lucky little baker! My eight year old granddaughter loves her Molly doll and also enjoys cooking with her mother. What a fun surprise it would be to win the American Girl offering!

  21. I love your magazine, Southern Lady. It’s too bad I couldn’t get the mailing of it straightened out. I received 3 copies of the same magazine one month and none the next month. When I phoned, no one seemed to be able to figure it out so I cancelled my subscription.

  22. Just a heads up I have a sewing friend who collected them for her daughter too…Put them on shelves in her room and after years of being in sunlight they are getting soft and disfigured……So shelf life in the sun is not a good thing……

  23. Thank you for your generosity, Phyllis. My 7 year old granddaughter, Ellie, told me she was glad I liked dolls. I see a tea party for Ellie, Julie, Samantha, and Kirsten at Mimi’s house. Little brother, Alex, will be invited, too.

  24. I have two girls and both received American Girls dolls when they were 8. They loved them! I will be a grandma in January and would love to share this gift with him/her. I have always loved cooking and enjoyed William Sonoma products. What a perfect match to share with my girls, grandchild and the American Girl’s dolls. The sets are adorable!

  25. I would love this book. I bake with children a lot. Who doesn’t love a great product from Williams Sonoma!

    I droll over the American Girl doll stores. Especially the one in Chicago!

  26. Goodness! You have had so many responses about the American Girl Cook Book give away. My great-grand daughter would love this book. Her mother has American Girl Dolls and enjoyed them so much. I would be so happy to win it for her. Thank you, Phyllis, for helping us put our names in the pot. You have so many great ideas.

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  27. I have two grand daughters who enjoy cooking. When I was recuperating from an illness, they made me crepes filled with strawberries and whipped cream. What a wonderful treat!

  28. I started my granddaughter’s collection of American Girl dolls… She was 8 years old when she received her first doll, which is her look alike❣… Now she is 12 and still collecting and grandma gets a Christmas list each year with all her requests❣… Lol.

    I have given her several birthday parties there in the tea room with her special friends… She throughly enjoyed the special treatment she received and so did grandma watching her beautiful expressions as they sang Happy Birthday to her… What is so nice is that you can bring your doll along with you and they give you a special chair for her so she can sit next to you… For little girls who do not have a doll, they will let you borrow one throughout the luncheon…

    We all have have such nice remembrances of American Girl parties and hopefully go to 1 more for her 13th Birthday❣ She would so relish this giveaway gift, since she loves to cook along side of me❣

  29. This is such a special giveaway. Thank you for this generous gift. I, too, am very fond of American Girl dolls – beginning with Bitty Baby. My little niece would treasure this special cooking offer – already enjoying baking brownies. She enjoys using her own utensils along with wearing an apron and chef hat while stirring ingredients with her own “Frozen” spatula. Adorable. Thanks for entering me!

  30. My Granddaughter is just starting to learn to cook and loves to make treats for the family. She would have so much fun making pancakes for Sunday brunch.

  31. My very own American Girl is my 8 year old GRAND. She’s petite, sweet, and loves to play football with the guys!!!!

  32. Oh my goodness!!! I’m so excited about this giveaway!! ❤️ Both of my daughters collect American Girl dolls and accessories. They even buy the “vintage” pieces when they find them on EBay, including the cookbooks! They would absolutely love to win this. Thank you for the fun giveaway, and sharing your heart with your readers! God Bless you!

  33. With seven granddaughters, you can guess I have many that would love these darling cookbooks. We have given each girl an American Girl doll that looks like them. It is so fun to share great toys with our girls.

  34. Sadie-Cakes is the nickname of my Great Niece who is in first grade this year. She loves to be in the kitchen with her MOM, who is a great cook. I would love to share these cook books with her.

  35. We love having three generations cooking together in the kitchen too. What a treat seeing my young daughter cooking alongside my mother!

  36. I love reading your blog. American Girl is a great brand with wonderful stories and history lessons. Our little Rigsby would adore this cookbook.

  37. I love to cook with my grand children who are fun and lively …
    With the holidays right around the corner I never know what
    they will be tempting my pallet with…
    Thank you for this lovely blog…

  38. This is so cute…my 2 little grand nieces would love this and when they visit we would have so much fun in the kitchen baking together.

  39. I always wanted to get an American doll but just never was able raising five children alone.. I used to get the catalog book and share it later with my young granddaughter and later forgot about it with all the drama in life. This is way exciting to see a cook book.. I have a young granddaughter who loves to cook and is always looking for little recipes. When she was really little just learning to write she wrote me a recipe she found but forgot the directions but I loved her dearly for it.. Maybe I can win for her … Cross my fingers.. With love Janice

  40. i babysit two sweet girls that love to bake and they would love this. we made breakfast the other morning and the girls enjoyed. their fsvr thing to bake is brownies and sugar cookies even if the cookies come out all kinds of different sizes.

  41. The Lord blessed me with a granddaughter and she loves American girl dolls also. Her birthday is September 1 and this would be a wonderful surprise from her Nana!

  42. Have a baby shower soon to attend and just so happens the baby will be a precious little girl. I’m sure mom to be would be delited with the book and would look forward to cooking with her little one. They grow up so fast and cooking together will make wonderful memories for them both. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  43. I have a brand new great Grandaughter and would be so honored to give her this gift. Her name is Adalynne Lucille and she is the most precious gift from God.

  44. Ahh, American girl dolls are the center of all the best memories of my 3 daughter’s childhood. My girls would spend hours on end immersed in serious play. We had tea parties where they would send invitations (delivered by imaginary animals) bake doll sized treats, and have the dolls mind their manners and treat each other with kindness. Felicity, Kirsten, Josephina, Kaya, Molly, Kit were all dear friends. My daughters, Madeleine, Emma and Sophie also set up a little general store for the dolls to shop and furnish their little “homes”. Although they are all grown, I have carefully packed up everything American Girl, so they can share these memories with their children. However, I keep the tiny party invitations and place cards in my desk. When I come across them, they make me smile.

  45. I have three very wonderful granddaughters, it is the middle child that shares my love for cooking, baking, dolls and dishes. She would absolutely have the most fun were she the lucky recipient. How much fun to come baking with her Oma!

  46. My daughter has four of the American Girl dolls and we love everything about them. How well made the items are for the dolls and the history of each doll. We purchased many accessories for my niece when she had the dolls and now I have a great niece who would be the lucky girl to get these American Girl books if I win.

  47. I love the American Girl dolls too. I bought the very first one for one of our daughters, and was thrilled to purchase both Bitty Babies and a “real” doll for each of our grand daughters so far. We went to the American Girl Store for a birthday party, and I loved it so much I almost wanted to buy a doll of my own! Their quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

    And of course, the fact that each doll {at least the ones we like} have a history and a story to share makes them not just a toy, but a lesson created with love. Thank you for hosting this give away, I hope that the perfect person wins this to share with her children, grand children or children she/he loves!

  48. I was fortunate to visit the American Doll store & ‘tea room’ while on business in Chicago a few years ago. I hadn’t known much about the dolls before that and was very impressed with the level of commitment the manufacturer made to their back stories. I was also impressed at the amount of clothing and accessories, including pieces for a full beauty salon, available for purchase.

  49. The heck with giving it to any kid, I’m keeping it for myself. I’ve said since the first day I ever saw the American Girls line that its THE one thing that has EVER made me wish I were a young girl now and not an adult. No, in reality, I will keep this but just until one of the young adults in my life has a little girl and they get old enough to use and care for this responsibly. I absolutely ADORE The American Girls line and do have some of the books. I probably should invest in more of the things than I do right now. The sad thing is nice things like this never seem to stay around long enough.

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  50. When my oldest daughter was young, she wanted ‘Samantha’. At the time, we just couldn’t afford the extravagance of an American Girl doll. Later, when her little sister wanted ‘Molly’, Sheena, already being a teenager, felt Whitney should have one. She and their older brother even bought her accessories for ‘Molly’.

    Years later, Whitney has moved to Chicago and we all had the chance to go the the American Girls store, where I looked for ‘Samantha’ but I was told she had been retired.

    I was able to get a miniature for her, and when I gave it to her in the store, we all had a good cry. The American Girl store was a place we all dreamed we would go someday, and being there with my girls was wonderful. I’m still determined that I will find a Samantha someday for her.

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  51. How fun both grandma’s and me mom, went in and bought my daughter bitty baby, when she was 4 in 2004 and over the year’s for birthdays, and Christmas, we added clothes, and other part’s and pieces. My daughter who is now sixteen, still loves to cook and enjoys sewing. We bought her a dress form so she can make her costumes , she is into anime now. I’ve put all her bitty baby, away for now but I know one day she will come out again to play again.

  52. I love this idea, the American Girl series, and teaching daughters and grandaughters to be happy in a kitchen, as well as anywhere ! My 8 year old grandaughter would be thrilled if we were so lucky to be chosen . Thanks in advance for this pay it forward idea.

  53. I have 7 granddaughters, and our tradition is that for their 7th birthday we go to the American Girl store so they can select their first doll. So far, we have 6 beautiful dolls — all different. Three-year-old Bethany can hardly wait to be “big enough” to go. I know they would love being able to use the cookbook and utensils when they visit grandmomma’s house. The 5 grandsons might just join the fun, too.

  54. I have a seven year old grandaughter named Novalee, and she loves to read. She’s not super helpful yet in the kitchen though, so maybe these books would help her become interested in cooking.

  55. My granddaughter loves to cook. She is terrific at baking for special events like birthdays. Having her own cook book would just thrill her.

  56. How fun! My 7 year old daughter loves the TV series, and the idea of the dolls, though she took a look at the catalogue one day and decided the dolls were far too expensive to put on her Xmas list! Oh, how I laughed at that! She loves to cook, though, and these would be a fantastic gift for her.

  57. I bought the Samantha doll when she was being retired for my granddaughter (and me!!) to play with when she comes to our house. I love the Victorian period so she was the perfect choice! Luckily, she has been brought back. It would be fun to have the American Girl cookbook. And “my sweet girl” loves blueberry pancakes!

  58. My first American Girl was Kirsten. I now have five that I love to sew for – mainly because I have no daughters of my own (I do have a 34-year-old son). I also have a Bitty Baby and two sets of Bitty Baby Twins. I won’t know who the lucky little girl will be until next April when I donate an AG with a wardrobe at our annual church fashion show. This would be a wonderful addition to the collection.

  59. I have twin granddaughters who are in love with their American Girl dolls. I made them matching aprons last year along with aprons for their dolls with Williams Sonoma American Girl spatulas!

  60. My first and only real American Girl doll was Felicity. Both of my daughters have Bitty Baby’s. My oldest loves it when she can help in the kitchen.

  61. Our first American Girl doll was Molly. I’m not sure who loved Molly more….my daughter or me!

    What a wonderful gift idea….thank you for the opportunity!

  62. My daughter would absolutely adore these cookbooks–she loves to cook and experiment. She is currently mom to a Bitty Baby and Saige and hopes to add Julie to her family this Christmas!

  63. I have a 2 year old granddaughter that this would be perfect to start a collection for. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  64. My great niece and namesake, Gracie, would love this. She already has her chef’s hat and apron and helps her dad do pancakes on Saturday morning!

    1. I absolutely love the American Girl products and have bought many for my granddaughters. I just wish that the products would be made in America, not China.

  65. I have been baking with my grandchildren since they each turned 2…. I just started the American Girl magazine for my oldest granddaughter and they all have American girl dolls now, even my grandson (bitty twin boy)!
    How much fun, American girl and baking!

  66. My granddaughter is very serious about cooking and baking and loves to help in the kitchen. As she grows older, she is developing her skills and becoming more confident. She loves her American Girl doll and would be thrilled with a gift. Thank you.

  67. Nearly thirty years ago we gave Samantha to our daughter for her 10th birthday. Our daughter now has three daughters of her own, and Samantha has joined several other American Girl Dolls. Our “grans” have read all the books and watched the videos.

    How exciting that Williams-Sonoma has joined American Girl with this venture! My granddaughters join me in the kitchen almost weekly on “Granna and Papa Day.” Tuesday afternoons are filled with measuring, stirring, and baking, along with lots of laughter and fun.

    1. I failed to mention in my earlier posting that my granddaughters enjoy using some “vintage” kitchen utensils, especially rolling pins and handheld “egg beaters.” As a result, I’ve found one of each as gifts for the eleventh birthday of my firstborn gran. She’s going to be thrilled to have her own utensils.

      What a special addition, it would be to have the American Girl set to further her interest in being a chef when she grows up!

  68. I adore the American Girl dolls. My daughter had one (Kirsten) and now her oldest daughter has “Bitty Baby”. They’re such sweet babies and the company provides beautiful, long-lasting quality. My granddaughter *loves* to help in the kitchen — this would be ideal for her! 🙂

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