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An Update on the Beautiful Work in Classic Sewing

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I marvel at people’s creativity. As we have put together the premier issue of Classic Sewing, Kathy McMakin and I have had the opportunity to see gorgeous creations made. Tiny stitches and lovely fabrics fill our offices. Every time one of our designers sends in a new project, we stand in awe.

I have shared the story of Allison Banks with you before, but she has outdone herself this time. As a gift to our subscribers, she designed a beautiful set of monogram letters that will take your breath away. Isn’t this just beautiful? When we sent the artwork to Charlotte Gallaher, she took the artwork and digitized it so that it can be stitched on our embroidery sewing machines.

And we’ll have gorgeous creations by Evy Hawkins, who has made many grandmothers and mothers happy with her work. What little girl wouldn’t want one of her beautiful tiny purses to carry?

Sewing is loving fabric—I can’t seem to get enough. I laugh and say when I am gone, there are going to be some surprised people when they go through my stash. The other day I heard a perfect solution for those of us who tend to hoard—oh, I mean collect. Go through your collection of fabrics, stitching projects, and unfinished things and put a tag on everything, making sure to name a family member. The tags can say something like, “For Amelia,” etc. Then when the day comes, they will gather and gasp, “Oh, she was going to make this for me!”

What do you love to sew for loved ones?

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  2. When my grandchildren were younger, I sewed clothes for them. Now I’m into making decorator pillows for them. Always include embroidered initials or names on them. Even my 7 year old grandson likes his that I gave him for his last birthday; travels with it. Today I finished 2 to send to my oldest grandchild, Lauren, who is just starting her freshman year in college, across the country from her home. Included block initials on one & cursive first name on the other. Hope these help her to feel in contact with grandma, even though she’s 3000 miles away.

  3. I was looking at the beautiful christening gown on the front of Classic Sewing above. It is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of when my first daughter was baptized. She wore a beautiful gown that my grandmother was
    baptized in! It was amazing, as I’m sure that it was all done by hand. Unfortunately she doesn’t attend church
    any more, but I am so glad that I gave her to Christ in a dress as beautiful as the one she may one day wear for her wedding!

  4. HI Phyllis, I would love to see the design you shown with the 3 letters read MOM on some towels or tea towels. would make a great gift. Can’t wait to see the first publication.
    Good Luck and have fun in your new adventure.

  5. I would not call myself a seamstress, but I do love to embellish clothing with unique buttons and little flowers for my granddaughter and my nieces. I love to see their little faces light up with excitement!

  6. I’ve said this before….oh how I wish I had learned to sew!!! My sweet daughter gave me a portable for Christmas a few years beck because I am a good mender and I mentioned I should have kept the old machine I once had. It has been a great “bookend” on my desk……

    I am going to subscribe to your new magazine. It’s never too late to learn new things and LOVE all things monogrammed!! I know your patterns are going to be way above my head….but it will hopefully be an incintive to learn. I know, because I love all your other magazines!

    I wish you all the best as you prepare the premier issue!!


  7. This is truly going to be such an amazing magazine. I used to make all the clothing for my girls when they were young, my most favorite was a suede jacket for my eldest daughter. I have sewn just about everything for my family and friends, I would love to learn how to monogram, they are the most favorite of my antique linens I sell, and I would love to be able to embroider linens myself.

  8. Since I’m at the age when down-sizing seems like a thoughtful thing to do, I go through my fabric occasionally. Just this past weekend I put out a stack for my daughter-in-law and granddaughters to go through. And amazingly, the stack is GONE!! 🙂 I find it easier to let things go now — but that doesn’t ever keep me from buying more.

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