Autumn and the Things That Matter Most

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November has arrived with all the beauty of an autumn season. We usually don’t get the gorgeous leaves until November here in Alabama. Some of you have had them for weeks in your area of the country. And some of you don’t have any at all…beach friends! But this season is always special.

Thanksgiving was always a special time for me growing up. The weeks leading up to the day meant thinking about the upcoming time of being with grandparents and cousins! We always went to our grandparents’ homes for that weekend. It was the custom in our family. Unless you were deathly sick, you never missed going. Family was important, and holidays celebrated family. The aunts all brought their favorite dishes, and grandmother cooked her normal fare.

We girl cousins took our places on the porch, freezing to death, but sharing stories of the current happenings in our lives. These memories are still very dear to me.

I loved hearing the stories of my parents’ days when they were growing up and their holidays. I believe it is crucial to share stories from your life with children and grandchildren. Most of the time they find things very strange compared to today, but they always ask questions. Sharing heritage is so important. I wish my grandparents were still around, as I have thought of a million things I would love to know about them. My mom still tells stories of her childhood, and I love that.

Are we sharing the things we should be with the young members of our family? As this crazy, fast-paced world whirls on, I want to spend time whenever we are together talking about moments in our lives. Times that helped shape us and taught us life’s lessons. It also reminds us of the things that matter most in life. Time. Time that once passed cannot be relived.

Tell each child or grandchild about your feelings when they were born. Their faces glow when they hear how we loved them instantly. Remind them of the importance of family gatherings. And above all, tell them how much you love them.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. Sharing the past is so important and special. Unfortunately, our paternal grandparents died within a month of each other when our late father was seven years old. He never remembered much or even what they looked like. Our maternal grandfather died when our late mother was twelve years old. She did manage to tell us some things about her father. Our maternal grandmother moved to California when Marion and Marilyn were three years old. Fortunately, Joan who is quite a few tears older has a lot of wonderful memories she has told to us. Phyllis you always delight your readers with such interesting posts.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. You said it all so perfectly. I share your convictions about this.

    These conversations were everyday life for me with my paternal grandparents. As a result, I can visualize and have a deep connection to their homeland, their era in history and just history in general. They gave me perspective that is not possible with history books or even novels. How can you describe my grandmother (Anastasia) as a young girl in Ukraine who helped her nearly illiterate mother around their home (with dirt floors)….while sometimes reading “Don Quixote” to her mother because my great-grandmother Anna thought it was so entertaining?

    While I enjoyed so many conversations like this with my son, I have discovered that the children and grandchildren of friends also take delight in these conversations. I had one such conversation just the other day with two little ones who are not even related to me in any way. They listened with rapt attention and asked questions. And all the children I have known since birth have heard me tell them stories of that day, and they never get tired of me repeating it. So, may this be a message to all of us, whether these children are family members or not. May you and all your readers have a truly blessed holiday season, filled with meaning and deep fulfillment…and precious conversations which bind hearts together in a way that almost nothing else can.

  3. Sentiment,lovely word. That is sadly missing today. The more people I meet and share with,the more I appreciate my family and the childhood I had.

  4. What a wonderful surprise to see this picture this morning! It makes my heart so happy. I miss all the fun we had at family gatherings and all of y’all! We have a propane tank at the farm, y’all need to come so we can recreate this picture!

    As always, you give us perfect advice! I hope you have a lot of time to share memories with your Grands & family this holiday season!
    Love & miss you!

  5. Thanksgiving was the holiday we were all together in one house, and it was the one I remember the most. Not for the food, which was always sooo good, but for all of the laughter and love.
    I had fun trying to pick you and Janice out in the picture. You are third on the left, and Janice is third on the right…..right? Keith is the boy second on the right?

  6. Special memories are priceless. Thank you for sharing yours. I’m in NC, but my early childhood Thanksgivings were spent very much like yours. I would take nothing for those blessings.

  7. I know this is cliche but years ago, I heard the statement “ Today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the Present.” I love your reminder, Phyllis, that time” once passed, cannot be relived.” Each of us is made of all those past life experiences both good and bad. My husband and I tell our adult kids happy and sad stories from our lives. They especially enjoy hearing about family holiday gatherings.
    Phyllis, once again I’m so glad to read your post which I was missing for so long. Thank you for sharing some of your memories as well as the adorable “cousins” photo. Do all your extended family gather at your home for the holidays? Or do you take turns hosting and traveling around?

  8. So we’ll said and so important! Sometimes in the whirlwind that is our current life, we forget what really matters. Thank you for giving us a “remember this” nudge. Happy November and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family. Lidy

  9. Dear Phyllis ,
    Your words are perfect !
    I think we are close in age and I share your sentiments .
    My childhood memories of Thanksgiving and Autumn celebrations hold a special warmth in my heart . So many relatives and friends have passed on , but they are always remembered , especially during the holidays as we bring those wonderful days to life again .
    Your post today is a true gift . Thank you !

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