Bake from Scratch Cookbook

Introducing: Bake from Scratch Cookbook

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Yesterday we officially announced the Bake from Scratch Cookbook, and I’m so excited for our readers to get their hands on this beauty! These 350+ pages feature a collection of recipes from our first year of publishing Bake from Scratch magazine (2015-2016). With so many delicious recipes within reach, home bakers will have an endless supply of inspiration.

From the essential brioche and rye bread to a classic 1-2-3-4 cake with seasonal flavor variations and easy French gâteaux, this hard-cover, high-quality cookbook will be the go-to resource for those looking to bake artisan goods at home. The Bake from Scratch Cookbook will be available on March 3rd, but you can pre-order your copy today to receive free shipping when you use the code SCRATCH!

I can’t believe the whirlwind of a year we have had! Bake from Scratch started with merely a car ride conversation and a post on Instagram. A short year later, we have an amazing group of readers who inspire us daily to dive deeper into the tasty depths of home baking.

Every stressful deadline has proven worth it. Last week, Bake from Scratch took home the award for Hottest Launch of 2016 by the Media Industry News (Min)! Bake from Scratch, along with our sister titles Classic Sewing and Southern Cast Iron, were among the thirty titles named on the Hottest Launches of 2016 list. We are so incredibly honored for these awards and we are also forever thankful to our wonderful readers!

Now, speaking of baking, I have a long list of holiday treats that I can’t wait to share with family and friends. Happy holidays from my family to yours!

 – Brian Hart Hoffman

PS. Be sure to use #thebakefeed when posting images of your holiday baking so we can follow along and repost some of our favorites!

Order your copy of the Bake from Scratch Cookbook today!

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