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I have had a wonderful time working with our talented staff on our newest book, which ships on April 10, The Tiny Book of Tea & Treats. It is part of our Small Pleasures series and is the perfect gift book for the hostess who loves to entertain.


All of the foods in the book are small portions suitable for appetizers or reception foods. It has more than 50 recipes that will delight your friends and family. These include small-bite appetizers, sweet treats, and delicious teas. I love the refreshing cold tea blends and infusions as well as hot tea favorites.


The 144-page book will be a go-to resource when you need a quick idea for fun entertaining. My favorite recipe for pound cake is included, and I love how you can bake it in individual serving dishes. I call it the cup-of-cake plan so everyone gets their fair share of crunchy crust. You can also bake it in a regular pan and slice delicious servings for your guests.


With so many fun and tasty recipes to try, you’ll be looking for more chances to entertain and try out all of these marvelous teas and treats. Order today and use code TREATS at checkout for free shipping!

What topic should we cover in our next “Tiny Book of _______”?


Order today!


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  1. I always wanted to fine a book on tea crafted items to make such as knitted, crocheted, quilted, sewed, tea cozies in all sizes, napkins, tablecloths, tea gifts, aprons, napkin rings (I could give you lots of patterns for these), egg cozies, doilies, centerpieces, table runners, mug cozies, teapot trivets, anything tea related. I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt and probably could come up with some patterns if you are looking to make a craft book for tea parties. I even considered making one up myself.

  2. Tiny Book of Tablescapes, Tiny Book of Tiny Flower Arrangements, Tiny Book of Napkin Folds and usages (not just napkins, placemats, runners etc) Tiny Book of Devotions, Tiny Book of Chair Emblishments (not just for weddings)

  3. Hmmm…deleted most of my post, any way, Thank you Phyllis for adding the beautiful book, I just ordered it, and can’t wait to receive it in April! I love all things tea!!

  4. Can’t wait to get this!
    How about: Tiny Book of Party Favors
    Tiny Book of Scandinavian Pastries
    Tiny Book of Household Hints

  5. A teeny tiny book of breakfast treats,
    Would be lovely on the table,
    Lovers of cooking would find it a delight,
    To create for our friends eggs and biscuits so light!

  6. Breakfast treats! When everyone is here and coming in and out at various times, little treasures would be great to have on hand!

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