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I have often mentioned the Biltmore House in my writings. I love the civility with which dining and entertaining has been governed throughout the home’s history. Every time I tour the estate and gardens, I am inspired by the wonderful colors and textures. I can’t imagine being a new bride and rounding the corner to find that Biltmore was my new home, complete with every possible appointment all planned down to the last detail.

It is no surprise that Biltmore for Your Home, a gorgeous line of products, finds its way into homes across the country. The beauty of the carefully selected fabrics and colors is so inspiring. Biltmore for Your Home has captured the elegance of Biltmore in these lovely creations.

Enchanting (pictured at top)
This charming and beautiful floral is printed on a textured jacquard ground and brings polish and color to your bedroom. The inspiration for this ensemble was based on the many Magnolia species on Biltmore estate, on the original plant lists, and in the earliest nursery catalogs. The most popular species is the Traditional Southern Magnolia that grows on the estate and is admired for its large, fragrant white blossoms and elongated, dark glossy green leaves. A Magnolia tree was planted in honor of the birth of Cornelia, George and Edith’s only child, and was named “Baby Tree.” Find your escape in this garden of beauty and serenity.


This lovely salmon-colored floral design with sage accents and meandering leaves will bring brightness to your spring. The ensemble was inspired by a portrait of Mrs. Rathbone Bacon and Virginia Purdy Bacon, a cousin and close friend of Mr. Vanderbilt’s, found in the Oak Sitting Room at Biltmore. The classic bedding ensemble with the slate blue crinkled bed skirt and embroidered decorative pillows will complete your bedroom retreat.


This is the first linen collection offered in the Biltmore line. The creams and taupe are accented with a lovely turquoise. Linen fabric is featured in many of the textiles found in the house and is still as popular today as it was in the days of the Vanderbilts.

One lucky winner will receive the bedding of choice from the three pictured here. Your gift includes the comforter and two shams in your choice of king or queen size, plus one decorator pillow.

To enter, share this post via one of the social media buttons below, and then leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win. Write about it on Facebook, pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest or even send a tweet. Not a social media person? Just leave a comment instead. Best of luck!


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Comments 347

  1. While I am home to care for my husband Bill your blog and magazines make my heart happy. I would so love to select new bedding and spruce up the bedroom, but budget constraints say no. Bill and I just celebrated our 55th
    anniversary, we feel blessed he is still here and treasure each day we have. I attended Southern Lady Conventions, and have not been able to visit Biltmore. This would be a perk up to the bedroom and in a way bring Southern Lady & Biltmore to our home and would be a surprise for Mr. Bill.

  2. I’ve had the joy of visiting the amazing and timeless Biltmore Estate with my sweet husband to celebrate our anniversary. What a treasure it would be to win the giveaway for the beautiful bedding!
    Becky in Texas

  3. I’ve been searching for linens for the master bedroom for some time. It needs a makeover.
    When I saw these linens I knew they would make our bed a comfy retreat. the colors are perfect as we moved to the eastern shore 2 years ago. We have a queen size oak attic treasures bedroom. Can you spell beautiful.

  4. I would love to win any of these beddings. My only granddaughter who is three lives in Colorado with her parents. My husband and I live in Kentucky. We have keep my daughter’s bedroom as it was after she was married and left home. This new bedding would so inspire me to surprise my daughter when she comes home with her family. I am the one in our family who loves creating lasting memories. This bedding would also go on my parents bed (an old oak bed)
    which was given to me as a gift. Thanks Shelly

  5. My husband and I were late bloomers. We got married well into our 40’s, and both for the first time. We had a rough go at first as he lost his job shortly after our honeymoon, then tragedy struck and my beloved mother passed away. Our first year was wrought with uncertainty, grieving, and financial challenges among many other struggles. I never once thought that we wouldn’t make it, and I was certain that the road would get better if we stayed the course. Six years later, after more ups and downs and some serious health issues on my part we are stronger that I ever imagined. Credit goes to our faith and the steadfast love of God in our lives and the beautiful friends brought to us by His providence through the years. During many times when I felt tired, weak, and barely able to continue through a day or week, I would pull out the most beautiful things I owned and sat among them. A bone china tea cup with beautiful roses, a sweet pair of bunny salt and pepper shakers once belonging to my beloved mother, vintage doilies, crystal water goblets, an old Seth Thomas mantle clock ringing out Westminster chimes. I felt renewed hope as I reminded myself of all the stories behind each treasure. The one area that we still struggle with is what goes on the bed! We received a couple sets of lovely sheets for as wedding gifts, but everything else has the look and feel of having already lived its best years. No comforter at all, but a modge podge of pilling down blankets and a couple of fleece throws thrown on in desperation against frigid Wisconsin winters. We have not as yet been able to spend any disposable income on bed coverings, my husband being of the ain’t broke/don’t fix it mind frame. And with many things on our plates, I am unable to convince myself to fight for it. How I would love to give our bedroom a lovely boost of elegance and romance with brand new coverings. Thanks for listening. <3

  6. What beautiful bedding! Biltmore is very special – an era that we all dream about. I am headed there in May with my family. I would love to win the bedding. My daughter is getting married in September and I will be re-decorating her bedroom because she is taking her bedspread with her. How special to have one of those pretty new comforters.

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  8. Beautiful and would look so great in my bedroom. I love anything Biltmore and I really love Biltmore Estate in Ashveille, NC. What inspiration this is to a home.

  9. This beautiful bedding would be wonderful to update and refresh my master bedroom. I love the Biltmore and enjoy reading your blog. Best of luck to all who enter.

  10. Gorgeous! I would love to win a new bedding set so I can retire the old one I’ve had for over 10 years. I’m fairly sure I would sleep so much better wrapped in beautiful bedding.

  11. We have been able to visit the Biltmore twice and both trips were so inspiring. Love, love, love Southern Style!!!

  12. So pretty! I’ve never visited the Biltmore but would love to see it. I’ve admired it from a distance in California!

  13. The Biltmore collection is beautiful and offers a great deal of versatility. It would be a real treat to have such lovely bedding in my home!

  14. My husband and I have visited Biltmore on two occasions. We’ve taken the house tour, visited the greenhouse and winery, toured the grounds, dined in the “stables,” purchased gifts from the wonderful shops, and on our most recent visit, we took the Architect Tour. Such a treat to go into some of the nooks and crannies, up on the roof, and even peek into the attic. Such thought went into the design of what was not only a mansion, but also a family home. Our house is not a mansion by any means, but it is home. My mother had a wonderful knack for turning a house into a home. People tell me I inherited that from her. It would be a real pleasure to win a set of this beautiful bedding. I especially like the Enchanting set because that is what so much of the Biltmore history and decor is …enchanting.

  15. My family and I visited the Biltmore several years ago. The elegance and beauty of that place is a treasure in the beautiful setting of Ashville area. I purchased a gift book of the beautiful mansion and have it on display in my home here in San Antonio. These beautiful linens from ” Biltmore for Your Home” are beautiful and certainly do bring back the nostalgia of our visit there. I especially love the “Enchanting” set. Would love to win such beauty for my home……after all you cannot have too much, ” Biltmore for Your Home! “!

  16. Having always had multiple dogs in our family, I am now at a time I can truly enjoy having extravagant bedding! I would be so delighted to have any of the Biltmore bedding selections. Thank you so very much for the possibility!

  17. Enjoyed my visit to Biltmore years ago. I’m in to mood to redecorate my bedroom and think that Virginia would be the perfect ensemble to make the room perfect. Thanks for a chance to win this great giveaway. Love reading “The Ribbon in my Journal”.

  18. I went to the Biltmore House at Christmas with my father a long time ago. What a sweet memory of him and the Biltmore. The Biltmore House is gorgeous! I would love to win the bedding. It is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  19. My mom and I just returned from a visit to the Biltmore Estate. What a lovely experience! The house and grounds are just breathtaking and full of amazing details. I would love to win the gorgeous bedding – a reminder of the beautiful Biltmore and a wonderful trip with my mom!

  20. S – so beautiful
    A – aqua reminds me of warm tropical waters
    N – nice on the eyes
    C – comforting
    T – teal is my favorite color
    U – unique design
    A – and I really want it badly!
    R – restful and relaxing
    Y – your sponsors are so generous

  21. I just love the refreshingly romantic feel of the Enchanting bedroom set! I’ve been living in north Idaho with my daughter in her home for several years, she left and went back to So Cal and I have been staying in her home with all her colors and furniture. She has an eye for decorating on a budget, but it just isn’t my cup of tea! Last winter she came and moved the last of her things so the home is mine! I’m painting every room and redecorating so I will finally after 9 years feel AT HOME! There is so much more to this story but my time is limited, you know that we all have to go to work to support our decorating budgets! Thanks for introducing me to the Biltmore and offering a giveaway to get us all excited!
    Of course I have pinned the Enchanted collection on my Pinterest board Home improvement!

  22. Biltmore is still on my bucket list of places to visit. It would be a challenge to pick a favorite of the three choices! Thank you for giving one person the opportunity to eventually do so.

  23. I like so many that have already posted would love to bring some femininity and history into my home. I understand that seeing the Biltmore mansion is as close in America as seeing Highclere Castle in Great Britain. Both of these are on my bucket list. Having one of these bedding sets would be a catalyst for my re-decorating plans. I shared on Facebook to inspire others.

  24. I even looking for bedroom linens for my guest room for months! I cannot find anything I like. These are gorgeous!

  25. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this wonderful giveaway! The bedding sets are beautiful and each one would look absolutely perfect in my home! I love reading The Ribbon In My Journal posts. I look forward to receiving them in my in box and I have saved each one so that I can go back whenever I want and enjoy them!

  26. I would love to win the Sanctuary bedding because it looks perfect and sophisticated. We have 2 toddlers that frequently crash in our room, so having something grown up is always nice. I shared on Pinterest. 🙂

  27. I’m not sure when this give away expires so I’m going to give it a shot.

    My bedroom needs the Sanctuary bedding desperately, come to think of it so do I, and it would look wonderful. 🙂

  28. I would love to win a comforter set. I am from the south, Charleston SC. As a summer job in my youth babysat for very wealthy people in Ashville. It was very hard but always thought I would return to see Biltmore ! Thank you!

  29. My husband and I are hopefully replacing our 15 year old mattresses and the Sanctuary set would look amazing on our new bed!

  30. I live within about an hour of Biltmore House and frequent it fairly often. It’s a lovely place to take out of town visitors. I would delight in this wonderful bedding set. Everything from the Biltmore House line brings that little touch of elegance!

  31. The last two years have been so difficult for me. Many losses and. Now I am ill, just on the way to recovery. The “sanctuary” that these bedding would surround me with would indeed be a very welcome pleasure. They are just beautiful. Good luck to all and thank you.

  32. I can see my special family and loving friends walking into our guest bedroom greeted by the elegance of linens from the Biltmore Estate. When we visited the Biltmore we were overwhelmed with the grandeur of the home and the grounds. Winning a bedset like this would be such joy! Thank you.

  33. I have always dreamed of visiting Biltmore since my grandparents’ visit years ago when they brought back a book about the estate. I would love to dress up our master bedroom in linens inspired by such an elegant setting!

  34. It would be so amazing to have such beautiful bedding It’s been many years since I’ve had new bedding and never anything this beautiful or luxurious. It would make a lady feel like royalty.

  35. Who wouldn’t be delighted to have one (or all) of these luxurious linen sets in their home? Texas born and raised with heavy Louisiana influences from my grandmother, I’d be tickled pink to have a set of these on my bed.

  36. This is a beautiful giveaway. I would love to redo my bedroom in style. You always show us such gracious living styles.

  37. Even though I live just about four hours from Asheville and have been there a few times, business and scheduling prevented me from seeing Biltmore. I see commercials on our televisions for Biltmore and they take me back to a kinder, gentler time. They make me dream of wonderful things: foods, flora and fauna, decor and fine linens and towels……………..all things we never had when I was growing up. It was a way of life I could only dream about. And dream I did. This bedding set would be wonderful if I should be the lucky winner. It would be treasured.

  38. Bedding like this is what dreams are made of. My husband surprised me on Valentine’s Day about 15 years ago with a bedroom set. In 31 years of marriage I have never been able to afford a set of bedding to dress my bed. What a delight it would be to treasure something like this! Thank you for this opportunity.

  39. Gorgeous bedding! I love the Biltmore Estate and the Biltmore collection for its beauty. I would love to have this bedding in my own home.

  40. So very gorgeous! I would love to win this to give to my Mother as a gift. The Enchanting set are her favorite colors so she would be absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much for the chance!

  41. Hi, I would love to win The Enchanting bedding set, when I fist saw it in my email page it brought a smile to my face, I have a passion flor flowers and love the pastels colors in it, perfect for Spring-Summer time, I been wanting to buy a new se t for our master bedroom but we had other priorities. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Blanca M.

  42. I am new to this brand, but it looks beautiful! I have such a hard time finding something of quality in my style. It was such a surprise to be scrolling through and find this! Hope I win!!!

  43. I just love the Enchanting bedding set – it truly lives up to its name! I would love to win this set and freshen up our bedroom; the pops of pink against the blue make it so romantic. Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. I would like to enter the contest. The Magnolia Set is so beautiful, so southern. I have always liked magnolia flowers because they are so beautiful.

  45. Thank you, Phyllis, for the opportunity to win in this great giveaway. I really like the Enchanted magnolia set with it’s cripsy white background, sure to brighten a room.
    I think of my grandmother when she used to bring a fresh magnolia inside and put
    it in water in a nice dish and put it on the coffee table. Her house was small and
    the magnolias were so beautiful, but extremely fragrant for her little house. I live in the south and there is no tree more southern than the magnolia. It would be a perfect design for my Edwardian style bedroom set. I love flowers and lots of fru-fru.

  46. Beautiful linen like this can transform more than a room. It can sooth the senses of sight and touch and bring luxury to a humble room.

  47. What a beautiful and elegant bedding set Virginia would be in my own first home after raising six children and am now divorced and alone. It reminds me of beautiful crewel work which I so much admire. It would make my bedroom a room of great comfort and beauty. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Your magazines and journal give me great joy and I thank you very much for that and this wonderful give-away. It would be such a pleasure to win. Thank you so very much.

  48. It would be a dream come true to win the stunningly beautiful bedding. It will be the centerpiece of my master bedroom around which all other de rating decisions will be made.
    Thank you

  49. I would love to have this lovely bedding in my room. It reminds me of the beautiful trees in Alabama where I lived for a year many years ago.


  50. All of their bedding sets are absolutely beautiful. What a pleasure it would be to “make your bed” every day with any one of these sets.

  51. Visited The Biltmore several years ago and LOVED it! Didn’t realize they had a product line- All three of the patterns are gorgeous but the turquoise and beige totally speaks to me! Would give me the incentive to replace my red/gold bedding which I know is dating it’s purchase!

  52. I love the Biltmore House and Gardens. We have annual passes and go as often as we can. I have a complete bed set. It is made in China and is cheap. The tassels have fallen off to the point they are almost gone. The stiches in tne quilting on the comforter has pulled and puckers to the point I wont even put it on the bed anymore. I won’t ever purchase any other product.

  53. I adore the Biltmore! I have the Biltmore tea dishes which would be perfect on my breakfast tray resting on these scrumptious linens. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hope to be a fortunate winner!! Thank you ever so much for the opportunity.

  54. Absolutely beautiful . I would love to win the beautiful bedding. I would never be able to afford things like this but I would be so amazed to have it in my home. it would so give me a sanctuary to escape in. thanks for the opportunity to win something like this.

  55. This is a very gracious giveaway. I love the collection and learning a out the story behind the design. I have always wanted to visit the Biltmore, and winning this would be like bringing a little of it home.
    Best, Dotti

  56. Years ago my husband and I, along with our dear friend who lives in NC, spent a wonderful day at the Biltmore Estate. We spent an entire day exploring the amazing elegant chateau, gardens and a delicious lunch. I purchased a lovely plate in blue and white with a drawing of the mansion done by Blue Delft of Holland. It is displayed very proudly in my dining room hutch, a precious reminder of our amazing visit. How blessed I would feel to have a bed covered in Biltmore linens. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such an amazing gift.

  57. Was there with my best forever friend. I brought home a piece China but would love to finish off my bedroom with a touch of me bury and elegance.

  58. Thank you so much for the beautiful offer. I love love love the Biltmore and enjoy each article your magazines have featured, particularly at Christmas. All three patterns are beautiful, but I like Enchanted the best.

  59. I am contemplating a move to the South and love the Asheville area — primarily because of the proximity to Biltmore! The home is magnificent and the gardens offer almost endless beauty. I would love to have a small part of my home reflect the elegance of Biltmore.

  60. Nothing is as welcoming to either a guest or your self as an inviting bed… I would love my bed to welcome nightly! Just beautiful!

  61. I am an Architecture student and I immediately fell in love with the Biltmore house, landscape and gardens the second I entered the estate. I love how regal the Biltmore line is and how the designs mimic colors and patterns of the estate. Absolutely in love!

  62. Beautiful, elegant fabric on bedding. Beautiful collection! It would be difficult to choose a favorite! Thanks again Phyllis for introducing me to another line I was unfamiliar with!

  63. I love everything Biltmore, have been visiting the house since third grade and would love a bed set!
    My current bedding is pretty random 🙂

  64. I love the detail in the fabric and it would make my bedroom seem like a luxury and peaceful sleeping sounds so good. It would be so nice to have something new!

  65. I would love to win one of these beautiful comforter sets. Our bedroom is painted the exact color to coordinate with any of the colors shown here, and my current comforter is truly worn out. I have been looking for a timeless style and I have finally found it! Thank you for your post about the Biltmore, you have enriched my life!

  66. I love the Biltmore Estates! I am leaving next week to see the house and gardens in Springtime and view the Downton Abbey costume exhibit. The bedding is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to win! Thanks for this offer!

  67. I would to win so I could give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. She’s so special to me. She put her life aside in order to adopt me and give me the life I’d never have without her. I would love to give her something that’s as special and unique as she is!

  68. Would love to win! Just bought a new bed…first one in 30 years and need bed clothes for it…this is so awesome and peaceful!

  69. I think this gorgeous bedding would really lift my spirits. I have not redecorated my bedroom in many years.
    Thank you for the chance to win this generous giveaway!

  70. How wonderful to be reminded of a
    more elegant time in history, when
    good manners, fine linens, and lovely
    decorating provided a cherished home environment. May the winner love

  71. I would love to have the lovely Biltmore bedding! I have admired all things Biltmore for a long time. My husband grew up in Asheville which would make owning the bedding even special. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  72. I have not had new bedding since 2002. Could really use it. Also would like something new since I have started a new stage in my life being a widow and having to move to a new residence. Looking for things to make me feel beautiful. That is what this bedding would do, make me feel good in bed.

  73. I would love to win this beautiful bedding! I have really been wanting to redecorate our master bedroom and this would a wonderful start!

  74. I have purchased Biltmore Bedding for a couple of years. The detail in their work is really quite something at an affordable price, ( it is easy to switch out.) I love the new Linen.

  75. For the last month or so I’ve had this feeling come over me when I go to bed: This room needs a LIFT! I believe this would be my jumping off point. Thanks for a chance to win beautiful bedding.

  76. At the young age of 53, I am moving to start a new chapter in my life. Any one of these linen sets would be welcome. They are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  77. The Biltmore House is a place I would love to visit. The bedding is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us, what fun it would be to enjoy one of these at home.

  78. So lovely! I would so like to get my hands on the linen Sanctuary. I ask for that set as it’s linen, the texture would be a nice change from my regular cottons. Since I’m asking I suppose I could say why: we are in between homes so while our ‘linens’ remain with our house we have only borrowed ones (bless them) for where we are living for the next year before we find a new, permanent home up in the mountains of Colorado. Something southern would be such a nice way to make it feel more like home…

  79. I would love to win this because like Spring, it will renew my spirits! Not to mention really dress up my bedroom!

  80. Retired, had to downsize and on a fixed income. Very hard adjustment and would love to decorate my bedroom and make it beautiful with new bedding.

  81. Enchanting is enchanted…the Southern Magnolias are as beautiful on the bedding as in the gardens at the Biltmore House. My late husband planted a Magnolia tree for me soon after our visit to the Biltmore Estate because I feel in love with the trees. They remind me of that wonderful trip every time I look in my tree. Enchanting would remind me it also.
    Thank you for bringing us this beautiful collection.

  82. The bedding is so beautiful! It could transform a bedroom into a retreat that would bring tranquility into my home. I think all of the choices shown are so special. But I think I like Enchanted the best. Hopefully, I’ll win!!

  83. I recently saw an ad for Biltmore products. The enchanting bedding set reminds me of sunny days. Would use this set in my guest bedroom. My husband dislikes what is on the bed now.

  84. Any of these beautiful bedding sets would truly create an enchanting sanctuary! Blissful sleep! It would be a dream to win! Eileen

  85. I am planning on changing my room around and wanted new bedding and paint for my room!! Can’t afford both so I hope I can win!!

  86. I have the very first issue of Victoria and every issue since. Your magazine has gotten me through some very difficult times, including two weeks in Russia when we were adopting my daughter (then three years old). I have always adored Victoria! In fact, it’s my daughter’s middle name.

    I would love to win the “Enchanted” bedding. It is exquisite. I will be in South Carolina this summer and hope to see the Biltmore. It’s a lifelong dream.

  87. Ethan’s for the chance to win. Actually will be going to the Biltmore house on Sunday. It is beautiful there.

  88. Oh! How utterly divine it would be to have to choose among the three Biltmore bedroom linen collections. Nothing is quite as sumptuous as having an evening bath or shower and then slipping into a luxurious bed. Spoil me, please.

  89. I would love to make my bedroom look as inviting and relaxing as this Southern Style Biltmore set! The beauty of these sets makes me dream of enjoying a beautiful bedroom.

  90. Gorgeous bedding! I haven’t bought any bedding for my bedroom,…since 205 I just never really see anything that grabs me.I am repainting and flooring the room now,This would make a beautiful transition to my bedroom,my Sanctuary.
    Sanctuary is my favorite,It has a Beach look to it!

  91. I love the Biltmore as well. I adore the Sanctuary pattern. It would be so perfect in our bedroom. It would be delightful to win something. Wooohoooo.

  92. I love all three linen sets but I love Enchanting ! Thank you for the opportunity to get a bit of the Biltmore in my home !

  93. Enchanting is so soft and beautiful. I’ve been wanted to redo my bedroom for sometime. I just hadn’t seen any thing that look right for husband’s and my own taste. Sanctuary is another excellent choice I think my husband would like. Not to Frilly and yet soft in color. I wish to enter and see if my dream could come true. These are
    the beautiful choices I choose. By the way I love putting photos from The Ribbon in my Journal on Pinterest. I
    want all to see that visit my boards.

  94. Because my bedroom hasn’t been redecorated since we moved in over 20 years ago, we are finally getting to it now and the colors of Enchanting would be perfect!

  95. Oh my! the Virginia would look so lovely in my bedroom. I would so enjoy this beautiful set for sprint. I love Biltmore, it is one of my favorite place to visit. I could go every season every year and never tire of it.

  96. We have 3 children who have been playing on our bed for several years, and our current torn comforter is showing its age. The kids are big enough that the wrestling matches have mostly subsided, so a new comforter would be enjoyed by all.

  97. These are beautiful! Would love to win to have a nice makeover for our bedroom. They are all beautiful, but my choice would be Sanctuary as it so describes what our homes and bedrooms should be.

  98. I would love to win the Enchanting in a king size as we are moving back to Minnesota to be by our family. This bedding would be a beautiful, fresh new look for a new chapter in our lives.

  99. Lovely memories of the Biltmore Estate and Gardens as well as our stay at the beautiful Inn At Biltmore for out 25th anniversary come swirling into my mind at the sight of this gorgeous bedding!

  100. What beautiful bedding! Would love to have this in my home to create a more peaceful setting in which to dream the night away!!

  101. What genteel patterns! I would feel like Mrs. Vanderbilt herself if I won one of these ladylike bedding sets.

  102. Dear Phyllis, This would make my bedroom a serene and happy place – it’s rare to find bedding that does both! Also, it would be soft and comfy for my middle-aged dog, who curls up at our knees every night. These are all so beautiful it is difficult to choose. Thank you for always being inspiring! Cecilia

  103. What a wonderful giveaway! Would love to win as a remembrance both of the time we visited Biltmore and my favorite magazine!

  104. I would love to win because I really need new bedding. Having been through a divorce, loosing a son,taking care of my daughter and grand daughter and a period of unemployment everything I have is old and worn out! At 62 I am now working again and trying to rebuild my life and do some things for me for a change which is something I have never done, I have done without to give to my family. After getting repairs done on my car I plan to start on my house. Winning would be a blessing. Thank you for the chance.

  105. I love touring Biltmore and the incredible gardens. I am so hoping to make it there to see the Downton Abby costumes. The next time I do Go there I will pay special attention to the linens. One more reason I love living in South Carolina – Biltmore is drivable. Thanks for letting me enter this contest!!

  106. I am 65 and I’ve never had a comforter that fits my king size bed. I have been to the Biltmore and I was completely enchanted, something like this would be wonderful!

  107. Rene, I too, as so many people, lovingly have taken care of a family memeber. It was both wonderful to have my mom with us…. To hopefully brighten her day….. But also so hard to see her in pain! I hope you win the new bed linens as it may be your place of comfort. Whe you leave that cocoon you can put the very special and necessary smile on your face.

    Love and prayers for your strength.


  108. I just happen to be looking for new bedding in my master bedroom. I think Enchanting would be perfect! 🙂 I’ve never toured the Biltmore, but to go at Christmas is a dream of mine!
    Thank you for an opportunity to win a beautiful comforter set!

  109. All of the bedding ensembles are just lovely. I often rationalize that I will never live in the Biltmore….but I could decorate my humble home with beauty ~ just the same. Wish all your responders could win the bedding of their choice. But me first!
    Thank you!

  110. I have visited Biltmore House and stayed at the Inn on the property many times and each time is still as enchanting as the last! I would love to have one of these sets of beautiful bed linens for my home.

  111. The Enchanted pattern would look handsome in our son’s former bedroom. We haven’t seen him in over a year, but he’s coming home in June for an extended visit.
    We can’t wait, how gorgeous to have this bedding waiting on him -:-)- thank you!

  112. I absolutely LOVE the Virginia collection, and not just because I live in Virginia. I haven’t had a new bedding set for over 10 years and would love to win this set. It would look beautiful in my bedroom and add a such an elegant touch.

  113. The first photo showing the traditional floral pattern is really indicative of the pages of ‘Victoria’, to me. It is MY favorite, too!

  114. My husband has had mini-strokes. This would be a wonderful pick-me-up for me to experience when I have to have a little me time.

  115. I would love to win the beautiful bedding. My master bedroom has very old bedding and I haven’t been able to purchase anything new since I have been paying for colleges for the last 8 years!! I am not sure I would want to get our of bed with these beautiful luxury comforters.

  116. Dear Phyllis,

    I would love to have a featured set of bedding. My husband and I are currently working on redecorating our bedroom after 20 long years. We have my mother who has been in our care for over two years. We have been blessed to care for her through cancer. She is our miracle, now living almost two years after we were told she was dismissed to hospice with three weeks to live. She brings our families so much joy. The remodeling of our bedroom is for inspiration and encouragement to us through stressful, but joyful times. It would be a JOY to hear we have been picked. Thank you. I love all the media Hoffman publishes. I look forward to recieving your blog. It’s always refreshing.

  117. Although I have yet to visit the Biltmore Estate (it’s on my list!), I imagine it to be our American version of Highclere Castle – – the “real” Downton Abbey (which I have visited!)! Winning the “Virginia” bedding ensemble would certainly inspire my dreams of visiting the Biltmore House one day soon. I’m already dreaming of “Spring at Biltmore” . . . . dreams really do come true, don’t they??

  118. I love beautiful bedding! I have a very old “quilt” on it now but it must be put away, out just for show at the bottom of the bed so I will be needing new bedding. These are beautiful! I love all your posts and look forward to them daily. Thank you so much!

  119. It would be wonderful to win one of these beautiful bedding collections. I need to make a change
    since I have been recently widowed. Thank you.

  120. These are so gorgeous! I’m a teacher and so we’ve never had the money to splurge on such beautiful bedding. I would love something like this in our home!

  121. We just moved into a new home with beige walls, and I have lots of beige in my bedroom already, so it would be nice to have a comforter set in a nice pattern!

  122. Everyone Blessed to have visited or inspired by photos and writings of the Biltmore estates and products, would love to win! May the best man win! Thank you.

  123. Phyllis, you certainly know us well! You continue to remember, find and offer things that pull our heart strings. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed that I will be lucky enough to grace my new coast home master with one of these beautiful ensembles!
    Thank you,
    Pamela Jo

  124. I have never been to Biltmore but always enjoy the articles about it in Victoria magazine…especially the Christmas trees. The bedding is truly lovely…you wouldn’t need any artwork on the walls…the bedding would be the art in the room.

  125. Absolutely beautiful and elegant. My husband and I visited Biltmore several years ago, and are still making plans to return soon.

  126. Oh, please let me drift off to sleep and awake refreshed in this lovely field of flowers — the ENCHANTING pattern lives up to its name!

  127. I absolutely LOVE the Biltmore and am planning a visit in just a couple weeks as my daughter and I travel cross country back home to California from her university in Virginia! I would love to be added to your giveaway-I’m such a fan of Victoria Bliss and Cottage Home!

  128. I love Enchanting! Oh when I see Magnolias I know I am home! The south where my heart belongs. I have been gone for a long time and now I am home again! How beautiful this would be in my bedroom! Can’t you just smell them lining the walk as you come home to mama cooking? Sweet memories!! Blessings and thank you ever so kindly for the post and the give a way!!! I do so thrive on the beauty both in vision and word!

  129. What a lovely giveaway. I would have to chose Enchanting as it is so classic and southern. I have a magnolia tree outside our front door. Biltmore would be a dream place to live.

  130. Dear Phyllis, what a beautiful collection! Our first trip to the Biltmore was 40 years ago and we still reminisce about our time there! Enchanting! I’d love to win the bedding collection because we are building our retirement dream home and are furnishing a new guest bedroom, along with refreshing our own bedroom…so lots to purchase! It would be lovely to do our bedroom in Virginia! Thank you for the opportunity!

  131. My husband and I visited the Biltmore on our 25th anniversary (soon to celebrate 53rd) and I have always said I would loved to have lived back in the day and been invited to bring my trunks and stay for a month. Everything was beautiful as is the Biltmore line of bedding. My choice is Virginia. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  132. such beautiful sets, they make me think of floating in a field of flowers, lovely…I would be thrilled to win one of these….

  133. Oh My Goodness! What beautiful bedding! Enchanting is my choice, thank you Phyllis. I always appreciate the opportunity to win. Marilyn

  134. Thank you for sharing the beautiful quilts. Going to bed with fresh new elegant bedding and waking up and still in the moment of beauty would be a dream. I’m moving to the city in two months. I’ve been in extreme rural montana for 15 years. It’s time to enjoy elegance at its finest….would be a dream I’ve had for 15 years waking up in beautiful bedding in the city.

  135. Why would I want to win? Well, these are very beautiful bedding sets and I have been wanting to redo my bedroom for a long time.

  136. OH How I would love to win the Enchanting. I can only dream of luxury linen. I am redecorating my bedroom and Enchanting is the perfect one. I too can only dream of living at Biltmore!!!! I always look forward to reading your blog. Keep on posting so we can keep on being inspired!!!!!!

  137. Biltmore and these beautiful bedding selections are a representation of generations of classic Southern Beauty and Charm. Any Southern Lady would LOVE to add one of these collections to her home and I am definitely one of those ladies.

  138. Wow, do I dare even dream of owning such a beautiful, luxurious bedding ensemble? At 48, I have never even owned a whole bedding set…….please make my dreams come true!!! I have been a Victoria reader since the early ’90s, and have so loved and treasured (and saved!) each and every issue. I cannot thank you enough for providing me the opportunity to have had such a wonderful, positive magazine in my life – the issues allow me to live visually and vicariously through each meaningful, lovely page. Thank you for making my life better! Cara

  139. I am getting ready to refresh my bedroom and Enchanting would be a terrific choice!
    I have not been to Biltmore as yet but having the linens would be inspiring.

  140. Love this exquisite bedding. Since my hurricane loss several years back, I have been trying to replace certain items and make them look fresh. This would be so beautiful.!

  141. I have been a subscriber to Victoria magazine since the very first time the very first issue came out, and I got the very first issue when it was brought back and have every one since that. I was married 26 years ago, and used Victoria magazine to inspire my theme for my wedding. It was beautiful.. I have always wanted to visit the Biltmore Estate in NC, but have never had the chance.. I hope to someday get there, but in the mean time to win this bedding set would be just as wonderful and fulfilling. Thank you for such a wonderful magazine, and a great chance at a beautiful bedding set…
    Please don’t ever stop having Victoria magazine or The Cottage journal, they are both a bit of joy in a sometime weary world..

  142. Each bedding is extremely beautiful. I would so love to be able to present one to my daughter who is getting married in December 2015. We visited the biltmore when she was 5 years old. It has always been one of our most talked about trips as she enjoyed the “big house” as she referred to it then , as we did.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely gifts.

  143. Wow! Simply beautiful!!! Makes me long for the South from this mid-west home! Thank you for sharing the beauty and graciousness found in the Biltmore and the South and your magazines!

  144. We’ve been focusing on our children’s rooms so my husband and I have never even managed to paint our own bedroom in the 5 years we’ve lived in our “new” home. Beautiful new bedding would be a wonderful start, and would inspire our color scheme – although I’ll be honest, right now I can’t choose which I like best! 🙂

  145. Beautiful, beautiful bedding. Would love to have it in my home and so uplifting for Spring. Thank you for the giveaway. I hope it extends to Canada!!

  146. I love the Enchanting bedding set! It would look lovely on my new 4-poster bed!!! Thank you for your blog and this giveaway opportunity.

  147. I would love to have the beautiful bedding. The Biltmore estate is a wonderful place to visit. Love the gardens and the home.

  148. Oh, I love the cot, design, and linen fabric of Sanctuary. I would love to surprise somebody special in my life with this set, and I just might have to do that, win or not. Most of all, I love the positive effect that The Ribbon in My Journal, as well as all the Hoffman Media publications had on my life and my home.

  149. I love Enchanting and Sanctuary, but could never afford them. Would LOVE to have such luxurious bedding! Thank you.

  150. I was on your site today hoping to find some inspiration for decorating our “newest home”. Yes it sounds much more glamour than it really is. You see last August we dropped off our youngest son at college, two days later our moving van showed up to move us from Cleveland, Ohio to Chicago . We downsized and I spent the next four months trying to fit us in as well as make it feel homey. January 2nd we were transferred again. So not glamorous, I now live In Minnesota, beautiful as it is I have moved 15 times in 31 years and I so need inspirational decorating help. I have hit a brick wall. I just love The Biltmore and have visited it a couple of times, what an amazing day of eye candy. so I would also like to be entered into the bedding contest. They are all stunning and any of them would be loved in our new home. Have a wonderful day ladies!

  151. Sweet Magnolia! The fragrance, the beautiful blossoms just say SPRING to me. It is a most enchanting season as my garden comes to life. I love the Enchanted collection and your blog. Thank you for the chance to win these gorgeous linens,

  152. A most beautiful collection. I could never afford one but I love to dream . I think I would choose the ” Enchanted ” ensemble. I raised two wonderful boys but I think the flowery one suits me. I’m from upstate New York,Buffalo as a matter of fact. It seems so summery and sweet. Just love it.

    1. I am from viriginia and my room is blue so my choice is virigina. But any one of them would be wonderful to have.
      I have had the pleasure of seeing the Biltmore house and words cannot explain it. You have to see this wonderful and beautiful house to beleive it with your own eyes!

  153. Love them all- but since I am going through a Divorce & exhausted so I think SANCTUARY would feel so calming.–Love reading in all of my Victoria magazines & Books & Special Classic issues-Victoria has been a huge part of my life.-So very thankful for it all.–xo

  154. How perfectly lovely! It’s wonderful to see gracious living is still admired and treasured. A little piece of Biltmore of our own. I shall keep my fingers crossed! Thank you for offering such a lovely gift to your readers.

  155. Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful bedding collection. We visited Biltmore last Christmas and it was a wonderful trip and such a historic home to tour. Enchanting is my favorite. Thanks for all your wonderful publications.

  156. Spring fever has hit and I am ready for a Master Bedroom re-do. Love the “Virginia” Biltmore collection. Thank you!

  157. Imagine walking into the guest suite to see Enchanting as the highlight of the room! The traditional tree of the south, the magnolia, with the sweet fragrance of the blossoms wafting through the air and the velvety backed leaves spread across my grandmother’s one hundred year old bed from rural Indiana. She would never have imagined how beautiful it would have looked in such luxurious linens!

  158. Oh Phyllis….everytime you post a giveway I think “ooooh….I hope I win THIS one”. Once again you have outdone yourself with your elegant gifts. The bedding choices are all so beautiful, although “Enchanting” would be my choice as it simply is….enchanting! And to be connected to the Biltmore name just makes it all the more elegant. Good luck to all! Thank you Phyllis!

  159. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Biltmore Estate, but always love the pictures I see of the historic home with its beautiful furnishings. Enchanting would be a lovely addition to any bedroom.

  160. Sanctuary is just lovely-I’m thinking of redecorating my bedroom and these colors would be absolutely gorgeous.

  161. Have been a Southern Lady and Celebration subscriber since the magazines started! Love the Biltmore fabrics , especially Enchanting. Your magazine layouts are always gorgeous, the recipes I’ve made have turned out wonderfully- I even look forward to see which products you have chosen to advertise knowing they would be something that I’m interested in purchasing. I hope your franchise continues for years to come. I collect the magazines and bring out each season to pour over on lazy afternoons. Thanks for all you do!

  162. Oh my how beautify they all are but my favorite is virginia. Nostalgia carries me back to virginia where my daughters and I have spent many glorious days visiting with my special friend there. She is the epitome of southern graciousness and should I win I would think of her every time I made my bed in addition to the beauty of biltmore and it’s beautiful grounds. Fingers crossed.

  163. Every one of these are beautiful! I used to live in Asheville, NC and have visited the Biltmore Estate several times. These really capture the feeling. Thank you for the chance to win.

  164. Even my husband has commented that we need new bedding. Love the Sanctuary group!
    Would love any of these. Enjoy your blog so much.

  165. I would love to win the “Enchanting” bedding although all of it is lovely. I just love magnolia trees with their beautiful blossoms. Although I live in the north I do have a tree with gorgeous yellow blossoms and my bedroom overlooks this tree – having the bedding would complete my room.

  166. Getting ready the remodel our master bedroom. A huge DIY project from total demo to all new walls, woodwork, windows and ceiling, the works! These linens would be a nice reward for a lot of hard work.

  167. We are relocating to a new home in Fl & have been looking for new bedding. Our home in FL will still be traditional, not going for the FL/beach look. We also have a collection of Teresa Pennington prints of the Biltmore House in all 4 seasons & the 3 interiors Teresa did for the for Centennial Celebration. This bedding would be a beautiful addition to our new home along with the prints we will continue to use in our home. Good Luck to all!

  168. All of the “Biltmore” Linens are just lovely. I think I like the Enchanting pattern best. Thank you for hosting this contest. I always your articles.

  169. I love the Virginia pattern. It would be perfect for our bedroom with the colors we use. I am a southern girl and love Magnolia trees also.

  170. Just turned my bedding around to try to get a little more use out of it…..would love to replace it with one of these! They are so beautiful. Biltmore design is one of my favorites.

  171. To tour the Biltmore Estate one day is on my list of “to do’s”. I love all of the bedding collections but my favorite is “Enchanting” just because of the sweet story behind it. I love it.

  172. We have some towels from the Biltmore at Home Collection, but do not have any of their bedding. We live at the beach, and the colors in both the Virginia and Sanctuary are perfect! And today is my birthday!!

  173. We planted a Magnolia tree many years ago in honor of the birth of our first daughter . That was 34 years ago … we have since moved,our dear daughter has grown and married. Sadly , we have never had the good fortune for another Magnolia tree to survive in our yard . How lovely to have “Enchanting” in our bedroom.

  174. I just love the Sanctuary pattern! My husband and I are about to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary and our bedding is seriously overdue for a romantic update. This would look beautiful in our room which catches the early morning sun!

  175. oh my, such beautiful bedding, what a difficult choice to make, but if I am the lucky one, Virginia has lovely colors. Thank you

  176. We just adopted another child and the kids get everything and I am stuck with the mismatched leftovers 🙁

  177. These are all lovely bed linens, however, my favorite is “Enchanting”–the magnolias are lovely flowers, one of my favorite spring flowering trees. The colors in the design would blend with the colors in my bedroom.

  178. I love the stories that define this beautiful bedding. I am fortunate to live in this wonderful town and I would love any of these.

  179. I love the name of the ensemble “Enchanting”. It mentions magnolias which bring back enchanting memories for me. When I was a child my grandparents had a large magnolia tree in their back yard and we would have family gatherings under it. And when I say gatherings I mean large numbers of family. They had 10 children, with spouses and children, and whenever possible everyone would try to come home and have dinner and then meander to the back yard for treats and stories. We used it’s shade in the hot Georgia afternoons to cool off and eat watermelon or boiled peanuts. Later on in late summer we ate grapes from my grandfather’s vineyard under it. We shared so many wonderful stories of our family and everyone would get caught up with what was going on. We shared recipes and my grandfather would share his grape jelly that he made. And once in a while we would perform first aid under that tree when a child was stung by a bee or we got a scraped knee from chasing each other. When I purchased the home I live in now the biggest selling point for me was that it has a magnolia tree in the front yard. I can still hear the laughter and feel the love that was shared under a tree very similar to it. I would love to have the bedding to continue that love inside my home as well.

  180. We would love to win the bedding. The Biltmore is my favorite place to visit. Your post are always welcome in my mailbox.

  181. I love the Enchanting bedding because it is beautiful and serene. It encapsulates everything I have ever loved about Victoria magazine.

  182. The Biltmore at Home bedding is beautiful and I would love to win. I did post the message on my Facebook page and I’m sure my interior decorating friends will love reading about the collection. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to be the winner.
    Thank you…Angie Ryan

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