Black & White Party - The Ribbon In My Journal

Black & White Party

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In the South, we love to host parties. A party is so much fun, and we can always find a reason to celebrate! There are many ways to approach planning such a celebration and deciding on food, decorations, etc. Selecting a theme makes this process easier and allows the elements of the party to be more cohesive. One unique way to theme an event is to use a color scheme as your theme. For example, here are some pictures of a lovely black & white party. A black and white color scheme allows you to use basic pieces that you already have. This is a simple way to create an elegant evening.

Black & White Party - The Ribbon In My Journal

This home already had a black and white checked floor, which tied perfectly into the party and set the theme right from the entrance. The table was a picture of excellence and was put together with basic pieces that the hostess already owned. Simple white china is even given a new look when paired with black chargers and linens.

Black & White Party - The Ribbon In My Journal

Let the color-based theme of the event extend to the menu also. This allows you to get creative in new ways and create a table with a unique aesthetic from the décor to the food.

Black & White Party - The Ribbon In My Journal

Hopefully seeing these classic colors used in a new way inspires you. Next time you are looking to host an event, consider a theme based around color. Whether it’s black and white or a brighter palette, this approach will help your next party look like a true masterpiece of color.

What is your favorite color scheme?

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  1. This is absolutely lovely but the hostess or the floral designer really dropped the ball on this one. How in heaven are people to have a conversation with those around them? The floral arrangements are FAR too high. There is a way to measure and everyone associated with this photo shoot forgot all about it. Truthfully, my favorite part of the entire thing is the floor. All my life I’ve wanted one of those black and white floors like that. I hope one day, in my 200+ year old home (despite it not being period correct) to have one. I just have to figure out where. I do also love black and white and this could be changed in just small ways for a multitude of different functions. But….don’t forget to do better with the flowers.

  2. I love black and white as well. My China is white with black trim, and I have several colors of chargers that I use to change the mood for the evening. I have used fuchsia with the black and white, and at other times I have mixed in accents of teal. My husband and I love theme parties and are hosting a “Taste of Sicily” party next week. Thanks, Phyllis, for all the wonderful ideas. I always feel like I’ve met a soul mate when I read and enjoy your journal.

  3. Phyllis,

    What a beautiful table! The black and white theme is so elegant and the flowers complete the tablescape perfectly.

    My favorite colors actually coordinate with the season. For example, my current setting is for fall and the colors are forest green, golden yellow and bright orange. Christmas, of course is red, white and gold.

    The seasons determine my decor!

    Edwina Cowgill

  4. The Black and White table is safely looking befitting the beauty of the home. Thank you for your ideas about both grand and less formal settings. You give us so many stimulating ideas.

    My favorite table colors are keyed to my Lennox Pine China with its delicate pine needled branches. The china has a cream background with a gold rim. Pale green and warm yellow cloths with matching napkins or lace edged cream napkins with Petit Point Ivy tendrils, and/or small, short needle pine branches complete the table. Bronze mum also look festive.

    Loose coils of ribbon in contrasting color are one of my favorite things to add to a table. Red or dark wine ribbons at Christmas go with everything and really liven the table, reflecting some of the darker edges of delicate ivy leaves or holly. Low centerpieces and embellishments are best for my garden home setting, so ivy and pretty coils of ribbon are ideal with any fresh greenery of the season. Brass napkin rings add a bit of glow.

  5. What a gorgeous home to host a party in, Phyllis! I love to have a theme for parties, even for a family birthday dinner. It livens things up, and creates a mood. Even if the color or theme is just carried out in paper straws and linen napkins, a little printed name card, or small candy favor, it makes your event and table look like you planned, and truly cared a lot about your guests and making them feel special.

  6. That photo with the harlequin floor and the piano in the foreground is just gorgeous.
    My husband adores blue, so we tend to do a lot of blue and white. As for themes, we have taken up the banner from friends who moved and now host a Santa Lucia party around Dec. 13. It isn’t French but Scandinavian, the festival of light. Lots of candles.

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