A Heavenly Blue And White Home - Southern Style Spring 2017

A Heavenly Blue And White Home

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Blue and white runs in my veins! I love anything blue and white. I wanted to share with you a story that was published in the Spring 2017 Southern Style. It makes me smile just looking at the photos of this blue and white home.

I share my love of blue and white with the owner and designer of this this small-town cottage. The focal point of the home is its color scheme. The homeowner’s connection to the color blue began when she received a few heirloom pieces of her grandmother’s antique flow blue china. Through the years she has continued to collect similar blue and white pieces

A Heavenly Blue And White Home - Southern Style Spring 2017

From the first to the sixth house she has built with her husband, the homeowner has always had blue in her home. Like me, she says the color just makes her feel good! So in every home they have had, she starts designing with the color blue and what they liked most about the previous home as inspiration. From there she used fabrics to help her stay on a color scheme and mix textures.

A Heavenly Blue And White Home - Southern Style Spring 2017

Their current home is a south Alabama retreat filled with inspirations of the Mobile Bay. Blue is incorporated into their main living area in a range of bold accents with pillows, window treatments, chairs and rugs. The larger pieces of furniture are outfitted in solids. By expertly layering with traditional ginghams, fun animal prints, classic china patterns, and contemporary motifs, the blue flows throughout the house effortlessly. The tranquility of the blue-based palette brings a sense of comfort and rest!

What color did you use to decorate your home?

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  1. I wish my mom were living so that I could share this with her. She absolutely loved decorating with blue and white. The home she left my sibbling and I is so pretty.

  2. I have a big crush on blue and white this year. I love your blue and white floral teapot, it is one of my favorite things ( wink). I think blue can be both warm or cool which allows you to decorate all year long with classic pieces. xo

  3. Blue and white is my favorite color combination. It has been since I was a child. I love mixing dishware and china that is blue and white from Spode, the classic Blue willow, Johnson Bros. and many other blue and white pieces. My kitchen is blue, white and yellow. All other rooms are blue and white with the exception of the bathroom which is tearose and white. Most of my clothes are blue! My favorite issue of Victoria is the annual Blue and White issue. Please don’t ever stop it! I have years of it saved.

  4. Dear Phyllis,
    This ribbon really touched my heart – our living room has ice blue walls, light teal curtains, and blue sofa and recliner, and is our favorite “place of peace” to relax and rest. We enjoy several quarter-sawn oak family pieces of furniture, and accent colors of hunter green are drawn from the stained glass piece on our mantel over our fireplace that shows a cabin in the woods by a lake — it was created almost 30 years ago to replicate the stained glass piece in my grandparents’ dining room and brings many special memories to mind.
    Thank you for always reminding us of the good and gentle in life! :o)
    Blessings to you,

  5. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! To me, blue can be that ‘neutral’ color that flows with other neutrals, such as white, tan, and grey. Different shades of blue are scattered throughout our home!

  6. Then we must be related, Phyllis, since blue and white runs through my veins…and all through the house, including the clothes in my closet!One exception is my little sitting room upstairs which is mostly white with pink accents. I love the calming affect with blue and white. I can also add seasonal colours to it with some cushions etc. and it works perfectly…yellows in springtime, oranges in fall and of course, red at Christmas time.

  7. It’s lovely. There’s color but it isn’t COLOR. It’s subtle, not screaming or overpowering.
    Our house is mostly a creamy white, with blue accents (husband’s favorite color), but the oriental rugs have quite a bit of red as well.

  8. My entire house is blue and white, and I’ve been collecting and decorating with same for over fifty years! It’s so gratifying to know that I’m now right in style! Fortunately, I have a husband who doesnt mind the decor, and I’ve even trained him to look for things that would “go” in our home. I love your website and look forward to every post.

  9. Awwwww, love the blue and white! So clean and beautiful.

    My guest room is those colors. And in the summer I bring them into the sitting room….

    Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  10. There is something so fresh & clean about decorating with blue & white. I also love wearing this combination. When you add a touch of yellow, it’s like having a sunny day even when it’s cloudy.

  11. My love of blue and white also started with flow blue. It was brought over from Germany by my mother in law’s grandmother. What an honor that she cared enought about me, a Southern lady, to give me those treasures she had loved and was passing them on to the next generation. There was a story that came with most pieces. I use them through out my home. I used yellow walls in the living and dining with coral back ground curtains that featured birds and flowers. Pink French chairs and sofa with pink, yellow, green soft strips. I used a soft red toile wallpaper in the kitchen and breakfast room with buffalo plaid curtains and chair seats. All the bedrooms have names. The French room is in green toile, the blue room in white and blue and the yellow room with soft yellow walls and balloons curtains. The master suite in white with pink accents. I have some blue pieces in every room whether in the textiles or China. Thank you for sharing your love of blue and white.

  12. What a beautiful home. What I love most about it {of course} is that this homeowner collects blue and white, because she inherited some flow blue from her grandmother. Many of my antique clients begin collections of blue & white for just that same reason. Love this home, filled with personality!

    In our own home, I use mostly neutrals as a backdrop for my love of red. But because it’s a neutral canvas, I can change things up with new antiques, and different color accents. My accents for this January are chartreuse green, antique Fern prints and real bright green plants. Thank you for sharing this beauty, it’s always a happy day when Southern Style arrives !

  13. I do love blue and white and have a spare room for guests that we call “the blue room.” But my love for red and white is a bit stronger and so I decorate mostly in red with sage green and some yellow. 🙂

  14. I love, love, adore blue and white decor. If I’m remembering correctly, there used to be a “blue & white” issue of Victoria. My sister collected those and shared them. My husband and I are fulltime RVers, so our decor (at least for now) centers around the very neutral browns and tans. I use lots of pops of color to brighten it up, but the white and blue look is tough to accomplish, no matter how badly I want to do so! 🙂

    1. Hi Denise, You remember correctly! Those blue and white issues are some of my favorite issues and I have a copy of every issue ever printed! Sharon

  15. My colors depend on the room. I prefer mostly white in the bathroom with blue, sand and brown accents, very beachy and spa like. My living room/dining room includes taupe, green, deep brown, and some accents of red. For the kitchen I favor soft yellow with silver and green accents. When we finally remodel the bedroom it will be a very soft violet with cream, silver, and deep brown accents.

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