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Meeting well-loved artist Bob Timberlake was a highlight in my career. It was several years ago when our company had a needlework division and we had a license agreement with Bob Timberlake to do his artwork in counted cross-stitch. Barbara Cockerham and I met Bob at the local barbecue place where he frequented and had a delightful visit with him.

Following our wonderful lunch, we went to his gallery and marveled to see his magnificent antiques collection that is the subject of many of his paintings. He showed us furniture pieces from his line, and I was in awe of the beautiful Bob Timberlake furniture.

I will never forget his wonderful collection of quilts, drums, and wonderful American artifacts. He is truly an American Hero and captures grassroots America in his work.

Studio_Back Door_105

United States presidents and HRH Prince Charles have honored him, and his awards are too numerous to list, but a visit to his website will give you the most interesting information about him.

His grandfather founded Piedmont Furniture in 1913, and with Bob’s continued presence in the furniture market, the Timberlake family can boast over 100 years in the furniture business.


Bob Timberlake is one of my heroes, and it thrilled me when we featured him in The Cottage Journal magazine not long ago. He has kept the spirit of America alive in his art, his words, his designs, and the way he teaches all of us.

He has generously offered a beautiful piece of artwork, called Wildwoods, that is being released this spring, to be given to a lucky winner.

Wildwoods by Bob Timberlake

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Comments 125

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  2. I have a dinning room full of BT furniture and a master bedroom full of BT furniture. Have had it for 20 years and it looks as good today as when I got it. I have three paintings as well. BT makes a house feel like a home!!! Love his art work.

  3. Bob Timberlake is not only a great artist but a great man. He has been overly generous in sending his Christmas cards (some signed) over the years. One wall in our home is devoted to these cards.

  4. We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Timberlake a few months ago at his gallery. He is such a nice man! We purchased a couple of his small prints which he gladly signed for us. We will be moving to a new home and would love to add to our collection to help decorate our new home. Not only do we love his artwork, my husband loves his clothing line!

  5. I love the tiny forget-me-nots, and each little detail so beautifully captured. I can almost see a wood sprite dancing in the underbrush. Simply lovely!

  6. A beautiful depiction of the intricate details of nature! It reminds me of childhood walks in the woods with my Dad, and stopping to chat beneath a giant old oak tree.

  7. I have always loved Mr. Timberlake’s furniture line and his artwork is so beautiful. What a talented gentleman!
    I would love to own something that inspired his beautiful creative art. His work takes me back to simpler times and quieter days. Love, love, love!

  8. I have a beautiful quilt of Bob’s hanging in my beach house…it is of an old boat…. brings peace to me every time I look at it.

  9. I have always loved the great outdoors and art that represents it. This print is just lovely! plus, he has a fabulous name for this kind of art! xox, sandy

  10. Wildwoods reminds me of my love of nature and the woods of Pennsylvania. I would love to hang it in my home.

  11. What a wonderful piece of artwork! It relaxes one to gaze upon it. Thank you for sharing his work.

  12. To me, this piece of art represents roots and beginnings. Being a military brat, I never had the feeling of roots. I married a man born and raised in Alabama and transplanted myself here to raise our children. Alabama is home for them; their roots. After the children left to begin their lives and families, my husband built a beautiful log home for us…a new beginning for the rest of our life. It represents our roots here in Alabama. Bob Timberlake’s art would be right at home in our home and every time I looked at it, I would think about roots and beginnings.

  13. I Love anything Bob Timberlake. His paintings, his furniture pieces, etc. He is a wonderful artist in every sense of the word. I have loved and admired him for years. I live in South Carolina, but many of his paintings reflect both the Carolinas so well. I would love this painting and it would be lovely in my home. Thank you for featuring him in your magazines and for bringing this opportunity to us. He is a lovely and talented person.

  14. I would be honored to have a piece of art by Bob Timberlake to display in my home! He is an American hero.

  15. My very rustic little cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York could benefit from having a great piece of artwork! No indoor plumbing and not insulated for Winter, but the peace, beauty and unspoiled land make this place a true retreat! Especially like that the simpler days of yesteryear speak through his work!

  16. I was introduced to him on this site. I fell in love with his work. His attention to details enthralls me. I would love to hang his beautiful expression of his love of nature to inspire others to become great caretakers of the earth for future prodigy!

  17. This lovely Bob Timberlake piece would work beautifully with the rustic ironwork wording plaque that a friend gave me recently. It reads “every birdie welcome”! How appropriate!

  18. What a wonderful fresh painting to celebrate summer. I have a watercolor of a spring house all nestled in a grove of green trees and ferns. What a nice companion this print would be. I am wishing. Nancy

  19. His paintings are like a line from one of. John Demver’s songs~ going home to a place you’ve never been before.

  20. I love beautiful artistic pieces of art. After spring cleaning our family room this week, I decided it could use a new art piece to hang on the wall. Bob Timberlake’s lovely picture would be a perfect piece to cherish with my husband’s hand made cabinets-thank you!

  21. as I sit by my husband’s bedsideb in intensive care, BT’S picture gives me comfort and reminds of this Spring which I hope we can share together soon. I have never seen his artwork before but it is beautiful and imaginative.

  22. What an amazing piece of artwork. I just adore anything earthy and would love to own this piece. Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. I am decorating my mountain home in Glenville NC and it would be an honor to have Bob Timberlake’s art work on my wall. Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway.

  24. When visiting my grandson and sitting on his bed each piece of furniture in his room is from Bob Timberlake’s retired collection of home furniture is like a visit to a museum. The painting would sure be a wonderful addition in the family room which also features a retired piece of Bobs collection. Such a talented man Bob is.

  25. I’ve loved the work of Bob Timberlake for at least twenty years. My house is full of BT furniture, lamps, books, and art. I would love to add this piece to my collection!

  26. I have loved Bob Timberlake furniture, small wares and artwork for years. The artwork is beautiful! Thanks for
    the beautiful article and hosting the contest.

  27. Bob Timberlake is truly blessed, as we also our to share in his love for America. His artwork and designs take me away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Truly relaxing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Loved the article in the Cottage Journal! I have loved his artwork and furniture for years, but your article brought Mr. Timberlake to life; thank you for that.

  29. I love his work and have done so for many years. His pictures make me wish I could magic myself into one of them!!

  30. What a splendid painting of springtime beauty! I would love to win this gorgeous work of art! Thank you for offering this giveaway, Phyllis!

  31. I would love to win a Bob Timberlake art work. It would be an honor to have one of his art works.

  32. I have always loved his art work, and especially his furniture. Would love to have this in my home.

  33. I feel Mr. Timberlake understands the real spirit of America’s past. He recognizes our need for quality reproductions which touch our hearts by bringing back so many memories.

  34. Loved the article in Cottage Journal, actually read it when received and then went back and read it again a couple of months ago. You are correct, he is a true American, keeping the spirit of our forefathers and mothers alive through his art.

  35. Bob Tomberlake is one of my heroes too. He really does capture what the American spirit is all about be it in the country or city. Thank you again Phyllis for offering all of us a chance to win a very special prize.

  36. Living just across the majestic Smoky Mountains in TN , I appreciate much of what Timberlake paints and and designs. I have never heard of his building birdhouses, but if he does I would be honored to have one. I have inside and outside birdhouses….about a dozen. Birds use some for raising families and some are just for looks. I would love to have anything he designed. I gave one of his paintings for a wedding present a few years ago. Keeping my fingers crossed……….!

  37. This would make a beautiful for my husband & me. We just celebrated our 56th anniversary two days ago.mwe love to watch the birds in our yard. This is the second year that we have doves nesting on our pergola.

  38. Being in the winter of our lives, my husband and I (We will celebrate fifty years of marriage this June!) travel only to see our GRANDS in N.C, so our backyard and swing have become our little piece of heaven.
    He has transformed the concrete pad from an old utility shed into what he called a flat ,but I renamed Our Flatio, and has made flower beds surrounding it and has our swing and two chairs for visitors sitting on it.
    How wonderful it would be to add a Bob Timberlake gift to our paradise!

  39. I would love to win the Bob Timberlake artwork. I have long admired his work and enjoy viewing a piece that is in a friend’s home, and would love to own a piece for my home.

  40. I just love Bob Timberrlake’s work. His pieyes speak to a part of my spirit that connects me to times past. Hopefully with people like Bob producing the work he does, we will continue to see these beautiful items for many years to come. I’m hoping to be the lucky winner of this piece!

  41. Bob Timberlake is a true craftsman and I would be honored to own a piece of his art work. Thanks for a great giveaway. Love the birdhouses!

  42. I would be thrilled to own a piece of his artwork; have loved his art and furniture designs for years.

  43. I have always loved the work of Bob Timberlake. It would be a wonderful Mother’s Day to win the “Wildwoods” print. Beautiful picture. Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. D Watson

  44. The “wildwoods” piece is just beautiful!! I am a true “tree hugger” and would love to have this piece hanging in my home. Thank you for this opportunity and sharing your talent!!!!

  45. I love Bob Timberlake’s work. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a documentary of his life and work a while back. The interview was wonderful. Getting to tour his studio with Bob as the tour guide was great. I am honored to reside in the same state he calls home. America needs more artists and craftsmen like him to help keep true Americana alive in hearts of future generations. I admire this great American and am honored to be able to enter for a chance to win. Thank for the opportunity, Phyllis.

  46. What beautiful art work! I love birdhouses and live in a small country town. One of his houses would be wonderful in my yard. I love your blog and eagerly await it’s appearance!

  47. Thank you for introducing me to Bob Timberlake and his work. I visited his website and saw the artwork that is being given away. Oh, what a beautiful painting!! I just added another destination to my bucket list – his gallery in NC. Also, love the pic of the birdhouses. I’ve started a collection of old birdhouses and attached them to our back fence – have been pleased to see that they are being “rented” by the birds.

    As a side note, my older son is now making fine furniture. He took an early retirement as an electronics engineer to attend a Fine Woodworking course in Ft. Bragg, CA. There’s a lot of satisfaction to be had in working with your hands.

  48. Mr. Timberlake shows the real America in his artwork. His art draws you in and you can imagine yourself there. Thank you for an amazing giveaway.

  49. I am a big fan of Bob’s works. I have one of his beautiful chests that holds a prominent place in my living room. I would love a piece of his art!!

  50. Have been a fan of his rustic style for years! Just bought your latest Cottage Journal….what an inspiration all of your “people” are!

  51. I posted a PIN but didn’t see how to write a comment. I’ve been a fan of everything Bob Timberlake for as long as I can remember. Owning something, anything, he created would be a dream. He is quintessential American style.

  52. I love Bob Timberlake’s work! Have visited his museum on several occasions and am always in awe of his work. Love his antiques, as well. Would love to win this artwork by Mr. Timberlake!

  53. It looks so beautiful! I have a little bungalow that I am trying to settle in to , and, finally, decorate after 28 years of traveling around as an Army wife! I need all the ideas I can get!!!

  54. I love his furniture and his art work. Been a big fan of his for years. .what a great treat to the person that wins this.

  55. Phyllis
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and appreciation of this American hero. I am a huge fan of Bob Timberlake, his family and his home town of Lexington, North Carolina. My husband and I bought two acres in Lexington and are planning to begin construction on a new home there. As a matter of fact it was Bob’s son Dan that gave me the name of our builder. If the BBQ restaurant that you went to was Whitley’s I am sad to say they have closed, but I highly recommend Lexington BBQ off US 29. Bob’s newest book Life’s Lessons is wonderful and has joined many other North Carolina books I’ve acquired since making the decision to call North Carolina our soon to be home. I believe Wildwoods would be a beautiful start to my future Bob Timberlake collection in my Lexington, North Carolina home and don’t you think it belongs in Davidson County. Thank you for your wonderful blog and sharing your life with us.

  56. I love Bob Timberlake’s artwork and furniture, which is an art unto itself! I would love to have one of his paintings!

  57. Love the casual elegance of the Timberlake furniture collection! Looking forward to seeing the new artwork release.

  58. Since seeing his art and furniture many years ago, I’ve thought his ideas combine both history of settling this country and sturdy grace. He is fine American artist and anything he makes should be cherished.

    1. Such a wonderful craftsman and artist. Admire his work. Love the Birdhouses. I have a collection and would so love to have one.

  59. I love everything he does. I would treasure a piece of his artwork and I live in the woods so that makes it even more special.

  60. I’d love to win a work of art by Bob Timberlake! I’m an artist myself, and I really appreciate Mr. Timberlake’s skill and “heart” displayed in everything he puts his hand to.

  61. Bob Timberlake is truly one of my Ametican heroes. Not only am I am blessed to have several of his cherry display pieces in my den and a dining room designed around his line, but what a treat it was to visit his gallery and feel so much at home. What a history to learn that his love of the furniture manufacturing industry came from his grandfather! When Bob Timberlake sold his furniture line and learned it was going to be made in China, he fought and kept the manufacture of the line in the United States. What an honor it would be to hang one of his treasured art pieces in my home, that of a true Ametican hero!

  62. I have always admired Bob Timberlake —- whether it be his art, furniture design and especially his lifestyle and philosophies. I was so delighted when he was featured in Cottage Journal. To own a piece of his art, well, that would just be a joy!
    Barbara W.

  63. Mr Timberlake captures Americana with such beautiful, precise detail. Our family of artists would be so honored to display a Timberlake treasure in our home.

  64. What an interesting man – what a gift he is! Thank you for introducing him to me – I look forward to perusing Bob Timberlake’s website and appreciating how inspiring his work is.

  65. What incredible works of art. I would truly love a piece of true Americana from this brilliant artist.

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