Bold and Elegant Tea China

Bold and Elegant Tea China

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I very much enjoy a good cup of tea, and I especially enjoy a beautiful set of Tea China to accompany the occasion. My attention was quickly drawn to the elegant Royal Albert Lady Hamilton china pattern, while flipping through the pages of TeaTime magazine’s January February issue. Truly, any way this tea set is styled, the bold and elegant china pattern will be the star of the table. The TeaTime stylists flawlessly arranged this tea set in three table settings, one to fit any Tea worthy occasion.

Introducing Lady Hamilton:

Emma, or Lady Hamilton, was a notorious figure in 18th-century England, and her namesake pattern from Royal Albert, Lady Hamilton, introduced in 1939, reflects the elegant style of this bold adventuress. Famous both as the mistress of Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, and the artistic muse of English painter George Romney, Lady Hamilton influenced fashion in dress, home décor, and even dinner party menus in England during the Regency period.

Traditional Table Setting: In the featured image above, the Lady Hamilton china pattern is set as a very traditional table with elegant lines and bold colors. The classic shape of the teapot and the pretty sugar and creamer make beautiful additions to any tea table.

Bold and Elegant Tea China

Formal Table Setting: For a formal occasion, layer a Lady Hamilton salad plate on top of a dinner plate accented with a wide gold rim; the gold rim serves as the perfect backdrop for the Lady Hamilton pattern. Gold accents such as a vase filled with red roses and gold flatware add to the drama.

Bold and Elegant Tea China

Casual Table Setting: Pairing the Lady Hamilton china pattern with a simple basket-weave dinner plate, emphasizes the country elegance of this classic English design. Linen place mats and striped napkins enhance the rustic charm.


Which table setting do you like the most?

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  1. My favorite is the casual, makes me think of a Valentines Day tea with friends. But the other settings are equally lovely.

  2. Lady Hamilton is lovely and elegant. Any table would be graced with this set. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative post. All your posts are terrific and enjoyable. Wishing you and yours a blessed,happy and healthy 2017.

  3. Thank You for the information and history of Lady Hamilton tea-china.
    Marion,Joan and Marilyn

  4. I received my mother’s Lady Hamilton silverplate after she died. It was made and sold during the 1930’s. I loved it so much that I set abut getting 12 piece place settings plus serving pieces for both my sisters. Ebay did a splendid job in helping me and eventually UPS delivered a big box to them. There were tears but much happiness.

  5. I agree with Lidy, how can one chose only one? Must admit that how nicely the striped napkin harmonizes with the china pattern was a total surprise! I always enjoy those unexpected pairings.

  6. I do like that tray under the sugar & creamer. But, my favorite touch are those ‘hearts’ around the plate’s decorative rim. I love the formal setting; the gold is a perfect accent.

  7. Lady Hamilton is such a lovely, elegant pattern, anytime I’ve had pieces for sale they were snapped up by collectors immediately! It’s a perfect pattern any way you style it, classic, contemporary, formal or casual. Sorry, I can’t choose just one look.

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