Cantaloupe & Ice Cream — An Easy Summer Treat

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When I was a child we would take summer trips to my grandparents’ farm. They always had glorious vegetable and fruit gardens, and one of my favorite things was the fresh cantaloupe. Back then, in the golden days, cantaloupe was seasonal and not available year-round as it is today. So the summer harvest of melons was a great time for treats.

One of our favorite desserts was a cantaloupe with vanilla ice cream in the center. Mom would serve that during the summer, and it was always a welcomed finale to dinner. It is simple to fix and will garner great reviews from your family and friends.

I hope you enjoy this summer treat! All you’ll need to recreate it is cantaloupe and ice cream. How simple is that?

Do you have a favorite childhood treat that you still make each summer?



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Comments 34

  1. I too have fond memories of “my dads favorite summer desert”. Always special when those ” home grown melons” became available. My dad had a special name for the desert which for the life of me I cannot remember. I seem to recall it had a somewhat exotic nature to it like one might see on the menu of a fancy restaurant. Have not seen it referenced in any of the other comments. Ring a bell with anyone??

  2. Phyllis, I love seeing you and hearing your voice in these videos. Here in California, we enjoy cantaloupe often for dessert. I have never tried it with ice cream, but it looks delicious, and I know this will be a hit with my family, thank you for sharing this simple delicious dessert.

  3. After reading this post, I tried cantelope with vanilla ice cream and it was a great combination. I also sprinkled a small amount of cinnamon on the ice cream as one of the posts suggested. I had never tried this combination before and will certainly do it again. Thank you.

  4. I will have to try the canteloupe and vanilla ice cream. What I also like iscanteloupe and
    blueberries. Cut the canteloupe up in bite sized pieces and mix with fresh blueberries in
    a bowl. Chill and serve. Pretty together and delicious.

  5. Brings back sweet memories of my Dad who loved his cantalope and vanilla ice cream treat, thank you for posting this ultra easy desert idea, I didn’t know so many of us have fond memories of this treat and especially with our Dads.

  6. This also was a treat in the West growing up. Growing up in an agricultural center in the desert in AZ, we had all the cantaloupes we could eat free….the ones that were too ripe to ship. Miss those days

  7. Summer treats ?
    Fresh watermelon and fresh tomatoes – coming from the farm and NOT a grocery store !
    I had long forgotten about the cantaloupe and vanilla icecream combination …
    I recall so vividly that this was a favorite dessert of my Dad ‘s . My Dad passed away at the age of 54 in 1981. Reading your post, I am reminded of my Dad when he was young ,healthy and smiling as he savored his ultimate summertime treat . What a gift you have given me today .
    Thank you dear Phyllis !

  8. One of my favorite summer treats, before I became allergic to strawberries, was a big bowl of strawberries and bananas with just a little sugar to draw out the juices from the fruit. I miss being able to have this treat, but maybe some of your readers or you might enjoy it.

  9. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. In August, this was my dad’s favorite treat; home grown melons and homemade vanilla ice cream on Sunday’s. That was the one day we could skim the cream from the cooler ….. Delicious ! Thanks for the memory.

  10. Years ago several of us went to a friend’s farm. I remember bouncing along in the back of a wagon, & getting motion sickness, but the main thing I remember was his mother made Cantaloupe Ice cream. Sure would like some now, but have no idea how she made it.

    Also, around Easter this year your sweet mother brought in a beautiful basket of hand painted eggs for me. There were at least 18 in the basket and I will cherish them forever. You have such precious parents.

    1. Dorothy, Have you ever heard of cantaloupe milk shakes? Just blend vanilla ice cream with fresh cantaloupe–probably tastes somewhat like your cantaloupe ice cream 🙂 DELICIOUS !!

  11. Is this a Southern treat? I have never heard of it before, but it sounds absolutely delicious and I will have to try it! Don’t know if this is a Midwestern habit, or just my family, but we salt and pepper our cantaloupe and salt our watermelon before we eat it.

    1. Finally someone can help. This is such a great post I am so happy I found this. I can’t stand quickbooks because of this one feature they left out but thankfully this will help. Thanks

  12. Wow! Does this take me back! When I was a child (I’m 81 now), my grandmother had a candy/ice cream shop. Grandma and Grandpa lived in back of the shop and my family lived in a flat above the store. During cantaloupe season my mother would send me downstairs to have Grandma put a large scoop of ice cream in a half for my dad. Of course, the rest of us shared smaller portions of the same. Must do that for my grandkids one day. Thanks for the memories.

  13. This has always been a family favorite from California. Sometimes I sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top of the vanilla or top if off with a strawberry or raspberry. Fruit is plentiful here. We just finished breakfast and filled our
    cantaloupe cavity with fresh fruit, delicious and appealing to the eye. Really enjoy all of your posts….Now for another cup of coffee. Carmel from California!

  14. Des Moines, Iowa at Younkers Tea Room during the 19050’s/60’s when mom and I went shopping! Great memory – thanks!

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  15. O M G you must be my sister. You are the only other person that has talked about cantaloupe and ice cream. This was a favorite of my mother. She passed away when I was in high school and every time I think of her I remember her loving this special treat. Thanks for the memories. Love your blog. Ritatea

  16. That is a summertime favorite at our home. The cantaloupe needs to be good and ripe for it to be “just right”

  17. I’m smiling at the memories this post brings back. My Dad and I always treated ourselves to this dessert.

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