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CarolRiley_3Every year around Christmas you will find Carol Riley scurrying around town decorating mailboxes as her special gift to her friends. And if you are lucky enough to be on the list, every year your beautiful mailbox décor makes the holidays festive.

Carol Riley, owner of the floral design company Lillies, is one of the most sought after wedding floral designers in the South. She has captured the hearts of many brides (and their mamas) with her arrangements that look as if you have gathered flowers from your own garden. During the holidays, her same creativity plays into her “mailbox gifts.”

Carol has decorated hundreds of mailboxes. She offers it as part of her floral services, and her very close friends often receive it as a gift. To make the masterpieces, she first anchors an OASIS Floral Cage to a mailbox with an eyebolt. Once it is securely in place she adds beautiful magnolia leaves, pine branches, evergreen, and hollies branch by branch. A beautiful red bow adds the finishing touch.

If you are looking for a special gift to create for your friends, let Carol’s idea inspire you to do the same.


Do you decorate your mailbox for the holidays?


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  1. I have decorated my mailbox for as long as I can remember! I I love all the classics…magnolia, pine branches, pine cones, cedar, holly berries and clippings from Christmas tree lots and other greens that I have no idea what they are!! hahaha… Occasionally I will use fruits like apples or lemons …sometimes I use Christmas balls. I always top my mailbox arrangement off with a big red bow. I think this is a wonderful way to make your outside decorations extra special! Thanks for this great blog…Carols work is beautiful! Merry Christmas Phyllis!!

  2. Gorgeous mailbox! I too decorate my mailbox and lantern. It just needs it to balance out the whole decor. Plus, I like the mail person and she needs a little Christmas cheer.

  3. Yes I do decorate my mailbox. Some years with all natural and some years I start with an artificial swag, piece of garland, or the pieces you can buy from craft stores. Ladies, if I can do it, you can do it. Use clippings from your yard or if you’re lucky, you have a husband that goes “stick hunting” for you in a wooded area. A little ribbon, and maybe a little gold or white spray paint. Each year a little different. I have never thought of decorating for a friend or neighbor. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, Phyllis, I do decorate our mailbox for Christmas as well as other special days. I am not a professional decorator, but I do enjoy it so much. I have a friend who was expecting weekend guests last fall. While she was at work, I went to her house with pumpkins, mums, and a wreath that I had made for her front door. I decorated the porch as well as the mailbox. I know of no gift that has ever brought as much joy to the recipient as that gift for my friend. I just wish I could have seen her face when she arrived home that afternoon. She was so excited and grateful she posted pictures on facebook. It brought me just as much joy as it did my friend. Something that warms your heart and brings someone that much pleasure is worth every effort. What better time to do the same than “the most wonderful time of the year”? Carol’s mailbox gifts are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the work of this talented lady!

  5. Indeed I do decorate my mailbox each year with various greens , pinecones and a sumptuous red satin bow . My project was completed yesterday .
    What a lovely gift for one’s neighbors … I will need to gather,snip/buy more bundles of greens,make more bows . I am off to the local nursery again !
    Merry Christmas to you Phyllis and to all who make “Victoria” so special !

  6. This is is a beautiful and thoughtful idea…we have a small mail box near our front door so I usually suspend a pinecone with a red ribbon,nothing as lovely as the mailboxes above.

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