Create a Family Treasure for a Special Bride

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When Vanessa James got married and I was searching for a special gift for her, I decided that I would sit down and write all my favorite recipes in a three-ring-binder cookbook for her. Since all new brides struggle with dishes to cook for two, this just might be something to consider. Vanessa said this was one of the greatest …

The Legacy of the Button Box

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From the time of my earliest recollection, my mom had a button box. It was filled with every conceivable button that was made at the time. Buttons were never discarded and were reused on new garments when needed. When my sister and I had a sick day from school—which meant we were close to death—we could play with Momma’s button …

How to Throw a Camping-Themed Birthday Party

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Planning a party for boys is no small task. For my grandson’s 6th birthday, my daughter-in-law Katie planned a wonderful party with the perfect theme for the birthday boy—Camp Hays. Since Hays is an outdoorsman, she planned a camping party complete with a campfire, s’mores, hot dogs, and all the water balloons they could stand. My son Eric, Hays’s dad, …