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Final Video Interview with Paula Deen

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This is the last segment of my interview with Paula Deen. I am so excited that she shared the details about her new TV Network and the crazy things we can expect in addition to her good Southern cooking. She is a natural on camera, and her network will be more fun than any of us can imagine. AND you can enter to win one of four fabulous Paula prizes (see below)!

All of us have a bucket list. There are just things that we all want to see or do during our lifetimes. In this video, Paula talks about her bucket list and her family. What a pleasure to share with you this time with Paula.

I am thankful for this blog and connecting with all of you. I love reading your comments and suggestions, so please keep them coming. Please share this blog with your friends. There are just days we all need a word of encouragement. Through this blog and the interviews with extraordinary people, I hope you find words of encouragement. You are special and have great worth. Never forget that.

Did you miss part one of the interview with Paula? What about part two?

Enter and share below for the chance to win one of three one-year subscriptions to Cooking with Paula Deen magazine or one autographed Cooking with Paula Deen magazine DVD (four winners total, chosen at random).

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Comments 85

  1. Miss your show while I worked as an infusion nurse at the hospital. My patients enjoyed it with me and we printed your recipes as well. We need some low fat meals.

  2. I have watched your show with all three of my children and we have made many of you dishes together. I am so glad you are returning to television because I am now a Grandmother and can share your show and recipes with my beautiful Granddaughter. I wish you the best and look forward to more of your fun and wonderful stories you share.

  3. I am glad you decided to get back on TV. I don’t Twitter but I would still like to win your magazine. I am mostly home bound and would like to read the magazine if I don’t win I would like to order it.

  4. I don’t tweet and I’m not on Facebook, so I guess I’m out of luck for the giveaways…”sigh”. But I still luv ya, Paula!!

  5. I really love Paula Deen and have supported her throughout her career with a hospice organization. I have worked in and around Savannah and have had the opportunity to visit Lady and Son’s and Uncle Bubba’s. I like many others, do not have a twitter account but would love to enter the contest. This TX Lady would love to win!

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  6. Neither I nor any of the people I know Twitter, so I think it is unfair to give those that do more chances. But I love Paula and miss her on TV. Cant afford to subscribe to her show so I really do miss her.

  7. I’m sad. :(. I love Paula & her family but I can’t enter the contest. I’ve been a fan since day 1 and support her wholeheartedly. Could you let us enter from Facebook?

  8. Paula, I just can’t WAIT for your new network!!! I am buying a tablet just so I can watch your new network in my kitchen 🙂 I shared the information about the contest to my Facebook page, too. I can’t wait to participate in your new cooking classes, y’all! LOVE YOU!

  9. I will never forget the first time I watched Paula’s show it literally changed my life. I got off the couch and started cooking and not only my husband but all my friends and family love to spend time in my kitchen. Thanks Paula for inspiring me not only to cook but to live a happier life

  10. I love Paula Deen. I have purchased all her cookbooks. I have missed her on tv. Have not watched the food network since they booted her. Her gifted talents were a certain threat to someone, no doubt. Thanks to Phyllis Hoffman for her wonderful support of Paula. I love the magazines that Phyllis supports.

  11. Likewise I don’t have Twitter or Facebook.I do enjoy Paula’s dishes and watching her.So glad someone has invested in her by giving her her own show.

  12. I have missed Paula being on television.She was always a kick.Every recipe that I have ever made of hers always comes out good.I wish she was still on but I’m looking forward to her new program.

  13. Always enjoyed Paula’s shows and have missed her upbeat, positive personality. I also only have email, no twitter or facebook.


  15. So glad you’re coming back Paula! I know we’ve all missed you. Looking forward to the upcoming shows. Would love to have a signed CD. I have subscribed to your Cooking with Paula Deen since the beginning. Thank you for all the great ideas over the years.

  16. I am so excited to be a part of the next step in your life. I cannot wait to watch and learn from the best.

  17. I am so excited about the Paula Deen Network, I have missed you! I stand behind you and will support you all the way. Had the pleasure of meeting you in Hampton Va with the Junior League and the Food bank. Great work and hope to see you soon

  18. Glad to see you back! I love your shows and books. I had no doubts that you would be back for us all. We love you and family.

  19. Have stood behind you all the way. Believe in you and all you do! Am a huge fan. Best wishes in your new endeavors. Look forward to seeing your new network! You are the best

  20. I couldn’t be more excited about this new venture. I am a PD fan through and through. I don’t “do” FB or Tweet but since they are not fried, baked, roasted or grilled I’m not missing anything that’s real! Love you Paula & family. May your blessings continue to bless us!

  21. Sure have missed you, Paula, and so looking forward to being a part of your new network! You are a true inspriration to so many, both women and men alike. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family in all that you do.

  22. I’m so glad that Paula is rising again, as some Southerners have been reported as saying in the Past. Nowadays, we can’t be honest about what may have been said many, many years ago. I’m sure everyone has said or done something years ago that he wouldn’t say or do now, particularly in public. I wish her all the best and I’d love to receive her subscription!

  23. I’ve subscribed to your magazine before and loved the recipes and articles. I miss you on Food Network that was their loss. Would love to have a subscription!!! No twittering here either….:-(

  24. I want to sign up for Paula’s new online programming so badly but,,, I don’t have an account with ANY of the social medias. I’m afraid that if I sign up for it I won’t be able to pull it up and watch. Please give me an answere before it’s too late for me to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity

  25. I don’t tweet sorry, but i would love to win Paula’s subscriptions. I just love her and her wonderful recipes.

  26. Love Paula. Broke my heart when she stopped being on Foodneteork. Have not watched them since. Waiting for her new show.

  27. I am really looking forward to your new online network shows. Whenever I watch you, I feel like I am spending time with family.

  28. The come back girl……I love her! Would love to be in that kitchen audience with her, even washing dishes!!

  29. So glad to see Paula “bouncing” back. She is so much fun to watch and she makes all her recipes look so easy. Have loved her magazine for years. Looking forward to her new adventure and by the way I’m so glad to have joined this wonderful group. Phyllis your magazines are the best.

  30. How could Paula NOT have cried during this lovely conversation with you, Phyllis! I nearly did at all she had to share. I thought it was just so touching. You are so warm yourself and certainly bring out the best in Paula. I love listening to you both. Paula makes me laugh and she is always so much FUN and down to earth! I LOVE that colour blue in her top – I’d like to see that in a paint colour on my wall! Lol I look forward to more of Hoffman Media’s magazines and to more of Paula Dean. Thank you for this! As always, very inspiring…

  31. So looking forward to the way Paula and family will continue to enrich our lives with humor, food and information!

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