Celebrate Bastille Day with Our Paris Guide

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Our CCO Brian loves to travel. Here, he shares with us how he fell in love with Paris, and his guide to see this city off the beaten path.


It was love at first sight. Paris. The City of Light! The first time I visited it, I was on a trip with my high school French class. As soon as we touched down, I knew this city was my special place. I could just feel it. The energy and the culture were addicting, and it captured my heart. I go back as often as possible since that initial trip, and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of what Paris has to offer. There are so many cafes to try (one on almost every corner), parks to enjoy, stores to peruse, and places to experience. My travel philosophy is “to travel like a local,” visiting neighborhood markets, sipping coffee in the cafés, getting lost in a new area, and really soaking up the culture. Paris has some of the most famous museums and sights, but I love just being and watching the world go by. That’s how you truly see and fall in love with places.

Here are my favorite things to do and experience in Paris. Some will take you off the beaten path so you can “travel like a local,” too. Enjoy!

1. Best oysters: Huitrerie Regis

This tiny restaurant has the best oysters I’ve ever eaten. Get there early because there are only about six tables.

2. Favorite bistro: Les Philosophes

You must go here and order the tomato tart tatin. It is out of this world!

Celebrate Bastille Day with the rest of Brian’s top Paris picks on Celebrate’s blog.

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