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Celebrating Early with a Holiday Sale

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For those of you who love our magazines, I have an early Christmas present for you. It’s time for our “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Sale”—as we like to call it—and it features big savings (up to 50% off!) on some of our most popular holiday magazines and books, as well as special deals on subscriptions.

A few things I’m excited to stock up on:

The Perfect Hostess Gift: A Tiny Book of Christmas Joy

Tiny Book of Christmas Joy 2015As I discussed in my holiday etiquette post, the perfect guest always brings a gift. In our world of food allergies and dietary restrictions, bringing a baked good can be challenging—not to mention that they require a good bit of extra work during an already busy season. This book has become a favorite hostess gift. It’s small in size yet full of wonderful recipes and entertaining ideas.


Holiday Decorating Inspiration from Holiday Bliss

Holiday Bliss 2015We all have those friends who seem to already have it all figured out. Their homes are beautifully decorated and they know exactly how to entertain in style. I’ve found that magazines from our Victoria Classics collection, like this latest edition of Holiday Bliss, are the perfect gifts for women who seem to already have everything. This special edition offers inspiration for those with even the most refined tastes and captures décor, travel, and entertaining in gorgeous images and moving prose.

Baking Ideas from Christmas Cakes & Cookies

Christmas Cookies and Cakes 2015When in doubt, give dessert. Better yet, create something from this beautiful special edition and present your lovely dessert and a copy of the magazine to the baker in your life. This is a large-format special edition where each recipe is beautifully photographed—the kind of publication you can return to each year and find recipes for the perfect sweet holiday treat.


What’s on your Christmas list this year?


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  1. I have saved and treasured each copy of Southern Lady; as the new ones arrive I bring out the previous years to join in my collection.
    Best magazine ever!

  2. I would love to get your magazines but i am unable to get them here in Lincolnshire united kingdom. I used to get Victoria mag when it was first published but am unable to get it now.

    I have been a subscriber, since Victoria first came out and have each and every issue, (as well as many of the books)!
    I keep mine organized by the seasons, so I can pull out all the holiday issues and reminisce!
    This treasure never gets old.
    I love it so much!

  4. Phyllis,
    I tried to purchase your Christmas piano music CD, but it is out of stock and there is no information as to when it might be available to buy. Can you tell me when it might be reissued?? I would love to hear it!!!
    Thanks, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Post
  5. Hello Everyone,
    The magazines are a pleasure to read no matter the date. Give the current issues to a library and the others to hospitals and elderly housing groups.

    I am sure if you put an ad out that you had copies to give away, there would be a response!

    I read mine in cafes while sipping a cup of tea and I often leave the older issues in the magazine pile for others.

    A Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone and A Prayer for our Armed Forces,


  6. I received my copy of “Tiny Book of Christmas Joy” my first Christmas present to myself! I Purchased all the other Hoffman Holiday Publications and they have warmed my heart every day since. I applaud the photographers and people who shared their homes for your issues along with all the great cooks, receipts and delicious pictures that make my mouth water. Thank you and Merry Christmas to the Hoffman/DePiano families who keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Carmel

  7. I have years of Victoria and enjoy each of them every season as I prepare to decorate and entertain. They are my favorite favor to give to a guest as they depart. I roll them so their fabulous covers show and tie them in the roll with double faced red satin ribbon and present them on a silver tray in the foyer as folks leave. I mix victoria issues with southern lady and the presentation is fabulous and received with excitement. Can’t imagine life without Hoffman publications. They add a gentleness to my life like nothing else. From my heart Thanks. Nancy potter

  8. Goodmorning Phillys
    Already bought all of your beautiful christmas magazines that we can buy here in the Netherlands.
    But after so many years I’am getting a big problem,were to leave all my issues from the last 17 years,because I have saved them all and can’t part from them.
    Its not christmas time for me without your wonderful magazines!
    Its really a tradition for me.
    Looking forward every year to the magazines and getting so much inspiration from it.
    I always put them out on my coffee table,to enjoy them every day.
    Thank you so much!
    Friendly regards,Anja fromthe Netherlands

  9. My biggest or one of my biggest problems is that we need to downsize from home of fifty years !! Parting with all your beautiful , timeless, inspiring and informative publications is very hard!!! They are like a good book , read over and over!!
    Thanks !!

  10. Every single one of Hoffman’s Holiday Issues makes for a wonderful gift, or addition to a gift basket for a hostess. I still have almost all the issues from past years, they are so filled with inspiration and beauty!

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