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I’m amazed and humbled every time Hoffman Media grows, whether the growth is the addition of a new title or to our team! In the past year we have seen a lot of growth with the addition of two new titles: Bake from Scratch and Southern Home. Blossoming from the pages of Southern Lady and our similar titles, Southern Home magazine is unique in its commitment to showcasing only the best examples of Southern design.

 Southern Home magazine has truly become a statement of traditional Southern décor combined with modern tastes. Each issue, I am entranced by the marvelous stories and elegant inspirations captured on every page. The homes in this magazine are not only show-stopping works of art brought together by designers and architects, but they are also homes that bring comfort and love to those who live in them. I so enjoy reading each unique story. From a fresh take on an old home, to a new build with antique décor, there is inspiration for every taste.

To celebrate the launch of their new website, they are giving away a gorgeous Chloe Drinks Table by Currey & Company! This stylish piece features a Greek key base enhanced by a gold leaf finish and the top is reverse-painted black glass. The table is valued at $740, making it quite a thrilling prize. Make sure to sign up for their newsletters to learn more about each new issue and to enter for your chance to win this beautiful statement piece!

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  1. magazines offer us so much, I’m subscribing and buying them, some are so jam packed with awesome information. Others have half the magazine filled with advertising . I have a collection of issues I just can’t part with. They are so collectable

  2. I recently shared with a friend that ANYTHING Hoffman Media is a beautiful, inspiring and creative work of art that will never disappoint. I have been enjoying Southern Lady for years and in fact many of the articles you featured on Entrepreneurs following their passions inspired me to create my own business. I now read all of your magazines and enjoy each one cover to cover. I love Southern Home and the article and photos of the home featured in Of The Land from the May/June 2017 issue is stunning. Thank you for continuing to capture the genteel southern spirit whether it be in décor, food, linens and all types of beautiful arts.

  3. Peaceful, relaxing and informative read. I love ALL of your publications! Thank you for wonderful magazines and books in this hectic life!

  4. I love the magazine. I really enjoy seeing designer Eric Ross’s work in it. I look forwards to seeing Southern Lady,every month and your special mags. I started collecting vintage linens with embroidery because of you!

  5. There are so many aspects of Southern Lady Magazine that I love, but what has kept me a loyal subscriber since 1999, is the unabashed celebration of the grace, hospitality and femininity that is at the core of every Southern LADY. Whether I was a young career woman, then later creating a graceful home for my husband and our family or acting as hostess for a variety of parties and celebrations, I’ve always taken enormous pleasure in making life a beautiful, and happy place. I’m grateful for Southern Lady Magazine, because it “gets” women like me, and I’m always finding, within the pages, inspiring ways to make my world a more tranquil and beautiful place.

  6. You are a success because you show comfort, beauty, style and luxury that is not always priced too high! Your memories and treasures of the past are enjoyed and always we learn from your publications! Thanks!!!

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