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Christmas in July: Summertime at Hoffman Media

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I love winter, and as I write to you, it is over 100 degrees here. My first conversation this morning was about my longing for cold weather, Christmas trees, and hot apple cider by the fire. Christmas in July has become a celebrated time here. For truly in Editorial Land, we are having Christmas in July. As I walk through the offices and see the final touches being put on the holiday issues of our magazines, I am longing for Christmas. We have it twice: in July when we complete the issues and then in December when it really happens.

I am challenging myself this year to start thinking about the wreaths I want to make and if there are items that I need to collect now and tuck away, then I must be diligent in my efforts. I love dried flowers, and now is the time to get those put away for a soft-colored wreath I have in mind. Pinecones are another thing that I love. In fact, the very large ones are hard to find, but I love them so much. Maybe this year I can find some.

Many of you can great vegetables and jams from summer harvest. Perhaps that is a Christmas gift you can make ahead and have ready to go. Is there anything more splendid than a jar of homemade jam with hot biscuits at Christmas?

As you consider your Christmas plans, I want to share some of Hoffman Media’s summertime holiday spirit with you through a special Christmas in July sale at our store! Now until July 29, enjoy big discounts on our featured holiday content. There are special prices on our lovely Christmas special editions and books, including half off the Christmas Cottage Cookbook—one of my very favorites. I hope it makes your summer a bit merrier as you look forward to the holiday season. 

What will you do for your loved ones this Christmas?

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Comments 9

  1. Goodmorning Phyllis
    I’m also looking forward to this year new editions from the christmas magazines that you put out every year!
    Love the special christmas articles very much and they are so much inspiration for me and I think also to other people!
    Winter is my favorite season and most of all christmas.
    I’m always in the christmas spirit year round because every day busy with making victorian christmas ornaments from antique,old en vintage materials.
    Its so much fun making these ornaments!
    Phyllis years ago there were always on the last page from Victoria magazine shown collections from people who had collected beautiful antique christmas ornaments and other antiques etc. and so beautifull displayed.
    I remember antique christmas decorations displayed on a beautiful plate and can still picture it for my eyes at this moment.
    Can you please bring such articles back in Victoria magazine,because they will give so much joy to everyone who are interested in collecting.
    Christmas in July greetings, Anja from The Netherlands

  2. I LOVE dried flowers too! Now is the perfect time to cut your antique green and pink hydrangeas to use for your Christmas wreath! Also, for everyone that lives in cooler climates, peonies are perfect for wreaths too! I also like to dry my David Austin Roses, but they are a little more delicate, so you have to be extra careful when working with them!

  3. Autumn is my favorite season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday. I used to work for a greeting card and gift ware company so I understand Christmas in July!

    I love planning ahead for decor and making gifts. Working on a scarf now!

  4. We can not wait for the cooler weather. Autumn is our favorite season with Winter close second. Hate the hot weather and the awful bugs tha tcome with Summer!
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  5. We must be kindred spirits, Phyllis, since almost every morning for the past 2 weeks I tell my husband how I am counting down the days to colder weather! The book looks lovely. I am hoping to start making hand made ornaments to give as gifts this Christmas.

  6. I just ordered your Christmas Cottage cookbook. What a wonderful idea to offer this cookbook in July . Now I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it before the rush of the holidays is on. I ,too, am a cold weather person. Try to enjoy the summer, but I really love fall and winter the best. Can’t help it, I was born in a blizzard. Am looking forward to reading this new cookbook. Thank you.

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