Christmas Tree Theme - The Ribbon in my Journal

Find The Perfect Christmas Tree Theme

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I can’t help but get a thrill when the perfectly themed Christmas tree steals my attention! Dressing up your tree with the same collection of ornaments can become exhausting. I love the practice of using a whimsical theme to guide your selection of tree decorations. You can combine a beautiful mix of holiday pieces to create the perfect Christmas tree for your home. Picking the right theme can be tricky, so I’ve pulled a few of my favorite themed trees from this year for inspiration!

Christmas Tree Theme - The Ribbon in my Journal

Glamorously Frosted

This theme is stylish, shimmery and totally on-trend. Mix and match rich, and glittery ornaments in Metallic blues and coppers to fill your tree! The more crystal ornaments you add, the more your simply luxurious Christmas tree will sparkle.

Christmas Tree Theme - The Ribbon in my Journal

Dreaming of Christmas

If you are dreaming of a Christmas far away from the hustle and bustle of this season, travel afar with the decorations on your tree. This romantic tree transports any admirer to Paris, dreaming of the Eiffel tower and a box of macarons.

Christmas Tree Theme - The Ribbon in my Journal

Home Sweet Holidays

Evoke the sentimental feeling of past holidays spent with your family and friends. You don’t have to start from scratch to have an impressive tree. Include the ornaments of Christmas’s past with upgraded glittery accents. These shinny garlands and orchid branches bring a fresh spruce to your traditional tree. Top it off with an oversized bow!


Christmas Tree Theme - The Ribbon in my Journal

Sophisticated Snowfall

This theme is perfect for those who love rustic, natural hues with an elegant flair for their home. With accents of natural wood and a sheet of classic white, you can transform your tree. Incorporate some subtle metallic or sparkly touches to add an extra Christmas glow around the neutral decorations. This is a classic, yet cozy Christmas tree theme.


Do you decorate your tree with a theme?

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  1. We have boxes and boxes of trees and ornaments of color as over the years I tend to get carried away. Now I ask my husband to go find a box labeled Christmas and whatever is in it is my theme for this Christmas. This year the box was full of red, white, and silver ornaments. So our beautiful 7′ white flocked tree is absolutely beautiful and sparkles and the memories we have from those ornaments bring back memories. It’s awesome and never the same….We sit and stare at the tree and enjoy fresh baked goods and sometime we enjoy coffee & peppermint ice cream after dinner. It is that special time of the year like none other, praise the Lord! California Carmel

  2. I had an artificial tree that was “outdoorsy” in look and small that I used to put in my foyer, I hung the handmade ornaments that people gave me and it looked sweet. My two cats would claim it as theirs and lay under it. They got so excited when that tree went up – would not let the dog near it and of course that was all he wanted to do, but it was theirs.
    At night they would take some of the bows off the presents under the”big tree” in the family room and in the morning we would find them under their tree.
    My big tree always had the sentimental ornaments and family favorites but each year I would put different coloured flowers in various spots around the tree ..and that would change out the look. Sometimes I used dried flowers and sometimes get them at the craft store so you can change the “look” while still using your favorite ornaments.

  3. Unfortunately I only have room for one slim tree❣️ I have assorted ornaments from years gone past and every year I buy from two to three new ornaments…. I would not be able to afford to change themes from year to year…. I relish my ornaments and I enjoy looking at them with each new year that goes by… For you ladies out there God Bless if you can afford to have more than one tree with different themes❣️ Enjoy… Merry Christmas❣️

  4. All the Christmas tree photos are pretty. I have to disagree though….I like tradition and rituals for the holidays. I do not care for the themed trees……they do not reflect any memories from years past. I don t find using my collected assorted ornaments at all exhausting.

  5. This is not a classic Christmas theme but my brother is a huge Star Trek fan and so the tree he and my mom put up each year has all of his Hallmark Star Trek ornaments on it. My mom even bought some star shaped crystal ornaments to make it seem as if his ships and characters are floating among the stars of the universe. It’s kitschy, but cute!

  6. Can one have too many Christmas trees? Seeing all the beautiful trees you selected I now know I need just one more. A flocked frosted tree with natural ornaments. That means a tree for every room in the house as well as outside on porches, front and back doors. The guest bathroom will now have a small tree because I have to make room for a new one.
    Christmas gifts this year was a breeze. Everybody gets subscriptions from Hoffman.
    Phyllis, you have simplified one part of my Christmas while complicating another.
    The Ribbon In My Journal is a treat and I thank you.

  7. Thank you Phyllis for these wonderful ideas and photos! They are ALL beautiful and I especially liked the Eiffel Tower themed tree – how unusual and unique!

    Last Christmas I did a Scottish tartan themed tree and it was lovely! I’ve also done tree designs around the Old St. Nick theme and one based around ornaments of animals.

    This year, I am actually doing the opposite and simply choosing my favourite ornaments based on look or sentimental value and creating a “happy tree”.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful tree decorating season and enjoys the thrill and surprise of coming across packed ornaments forgotten over the year! Isn’t it wonderful to unwrap an ornament and exclaim “Oh! I forgot all about this one…..”

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

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