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My first taste of Community Coffee was in Louisiana at my soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s home. Her parents brewed a wonderful pot for us to enjoy as we were celebrating the engagement. I quickly inquired as to the roaster of the delicious drink and was introduced to Community Coffee. They have several different types of coffee, and I love all of them. Community Coffee is now the coffee that Neal and I enjoy every morning as we start our day, and each morning I can hardly wait for the pot to finish brewing! To celebrate our new Easy & Delicious Breakfast special issue, Community Coffee is graciously giving away three prize baskets — a $400 value!

And we’re offering multiple chances to win! Here’s how to enter:

What is your favorite breakfast dish to eat with your morning coffee?


Get the issue!


No purchase necessary. Multiple chances to win. Prizes valued at Good: $60, Great: $115, and Grand: $225. Contest ends February 4, 2015 at 12AM CST.

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  2. Phyllis, I love your magazines and your blog! Breakfast for me would be those cinnamon buns and a big cup of coffee. In reality it’s oatmeal, an English muffin with peanut butter, or half a bagel and a banana…LOL!!!

  3. I love scones fresh out of the oven, and a lovely asparagus fritta with a big cup of coffee!! And I make my little boy hot cocoa from scratch…………and then just savor the moments shared!

  4. I love waffles! Once we found a bottle of blueberry flavored syrup but have not been able to find this again! I love fig perserves. Also I have a recipe for a fig cake made with the preserves which is delicious.

  5. I love it…this brings back such great memories, my grandparents came in from New Orleans to my wedding in NYC and my grandfather being the very opionated man he was brought his two bags of CH coffee! Those red bags are hard to miss:) He had the waiters for room service in the Plaza where they were stay brewing his CH coffee as that was the only coffee he would drink and he turned a few of the employees into fans!
    My whole family loves it, would love to win:)

  6. I love biscuits and gravy with sausage, scrambled eggs with my coffee at breakfast.
    Now for dessert, bring on another biscuit with butter and jelly with my second cup of coffee- sheer heaven! Thank you very much!

  7. I shared on facebook. My favorite breakfast is a slice of toasted 12 grain bread, slathered with cream cheese and topped with blackrasberry preserves. This along with a hot cup of coffee flavored with Community Coffee Creamer is the best. Gotta love it!

  8. Torn on this response – mine is a homemade blueberry muffin with a lightly sweet crumbled topping and my husband’s is bacon and eggs with sourdough bread and homemade hash browns. We love coffee and try varieties as we travel across the country. Would love to try Community.

  9. My favorite breakfast is my husband’s Eggs Benedict with home made home fries. It’s a mother’s day tradition!

  10. My favorite breakfast is coffee first then my husbands creamy scrambled eggs and toast with strawberry jam from door county! Love to try this new coffee sensation!

  11. I’m another southern girl and there’s almost nothing for breakfast that I don’t like, including everything from a simple croissant to the big hunt breakfast of bacon, ham, eggs, sausage, fried, braised or smothered quail, hash browns, grits and rice and gravy. The best of the best though has to be my grandmother’s fresh picked figs with cream (the ones she picked @daylight to save them from the birds) and her homemade ambrosia! She made enough every fall to last throughout the coming year and froze it those quart containers from Sears. She rose early and would thaw it before we woke so that it was still slushy. When I was little I ate these with coffee-milk, and now with the “high octane” coffee she and my Papaw drank then. Sure wish they were here now to share a cup of Community with. I too do not make use of Facebook or Twitter nor do I wish to, but thank you so much for the memories your ribbon & the contest have brought to mind. I think I’ll read your next post with a fresh, hot cup!

  12. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a REALLY delicious cup of coffee so Community Coffee sounds WONDERFUL! My very favorite breakfast is a fresh jelly donut with LOTS of delicious jelly in it! Unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve found a bakery that makes really good ones! I don’t use Facebook but I do love reading your blog!

  13. What a great give away. If I win…I’ll serve it to my community group. Favorite breakfast-fruit, yogurt, and granola. Yummy!

  14. Good morning Phyllis,

    My favorite breakfast with a cup of good strong, quality coffee is a honey bran raisin muffin, and if I feel like indulging I split the muffin and grill it in the pan with butter so the raisins get really chewy. I used to love an old fashioned New York style cheese or prune danish but they are hard to find here in California. I would love to try Community coffee but have not seen it in the stores here. I am another of your fans who is not on Facebook (nor Twitter), so I won’t be able to enter the contest, but I love to follow your blog which I also enjoy with my morning coffee! Thank you for all of your lovely shared thoughts and experiences.


  15. I love to have a couple pieces of cinnamon toast or raisin bread toast with my coffee. The coffee sounds delish!

  16. Living in Ohio doesn’t give me much of a chance to enjoy that wonderful coffee you are mentioning above, but with the brands we have available, I love my pumpkin-ginger scones for breakfast! Thank you!

  17. Community Coffee is so good!! Buy it when I can find it. A cup of really hot coffee and a slice of Home Made raisin bread (no butter needed) or a Home Made cinnamon roll.
    I do not use Face Book. Phyllis, I love your blog.


  18. A fave of ours is crunchy French toast. Break 2 eggs in bowl, add 1/3 cup orange juice, sprinkle cinnamon, and a bit of sweetner or sugar. Whip together and soak 3 slices raisin bread in it. Have ready a plate of crushed vanilla wafers and coat each side of soaked bread in crushed wafers. Fry in olive oil and serve with warm maple syrup and bacon! Can top with whipped cream if desired. Add a wonderful cup of fresh brewed hot coffee and you are in breakfast haven! We had it twice this week. Feels like a splurge!!!

  19. I love blueberry pancakes, bacon and lots of coffee. Or yummy oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon, cooked in the crockpot and enough for a week! I would love to try this coffee. Love your posts!

  20. Homemade waffles and sausage. The waffles are made on a antique heart shaped Griswold waffle maker by my husband. We lived in New Orleans for 3 years, my husband was stationed there with the Navy, and we loved the coffee.

  21. Dear Phyllis,

    I enjoy coffee all day long, as a confirmed “coffee-holic”, but am quite the coffee snob. I only drink the best tasting coffee, so am eager to try Community’s blends.

    My favorite pairing, with a good dark roast coffee is always something sweet, such as a pastry, cookie, or a piece of my favorite chocolate.

    Jean Mowery

  22. My favorite breakfast is our Christmas Morning menu. Breakfast Casserole, Cheese Grits, Monkey Bread – it is a once a year indulgence !

  23. I love to have my mother’s LAURA’s ICEBOX COOKIES with my coffee.
    She was given this recipe years ago as a wedding gift. So great with
    coffee, full of cinnamon and other spices. And you can keep the rolls
    in the freezer, just slice and bake. Community coffee is the best, love
    my coffee strong.

  24. My favorite breakfast to go with a cup of steaming hot coffee is a bagel spread with whipped cream cheese and homemade pear preserves. Thanks for the nice giveaway – hope I win it.

  25. The prior evening’s baguette, toasted, with butter and honey or, even better, a handmade biscuit. This is a fantastic giveaway. Thank you!

  26. Mmmm! Breakfast–my favorite meal! I love good ol’ fried eggs, bacon and toast with jelly. I lived in Louisiana for 5 years and still remember the rich taste of Community Coffee to this day.
    Just a suggestion–When you have a giveaway, it would be great if you would give the name of the winner so we could stop wondering who won.

  27. I love a sweet doughnut and coffee, though I can’t allow myself but a taste these days. I love cooking breakfast for my 10 grandkids.

  28. My husband & do not drink coffee, but Community is the favorite of a missionary friend…his mother in law must always leave room in the suitcase to pack some to take him!

  29. A really good cinnamon bun is what I like to eat with my morning coffee…but first I have to have my oatmeal and orange juice. I love breakfast!

  30. Good morning Phyllis,

    My favorite “treat”, I say treat because Lord knows one can’t eat them everyday, with a good cup of coffee, is a home bake maple-oatmeal scone. Living here in the north, I am fortunate to have friends with beautiful maple trees that they tap every year and render dome the golden nectar. It’s nearly maple sugaring time…can’t wait! Have a nice weekend.


    1. My favorite breakfast is bacon, an egg and cinnamon raisin toast with butter and Maman Strawberry Preserves. And always a second cup of coffee!

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