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The Cottage Journal’s latest special edition, Southern Cottages, features a variety of beautiful homes. Among them is the home of cookbook author Gena Knox.

With business owner and mom also among her credentials, Gena is already an inspiring woman. To see her home—with its warm touches and creative accents—only adds to her appeal.

Gena’s love for the South is as much on display in her cookbook, Southern My Way, as it is in the details of her home. Throughout her Athens, Georgia, cottage she has blended vintage and modern elements for a result that is both uncomplicated and lovely. As she explains, “I love clean lines and very little clutter and accessories. I try to follow that same idea with my cookbooks. Clean, simple recipes and format without a lot of extra, unnecessary information.”

I hope you enjoy this snippet of Gena’s home. Find it and more cottage décor inspiration in Southern Cottages.

Gena Knox - Living Room

Gena can really appreciate the open design of her home while creating new recipes and perfecting old ones. The floor plan allows her to work diligently in the kitchen while keeping an eye on her son and daughter who often play in the adjacent sitting room.

Gena Knox - Children's Bedrooms

For her children’s bedrooms, Gena created two contrasting looks. She chose a black and pale blue palette for her son’s bedroom, while her daughter’s was adorned in a lavender and white theme. Both rooms impart a sense of serenity and playfulness with accessories including oversized stuffed animals, a patterned cornice board, and box pleat window treatments.

Gena Knox - Attic

Gena and her husband converted the space above their garage into a playroom for their two children. They added storage closets and reading nooks, which double as cozy beds for sleepovers. White pine painted a muted gray and barn-style doors provide a harmonious backdrop for this creative use of space.

How do you creatively use the space in your home?

Southern Cottages

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  1. I just picked up the Southern Cottage magazine two days ago, but have not had the time to take a peek inside. It has been so cold here in Minnesota we just keep moving to stay warm. Today is warmer so a good magazine and a cup of tea sound great! Gena’s home is lovely.

    I have a living room waiting for a decision on upholstery pieces. I don’t want to block the view to my backyard and the idea of four chairs appeals to me. I moved my Country French style hutch to a main living room wall because it has vaulted ceilings and I want to warm the room up and bring the height down.

    I would LOVE to know if any of your followers have done only chairs and not a traditional sofa in their main living space.

  2. I love Gena’s home, it is so warm and inviting. In our own home, we converted the dining area next to our kitchen into a small family room complete with a small French armoire, and placed a large table in the center of the kitchen instead. It’s everyone’s favorite room to gather, and “watch the cook” during family parties and dinners.

  3. The window seat in my daughters old room is my favorite place in our home now. It’s my cottage room and reading nook. It most often is a place to nap in the sunshine… A little piece of heaven and rest.

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