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Cookouts and Family Fun on Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is always fun around our house! We enjoy the last summer holiday—or is it the first autumn holiday? Really it is about celebrating family, friends, and our wonderful country. We live in a wonderful country—flaws and all—and I love America.

Labor Day is a family time for us. We put Neal at the grill and turn him loose! At our home we love a wonderful steak. Neal and I marinate our steaks before we cook them. My dad taught me to do this when I was a child. Ours is really a simple recipe and is not exacting, but the results are amazing.

Place your steaks on a pan or tray that has sides to contain the liquids.

On one side of the steaks, rub in the following:

  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Soy Sauce

I am very liberal with these liquids, but I do rub each into the steak.

Follow with these spices sprinkled on the steaks:

Again, I apply a good coating of these as some will come off when grilling.

Then flip the steaks over and repeat. I let mine marinate for about an hour before we grill them.

Serve with baked potatoes, hot rolls, and a garden salad. It’s the perfect meal for us!

What do you serve on Labor Day?

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  1. Sounds such fun, Phyllis. I’m usually just arriving home from my family reunion over Labor Day weekend and so am looking forward to a nap. This year was our 48th reunion and we had 102 persons. Each of the seven children of my parents had family representatives attending from Indiana, Michigan, Connecticut, Oregon, Alaska, California, Colorado and Hawaii and no doubt a few other states that I have forgotten. What a grand time we had…..grilled steak and chicken….we are fortunate to have a restaurant owner within the chair family this year and then we added to that a sampling of wonderful salads and cobblers and other desserts from the rest of us who had assignments. We enjoy all of that so much. Almost all families are gardeners and “picklers” so we had samples of their summer pickles too. What a grand time we had! Ages from 95 to 3 weeks. One of our 5 year olds sang “God Bless America” as his offering during the children’s program.

  2. We love a good American Holiday. Usually have burgers, potatoe salad, rolls and corn. But this changes a bit each time.

    The point is… We celebrate our great country whenever we get a chance! In the summer we are usually at the lake. The grandchildren, neighbor children…. Whoever is around…. March with any instrument available… Drums…mandolin …. Whatever ….. singing at the top their lungs to the flag pole. There we raise the American Flag, the Minnesota flag and our California flag. Then, we all stand at the base and say the Pledge of Allegiance. We march back to the cabin – and then the day begins. Fun, games and food ensue. We LOVE a good Holiday!!!!


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