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Create an Elegant Stemware Centerpiece

Phyllis Décor, Video 16 Comments

I love to use my stemware inverted, as a pedestal for cards, figurines, candles, or anything that needs displaying in a very special way. By following simple steps, you can turn a piece of crystal or glassware into a wonderful display.

What’s your favorite entertaining accent?

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Comments 16

  1. Easy & elegant eye candy!! Just subscribed to this blog. Looking forward to another “escape to all things of beauty”!! Love every page of your magazines. I subscribe
    to all of them.

  2. Love this idea! I have some beautiful antique China cups and saucers that would look great in a display like this.

  3. That is pretty!… I think maybe some flowers around the pedestal glasses would bring it all together nicely… thanks for the very good idea.

  4. Hi Phyllis, How clever are You! Loved the simple yet elegant table centerpiece setting. Gives me some great ideas when I invite some girlfriends over, I know my Mom would enjoy looking at some of my collections displayed. Great for conversations to begin with… hospitality thanks! Carmel

  5. This is such a fun idea, Phyllis. I could see these decorating tables at an elegant tea, dinner, or shower, with each table having a few different shapes and sizes cups. Filled with flowers, perhaps one with small candies, they would be beautiful, and a conversation starter too! Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Lidy

  6. That is so pretty Phyllis, thank you. I like to use mason jars…I have clear, blue and green glass ones. I use the smaller ones for lighting…placing small votive candles in them. I fill the larger ones with flowers or herbs and even candy for the table setting.

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