Who Doesn’t Love a Sale?

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Who doesn’t love a good sale? I know I do. My sister, Janice, has the knack for finding the best sales and coming home with many things for pennies on the dollar. She has perfected the art!

I, however, do not have the patience for combing through for the best price, incredible markdown, or clearance. Janice says it’s because I don’t take time to shop and look hard enough. The thought of that just exhausts me.

I flash back to my childhood, when every June we went “home” to my grandparents’ house for our annual two week vacation. Part of that delightful adventure was the trip to a local store (it will remain nameless) where we would comb through everything, particularly the fabric department. We would all beg to leave, whine to the max, and do anything to bring the shopping experience to closure. For the life of me, I really can’t remember why it was so bad. I adore fabric shopping now, but as a child, it wasn’t so wonderful. Mom would always buy fabric for our back-to-school dresses, and when we got home she made the most beautiful clothes for us. I don’t know, maybe we would rather be outside, playing with our cousins.

Shopping for sales brings all those memories back. We went back to that little store last year when we returned “home” for a family function. Those same creaky wooden floors, the wobbly ceiling fans, and the doors that lead to a scary storage room were all still there. The fabric department was gone, but in its place were racks of garments. My sister went into action and yes, she found amazing things. Mom did her part too.

Hanging in my closet is the blouse I bought with the tags still on it. I found it yesterday as I was looking through for something to wear. This time, I have only fun memories of shopping for bargains with my family. I am sure I will never perfect those bargain hunting skills, but laughing about our childhood experiences there was worth it all.

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Are you a bargain shopper?

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  1. I am usually a bargain shopper, but will pay more for a high quality, well made item if I know I will get a lot of use from it. I always keep the cost per wear or cost per use in mind before buying. I don’t like to spend time looking at everything though. I make a list of what I need and focus on it, but if I should spot something interesting along the way I will check it out.

  2. I used to actually want to go shopping on Saturday with my mom and grandmother because we always ended up at J C Penney which was air conditioned. Almost nowhere else that we ever went was air conditioned way back then (’60s/’70s). The other plus was that I didn’t have to stay at home and babysit my little sister if we all went to town. The one store I really liked had a little bit of everything including a candy section where I would get rectangular bricks of chocolate in a little white paper bag. Loved that chocolate and made it last as best I could knowing that it might be a long time before I was allowed to go to town and even longer still to be allowed to buy more chocolate. Ahhhh, those were the good old days…

  3. Lol! It was torturous because of the darkness & smell! Do you remember pjs we got from there, so we would all match? They fell apart when mom washed them, but we loved all matching!

  4. Hi Phyllis… Is that the store you were shopping in? Love it, I would have a ball in that place!!! Yes I do ❤️ to shop, but when I do I like to take my time… Do not want to hurry through… Actually I do better when I shop alone, or if I do go with a friend or family member they have to be in the same mode that I’am! Lol those are the qualifications before I venture out with them!… I most certainly do enjoy getting a bargain

  5. I too remember those boring and endless trips with my mom to Hancock Fabrics. I appreciate so much more because stores like that aren’t around as much…

    1. That store was not Hancocks, but oh we have those stories too! You know I have decided it was the back-to-school concept that made those shopping trips stressful. I dreaded school starting back in the fall. Goodness now they start in August while it is still horribly hot.

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