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Do you eat raw Dough?

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As I was watching some of our staff walk around in these weird t-shirts, I didn’t want to admit that I had no clue as to the meaning of their shirts! But anytime you see a hashtag or # (I call it a hash brown!) you have to act like you know what it means or act like you have already figured it out. Such is the case here. After inquiring of my son Brian, who is the editor of Bake from Scratch, he informed me that you have to choose: are you on Team Dough, meaning you eat raw dough, or Team No Dough!

In defining dough, I mean cake batter, raw rolls and biscuits, brownie batter, cookie dough, cornbread batter…you get the point. I had to think about this. I am in the middle on this. When I was expecting Eric and Brian, I craved cake batter! So I would go to the store buy the small Jiffy brand cake mixes and make it up without the eggs, and eat until my heart was content. Maybe that’s why Brian is the editor of Bake from Scratch!

Prior to the national hysteria of raw eggs poisoning us, we ate cake and brownie batter as children. But the real treat of all was the slice and bake cookies from the store. After we got our hands on it we hardly had enough dough to bake into cookies. Once that little plastic sleeve was open it was a feeding frenzy! Now with my grandchildren, it is the exact same. I give them a taste, but still the threat of eggs reigns supreme!

My grandmother loved raw biscuit dough. That is where I draw the line. I am not a fan of that one, but when those jewels come out of the oven, I love a good biscuit! With butter! 

Have you made your #doughcision yet? Cast your vote with the purchase of a #TeamDough or #TeamNoDough shirt!

So which are you? #Team Dough or #TeamNoDough?

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  1. TEAM DOUGH!!!
    Every Christmas since I was 5 years old, (I am now 60), I have made traditional Spritz cookies with their amazing almond extract flavor!! I don’t think Christmas would be complete without the ceremonial tasting of that flavorful dough. For me, it is such an evocative taste & smell. Each year as I combine the ingredients, I am transported back to the kitchen of my childhood home, baking with my mother. If for only a moment, I am once again in the company of my beloved mom who I lost almost 40 years ago. I now bake these seasonal treasures with my own daughter, & both she and my husband have savored the essence of the season through the years, by way of the sweet, fragrant Spritz cookie dough! Go Team Dough!!! Never surrender … salmonella be damned!!!

  2. Team dough. When we were growing up, my mom would give each of us three kids one of the beaters from the mixer and one the bowl to lick. We never worried about the eggs, still don’t. I think about it because of all the hysteria these days about everything, shrug and eat it anyway. Lol, Living on the edge! Life in the fast lane!

  3. We also ate raw cookie dough and pie dough but I don’t eat cookie dough, any longer. I had a teacher who got salimilla, from eating raw cookie dough she was so sick had to be in the hospital for a couple of days. So since that happened 25 year’s ago I’ve never eaten raw dough again.

  4. I’m definitely Team Dough. I’ve ate it as a child and I sill love it now. I’m never going to stop licking the beaters. When my grandchildren bake with me, they too eat the dough. To my knowledge, no one has ever been sick.

  5. Definitely Team Dough! Like you I love the cookie dough in the roll and used to buy it just to eat the dough! I love cake batter, brownie batter, biscuit dough, you name it. My mom also used to beat up an egg and put it in milk with vanilla flavoring or some cocoa &a sugar for me to drink for breakfast when I was young because I never wanted breakfast. I’m 68 and have never gotten sick from the batter.

  6. I’m a Team Dough girl! My Mother would always taste the cake batter to see if it had enough maple spice or sugar/ lemon/ chocolate or whatever kind of cupcake/muffins she was making… I say it’s tradition, Just tradition… least in my family! I know
    my Mom would chuckle at this one, bless her heart she could bake! I am my MOM.

  7. Team Dough (and Batter) for sure!! I used to bake a dessert on Sunday afternoons and one Sunday my husband and daughters came into the kitchen at the perfect time -cake batter was ready to go in the pan, But by the time we all had our little dish of batter, there was no batter for a cake. I prepared another one because I couldn’t bear the thought of no chocolate cake for the next couple days.

    Biscuit dough. My precious mother-in-law made biscuits from scratch. When her five adult children and assorted grandchildren saw her pouring milk into her big flour bowl, they hung around like vultures waiting for raw dough. Needless to say, her double batch of biscuits would yield one batch of baked biscuits. Oh, the memories!!

  8. Yes I am definitely Team Dough. Love cookie dough, muffin batter, and brownie mix batter! I use to think that the recipes were wrong because it would say yield 4 doz cookies and I never came close to that. Could it be that I ate so much batter??? I am 66 and still going strong !! YUM!!

  9. Definitely Team Dough. Have ben eating cookie dough or brownie mix dough for years…am 66 yrs old and still going strong. YUM !!

  10. My parents rarely allowed us to have cakes or cookies so baking them was a very special treat. We didn’t eat the dough but we did love to eat spoonfuls of the butter and sugar right before it was to be creamed together.

    There was a place in Chicago we ordered from once called Cookie Dough Creations. They sold edible cookie dough sandwiched between cookies. It was sooooo good!

  11. Team NO Dough!! My face is still scrunched up from reading the article!! No way were we allowed to eat dough as Mom said there “were worms (or bugs) in the flour”, and believe me, I wanted none of that!! I am the first of five children and believed what I was told, no questions asked. I never had any interest in trying “cookie dough” ice cream either. Cooked cookies and baked cakes are delicious, so I had no trouble waiting for the end result. Now I did lick the beaters when Mom whipped cream for the cream puffs!!

  12. Team cookie dough…..
    Whoops team dough…..

    My froidian told the tale!!!

    Love my Saturday laugh with you and the others.


  13. No question: #teamdough

    Hummm – think I’ve been missing something, I’m gonna’ run out this afternoon for Jiffy Cake Mix. Hey, I might even be daring and put in the eggs! Not!!

    I sometimes wonder how so many of us made it safely through childhood doing all those dangerous things we enjoyed!!

    Pray you are all enjoying a cool, Southern Autum weekend!

  14. The closest I get to eating raw dough is liking the spoon now & then.
    Your post did remind me of a story a friend told of his brothers eating raw cinnamon roll dough. The problem was the dough hadn’t completely risen, & the yeast continued to work in their stomachs causing a very painful situation. It wasn’t something they were eager to repeat.

  15. Yes to the sweet doughs. No to the biscuits and cornbread batter. Never got sick, however……. I have an addiction to those things and eat too much if not careful, and I felt I had an abnormal craving for it! Lol! I don’t do it any more. When the eggs are fresh and healthy I really don’t think it is harmful. People have eaten raw eggs for years. In fact when I was 2 years old my pediatrician told my mother to put a raw egg in a milkshake to get me to eat an egg (I was a picky eater). I think it is a personal choice, and yes, if you are pregnant you might want to think more about it. Everything in moderation.

  16. As a young person I loved my Mothers made from scratch Thanksgiving dressing. You know , the one made with corn bread, day old bread,sage chicken broth. I always had a couple of spoonfuls before it was baked,and yes it had raw eggs in it! Weird huh,but I’m almost seventy five!

  17. Team dough for me. Great childhood memories of baking and eating cookie dough. My kids did the same thing and now the first thing my grandkids want to do is bake and lick the bowl.

  18. I always liked my Mom’s sugar cookie dough better than the baked cookies. Definitely Team Dough on the raw biscuit dough. I have won my nieces over to this treat.

    Very much enjoy your articles.

  19. Phyllis,

    I can’t help but laugh out loud when reading about your trip to the store to buy a Jiffy Cake Mix… I thought I was the only one who did this (and skipped the eggs too)! I never told a soul before because I thought it was so strange (but delightfully delicious!) and others would want to seek professional help for me!

    Yes, I LOVE cake batter, cookie dough, and brownie mix! Yes, I admit it!

    Thanks for sharing this Phyllis and know that you are in good company!

    P.S. – The Jiffy Blueberry Muffin Mix is great to eat raw too! Yum!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  20. I am definitely on Team Dough! I have many good memories from my childhood sharing cookie dough and cake batter with my sister. I’ve lived 60 years, so far, and I’m not too worried about it hurting me!

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