An Easy Deviled Egg Recipe for Easter

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Whether you call them deviled or stuffed, they’re one of the South’s quintessential dishes, particularly for springtime gatherings. The best thing about a deviled egg is its versatility. The humble egg is just a vessel for so much more.

To Southerners, deviled eggs are the ultimate comfort food. We eat them in al fresco picnic lunches with the family or take them to tailgate parties where they’re instantly devoured. If someone in your family recently died (or is even just sick), you better believe friends will be over with a platter of deviled eggs to comfort you.

Whether you like them simply garnished with bacon or use more elevated ingredients like caviar, fancy egg plates are always the perfect way to share this special treat. And those time-worn plates are family heirlooms, passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter throughout the years. 

I encourage you to have fun with this deviled egg recipe. Use it more as a guideline and experiment with your mix-ins. Make a pizza version with pepperoni slices, or go crazy with the Cajun seasonings and some crumbled Andouille sausage. The sky really is the limit when it comes to deviled eggs.

Even the pickiest eater will be enticed to try your creations after you finish this simple recipe from Taste of the South. I hope you enjoy this deviled egg recipe as much as I do. 


Crispy Bacon Deviled Eggs
Yield: 12 deviled eggs

4 slices bacon
6 hard-cooked eggs, peeled and halved lengthwise
1⁄4 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish
1⁄2 teaspoon garlic salt
1⁄4 cup sliced green onion

In a skillet, cook bacon over medium heat until crisp. Remove from pan and chop; reserve rendered bacon fat in pan.
Scoop egg yolks into a medium bowl, and mash with a fork. Add reserved bacon fat, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, and garlic salt; stir to combine. Fold in green onion and half of chopped bacon.
Scoop filling into center of each egg white; garnish with remaining chopped bacon.

What is your favorite deviled egg mix-in?


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Comments 16

  1. I read a tip in a Paula Deen publication that suggested cooking an extra egg that will be added to the filling (both white and yolk of this one egg). When the white is smashed in with the yolks, you don’t even know that it’s there — except that you will have more filling that will give your eggs a gorgeous, generously stuffed look!

  2. Here is Michigan deviled eggs are a favorite at any occasion.

    I make mine as my Mother did, with mayo or MW, S & P, and lots of finely chopped onion and celery. And you can’t have deviled eggs with a sprinkle of paprika on top.

    I too have several deviled eggs plates and love serving eggs on them.

  3. Lovely comments but no mention of sweet pickle relish. I “inherited” the unwritten recipe requiring the relish mixed in with the mayonnaise, a bit of mustard, S & P, and mashed egg yolk. Of course, none of anyone’s stuffings fit back into the white egg “cups” ~ not supposed to, but piled high and spilling over just a bit. Yummmmmm……………

    1. By the way, I don’t own a special stuffed egg plate, so I use my Seder plate with the same effect. Works beautifully.

  4. Remember, Mother was a Southern lady — no real recipes for traditional favorites ‘cept the ones in her head from watching her mother!
    Basically, to six egg yolks add enough MW or mayo to bind but not be soppy, s ‘n p, and 1-2 capfulls (is that a word?) of Heize Apple Cider Vinegar or “to taste.” Use good quality paprika to garnish.

  5. My standby favorite is about the same as Ailsa’s mom’s.
    Basic – 6 eggs – hard boiled and halved.
    Mash yolks together — Add Miracle Whip
    Add ‘small amounts’ of each of following to yolks:
    Yellow Mustard / Apple Cider Vinegar / Salt & Pepper / and
    I add a dash of sugar to sweeten the vinegar. All ingredients to suit your taste.

  6. This recipe is a keeper…will definitely try it. I don’t really make devilled eggs but my mom did…hers were rather simple with a dash of paprika but they were delicious. It’s funny how the devilled egg recipe appeared today in your ribbon, Phyllis, since my husband and I were just having a discussion about how versatile eggs really are…and yes, we were having scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and we had quiche during the week.

  7. This recipe sounds delicious! I never thought of using crumbled bacon on top. I will definitely try this recipe for Easter! We all love deviled eggs in our family (even though we live North of the border!) and I am sure they will disappear in no time!

    Happy Easter to All!

  8. Mother always was the one who brought the deviled eggs. Whether it was for WMU, dinner on the grounds, family reunions or bereavement dinners, hers were the standard. Through the years her recipe varied; but, my favorite was always the basic – eggs, apple cider vinegar, salt & pepper and mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip, depending on the impulse). Simple ingredients with the right touch of love: sublime.

  9. What a great idea! We love deviled eggs, even though we are not from the south. Looks like this is a great recipe. I will have to try it. Thank you!

  10. I have always used your basic receipt except never used bacon! I will do your deviled eggs this Easter. I use the same basic ingredients without the bacon and top my eggs with a piece of med.shrimp, or whole black olive, and small chunk of sharp cheddar cheese and rotate them in my egg platter. Its always fun to see which ones get devoured first! Happy Easter and for bringing back my Easter Memories!
    Carmel from Cameron Park, Caifornia !

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