Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Succulents

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A box of chocolates certainly makes Valentine’s Day delightful, but for an alternative way to celebrate the occasion, try this fabulous—and fragrant—idea from Southern Lady Magazine. Remove the lid of a heart-shaped paper-mâché box, and coat it with red spray paint. When dry, line the inside of the lid with two layers of aluminum foil. Arrange succulents in the lid, as shown, and fill in around the plants with slices of wet floral foam that are about half the depth of the lid. Insert rose hips or hypericum berries and spray roses with stems trimmed to 3/4 to 1 inch in the foam; tuck reindeer moss into the spaces. Even Cupid will envy your cleverness!

Have you ever worked with succulents before? I’d love to hear your stories!


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Comments 10

  1. As my grandchildren and I created fairy gardens summer after summer, we never failed to plant succulents. What a joy they experience as each summer arrives and the succulents once more thrive from summers past. What a beautiful arrangements. I know for certain they will want to create the same in their fairy garden. Thank you, Phyllis, for this lovely project.

  2. Hi Phyllis! You are such a creative person! Your home is lovely. Sharing photos of you family and wonderful recipes. And so many other things. What a beautiful person you are. Thank you! Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed St Valentine’s Day… with lots of Love and Joy! May God Bless you and your family! Love, a faithful reader, Barbara Ann

  3. What a lovely idea! I’ve never worked with Succulents before – but there’s a first time for everything! I can’t wait. Thanks for the idea. Margaret

  4. How very beautiful! My son and wife would love this. They have a passion for succulents as they are continually growing new ones in San Diego,Ca.yard and home. janey

  5. I learned last year how to make a fairy garden using some succulents and moss. I bought my first fiaries from the co-op garden center and then also order a kit from the ABC catalog. I have one fairy garden in the ground under the edge of my fig tree and I have one in a hollow tree stump that was cut off to bring up to my patio. I bought a small sandcastle at a garage sale and made it into a fairy house. I used some small patio blocks to make a covered shed for another fairy house. My granddaughters each have one now and love to water it. You can add small creatures or marbles and rocks.

  6. Beautiful! I often mix succulents with roses for an unexpected look and interesting texture. I made a similar arrangement in small ceramic heart shaped boxes. I used 3 down the center of my dining room table for a low festive Valentines lunch centerpiece.

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