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Empty Nesters…Again – A Sister’s Tale

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Well…I knew it was going to happen! We are empty nesters again! After four months of sharing our “nest,” our upstairs birds have flown the coop! Phyllis and Neal moved out and I have to say it’s bittersweet. It has been a rather interesting experience to share a space with my sister after forty-something years of living apart.

There have been some great things that have come out of our time together. Phyllis did help me clean and organize my sewing room after four years of it being in chaos, and got me interested in sewing again! I think that was her sole mission in moving in with me. She didn’t judge me for all of the beautiful yarn that I have accumulated for all of the projects that I will someday crochet.

Saturday mornings became known as “bacon and biscuits” because that is what my sweet husband would fix all of us as we would sit around the table and laugh and share stories before we would all go our separate ways to start our busy “chore” day. I will definitely miss those times! Phyllis and Neal looked forward to this day because it was the no Pop-Tart day.

I know that I will always be the “baby” and Phyllis will always be the “big” sister. She would remind my husband of this quite often during this time together. You see, Allen and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this week as we begin our next phase of empty nesting. When Allen and I got engaged, Phyllis wrote him a letter “warning” him about marrying the “spoiled” baby of the family. She told him on more than one occasion that her conscience was clear. He said he should have listened!

We wish Phyllis and Neal the best in their new home and will always look back on this time with many happy memories!

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  1. What fun this has been for us all. Making a move is such a BIG event in our lives. Even when we choose to make it, it is still traumatic.
    How wonderful to share this with your sister and both of the fellows that came along for this grand adventure.
    You know you are blessed to share this with each other but, we are blessed too . This has been a grand adventure for us all. Happy times to cherish for everyone.

  2. What a great post. It’s been fun following along with your adventures while living with your sister. But what a great way to wrap up the story. It’s a brave move when the older sister let’s her younger sister get the last word on the experience!

  3. How lovely! Thanking you for making us a part of your family with your delightful stories.! All the best to all of you!

  4. Phyllis,
    I love the way you share all the
    wonderful experiences and people
    in your life. Your sister is a doll!
    Hug each other whenever you can.
    Best of love, laughter and happiness
    to you and Neal in your new home.

  5. Isn’t it wonderful to have a sister that knows you and loves you for who you are. And it sounds like all four of you had such great fun!

    My sister was my confident and my biggest cheerleader and now she is my angel that visits me in dreams. Her strength still gets me through the times that seem impossible and sometimes channels through me to get me organized. (She would love the story about the sewing room!) So it is wonderful to hear how much you love and appreciate each other. Give yourselves a big big hug when ever you can!

    Love all the sister stories! And I agree with Tammy – return the favor!!

    Love from me to you both!

  6. This has been a joy for readers. Thank you for inviting us along on this journey. Congratulations for surviving and thriving! Keep making precious memories. Sisters are a treasure.

  7. Sisters are the best. I was an only child for almost 13 years. The day I became the big sister to twin girls was the happiest day.

  8. What a journey of adventures and memories ! THanks for sharing your stories. Obviously, creative stories and the love for family are common traits which these two sisters share ! Enjoy your new home, Phyllis & Neal !

  9. What an enjoyable post. Sisters are the best. i love when siblings are close. It saddens me to read of siblings that do not get along. Happy Anniversary Janice and Allen. Good Luck in your new home Phyllis and Neil.

  10. I love these “Sister” stories! They are adorable, they touch our hearts in so many ways and it’s quite evident that there sure is a lot of love going on… biscuits, bacon and Pop Tarts included!

  11. Such a sweet way to sum up the gracious adventure you and Allen invited Phyllis and Neal to accept. Kindness must really run “in the family”!

  12. Loved the great sister stories. It was fun reading them because they portrayed you both perfectly! Happy Anniversary Janice and Allen! Happy new home Phyllis and Neil!

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