European Homes & Style

European Homes and Style

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We Americans are totally enamored with European homes, fashion, cars, and royalty. I have been to Europe a couple of times, and the one thing that impresses me more than anything is that Europeans do not tear down buildings and homes. Instead, they are remodeled, updated, and can live on. It is nothing for a building to be 600 years old or a house to be built in the 1600s. While all of these have been updated, the patina and textures of the wood, stucco, and stone are wonderful.

European Homes & Style

There is a new trend here in the states of using European decorating as inspiration for decorating our homes. Classic styles are eternal. The desired old wood floors and ironwork coupled with “old-looking” paint colors captures the look of old Europe.

European Homes & Style

I adore exposed beams and old wood paneling, so you can imagine my delight when The Cottage Journal staff published a new special issue, European Homes and Style. I just got my copy, and I have savored every page. I just want to go home and start over using some of the fabulous decorating ideas shown in the magazine. But what I will do is add some great European touches to my existing décor.

What is your favorite decorating style? Share your thoughts with me.

European Homes & Style

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  1. I appreciate a home with a modern sensibility and just a touch of European decorative influence. I mix mid-century American antiques with quality modern furniture and French antiques, and it works. I inherited some of these pieces, and they reflect our own family traditions and history. I am not wedded to one style, but I do think a gracious and welcoming home is delightful.

  2. Phyllis,

    Love all Hoffman Media magazines – you should see my shelves:)
    Could not wait to pick this magazine up in person and it is everything your posting portrays
    gorgeous beyond. Inspiring pictures as I refresh my home.

    Keep the great inspiration coming.

  3. I agree, Phyllis! Growing up and living in a small historic town known as the colonial capital of North Carolina, I have always relished walking the streets in our downtown and admiring the beautiful old homes. Taking a tour of the royal governor’s home or any of the homes is like a little piece of heaven to me. Nothing says, “southern” any better than the architecture and structure of these gorgeous homes. Preservation is key, and I am glad we have a very strong historical and preservation society in our city. If we don’t preserve the past, we will not have a good foundation for the future and many precious things will be lost forever. Thank you for the pretty pictures in your post today. Genteel, elegant, timeless. Can’t wait to get the magazine. The excitement is building! Hoffman Media never ever disappoints!

  4. How gratifying to know others value our past. I heard a comment on TV (!) the other day …” he knows the price of everything but knows the value of nothing…” May we always value our history, the art and architecture of our past and above all those dear people who created our personal past.

  5. I agree with you Phyllis that many Americans tear down rather than restore or make the improvements properly. Coming from Lexington Mass. where the first battle of the Revolutionary War started; being so steeped in 1600 and 1700 architecture, this makes me especially sad. My father was a member of Historic House Preservation. He could walk into a house that had been “mangled” by the owner, wanting him to fix it and restore it to it’s original or as close as he could. with what was left. Many times people would call him who had just bought a historic home and wanted him to restore it. Those were the pleasures he said. He restored homes on Beacon Hill Boston, Lexington, Concord, N.H. and many other places.I live outside Detroit now and miss that beautiful, historic architecture. They demolish most things in Detroit. Sad because there are many beautiful homes from the 30’s. I don’t know why some Americans don’t appreciate that aspect of our history.

  6. Was so eager to buy this magazine yesterday! Will snuggle in today, coffee cup in hand, and savor each page of European Homes & Styles. Since Hoffman media did it, it’s bound to be excellent!

  7. I love the sense of history that permeates an old European home, and I imagine all of the things that must have happened within its walls. We can capture some of that feeling, though, by incorporating antique furniture, fine vintage linens, architectural fragments and other items from bygone eras when decorating our more recent homes. I know I do!

  8. I too love the European sense of style in home decorating and the preservation of old buildings. I still think that Americans are much better at that than we, Canadians. It seems that lately, beautiful old buildings and homes are being torn down without any thought whatsoever.

  9. I too love European country homes! There’s just something about the “feeling” and it’s so much fun to try to create that wonderful, peaceful, old world ambiance! When you can’t get there…create it here!

  10. My family is from Holland. While I was raised in California, I am blessed to feel at home with family when I am in the Netherlands. What I often see is that they collect LESS, but they collect finer. My cousin has one set of dishes (Lady Carlyle) which she uses as her daily dishes. Their homes are decorated with lovely pieces both sentimental and timeless. I always leave greatly inspired.

  11. Good Morning from Iowa. My husband and I grew up in Iowa, but moved to California when we graduated from college. However, we visit this wonderful state often because we have lots of family. Ten years ago we purchased an old Victorian farm house which hadn’t been lived in for at least 25 years. Slowly we have been bringing it back to life. We host lots of parties to celebrate every accomplishment and we lovingly call our home the Beatryce house, named after the lovely lady who owned it for so many years. I’m so happy to know, Phyllis, that you want to see older homes live on as much as my husband and I do.

  12. I am enamored not so much with a particular style as with the sense of charm and personal history a home and garden evokes. It should have a welcoming spirit.

  13. Since I am European, I love the old world charm of antiques and furniture that either was, or looks like it was, handed down for generations. I am lucky to have a few pieces from my grandparents home in Europe here in my California living room. I love classic, elegant and gracious rooms, but with a fresh twist here and there. Can’t wait to get this magazine, Phyllis.

  14. You are so right about not tearing down buildings! I was talking with my friends about it yesterday. And also, antique furniture is the best!!!

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