Fall Colors in Arrangements

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I have two friends, Gail Garner and Shelia Smith, who are so creative. They are our go-to pair when the event calls for something really special. Amy Grant was gracious enough to come to Birmingham for a concert benefitting the Auxiliary of Big Oak Ranch. I have written about the ranch many times here on Ribbon, so you know my love for this ministry. This was a special night and we were fortunate to have a reception time with Amy before the concert. The evening called for something special and Gail and Shelia worked their magic with these beautiful arrangements.

Fall Colors in Arrangements - The Ribbon In My Journal

Fall Colors in Arrangements - The Ribbon In My Journal

Gail and Shelia put their creative ideas together for the floral arrangements for the reception and I wanted to share them with you. I love the way they used cabbages, pumpkins and gourds at the bottom of the wire stand. And of course, autumn is the season for mums. I love the way they blended them with roses. The black table cloths created the perfect backdrop to showcase these wonderful arrangements.

Fall Colors in Arrangements - The Ribbon In My Journal

Fall Colors in Arrangements - The Ribbon In My Journal

The small white pumpkins were uniquely used to hold small table bouquets. You simple cut an opening and scoop out the pumpkins. Place a small jar or can in the pumpkin and fill with your favorite flowers.

Fall Colors in Arrangements - The Ribbon In My Journal

You probably have some great foliage and berries in your yard to use if you make your own version of these arrangements. Pumpkins come is so many wonderful colors, use them to celebrate autumn with beautiful flowers!

How do you decorate your table during Fall?

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  1. Autumn….. my favorite season.
    The trees share their splendid glory with us. The beauty, the
    comforting aromas & slight chill in the air remind us how blessed we are to be alive.
    I love using the leaves & pine-
    cones to decorate.
    Since I was young, i would send boxes of leaves with an autumn poem on top of them to friends, especially the ones who were far from our glorious autumn in New York. They were thrilled!
    Phyllis, thank you for sharing the beautiful decorations. You’re the

  2. How lovely ~ from the simple pumpkins to the elaborate buffet arrangement.
    I love using assorted sized pumpkins and bronze chrysanthemums as well as dried grasses in Autumn arrangements.
    And of course the entry is not complete without three traditional three Indian corn cobs

  3. All the pictures shown are just beautiful…I had some artichokes that had dried so I put them into an arrangements and a few dyas later was surprised to see that the centers had blossomed into a beautiful purple, that added a great color contrast to the scarlet and fall colors.

  4. Love, love this!! The arrangements, large and small, are spectacular! The smells and colors of Fall are the best and I look forward to them every year. Thank you, Phyllis, once again for bringing beauty and a sense of infinite peace.

    1. Hei Petra, lyhty on muistaakseni Nordalin tai Ib Laursenin – ostettu noin vuosi sitten SÄDE-nimisestä sisustuskaupasta Vaasasta. Muistaakseni samoja lyhtyjä on siellä edelleen tai ainakin vähän aika sitten vielä oli.

  5. Awe, it’s the beginning of autumn here in the foothills of Northern Ca. My inspiration was my bronze vase filled with branches of autumn colored leaves, that’s it, just a wide arrangement of leaf branches and my dining table is bursting with autumn. I will change it out as the season progress with traditional holidays…But, just love our autumn colors God has blessed with. Will make a trip to the pumpkin patches and incorporate that with small pumpkins and scented candles…..just getting started! I love the large table arrangement shown it is absolutely lavish and something that I would absolutely love! Thanks for sharing your wonderful spirit with all of us who adore you! Carmel

  6. Such a special night. Gail and Sheila created a spectacular setting. Everything spoke of all the beautiful things about fall. Thank you for sharing this with your audience. Hugs and Blessings, Susan

  7. Spectacular!!

    We are having such a HOT spell here in California that it hardly feel like Fall! However, my Midwest upbringing of course has all the lovely fall colors and decorations displayed inside and at the door of our home. Until the cool air returns, I sit back with my book and “iced” tea and enjoy the fall colors around me.

    I love the white pumpkins with the flowers, the gourds and all the lovely arrangements! Can’t wait to try some of these!!! As always, thanks again!!

  8. I love this combination for these arrangements, absolutely lovely! Yall have outdone yourselves. Another big name decorator person did not have any were near this pretty in her magazine or blog. Southern Lady is the best in the field as is your guest who you do pieces on. Love love it! Happy Fall to all!

  9. GORGEOUS ! I simply LOVE the Autumn season and the coolness and colours that we all associate with this splendid season!

    The arrangements are breathtaking and I am so glad you did this blog to show off the season’s beauty!

    God Bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  10. Love these as Autumn is my favorite season .I also love that you share your faith while helping to make our lives more beautiful .May the Lord bless you and keep you . ~Sharon Goemaere

  11. What a fantastic night that must have been! I’m a huge fan of Amy Grant, and a night benefitting a ministry is always special. I love the floral arrangements, the fall pumpkins and gourds were used to their full advantage. The large arrangement makes a huge statement.

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