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Several years ago at a needlework trade show there was a wonderful booth filled with fabulous buttons. My radar went off, and I immediately started through the hundreds of exquisite buttons.

Christmas ButtonAfter sorting through several trays, I came across a mother-of-pearl button with the Christmas Nativity carved in the tiniest details. My heart stopped. This beautiful treasure was going home with me. It was glued to a black button and had a pin attached to wear as a brooch.

The edges were chipped as the fragile button had many years of wear, but the beauty of this piece shown through. Later that year another lady in the needlework industry started a business mounting buttons and pieces of china into silver findings. I took my prized little button to her and asked if it could be mounted securely into a sturdy mounting.

When I look at the tiny details of the carving, I am mesmerized every time as a new detail is discovered. The small star over the stable, the baby’s halo, and the hands of Mary and Joseph are so intricate; I can’t image the hours it must have taken to carve it.

If any of you know about this button or button style, please share with us.


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  1. It looks like mother-of-pearl from the Holy Land, it is beautiful. I’ve seen lace crosses but never a button. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful work of art you discovered. A real beauty! Years ago when I taught school a great friend of mine had a beautiful pair of royal blue earrings, I envied. She told me they were antique buttons from a suit. Her mother made them from an old suit her grandmother had. Thanks!

  3. Several years back a friend & I were shopping when I spotted a beautiful soft pink blazer on clearance which was in her size. The blazer sported round glass buttons with perfect pink roses inside which the clerk told us were hand blown (needless to say there were gorgeous).
    My friend purchased the blazer with the agreement when she is done with it I get the buttons!!!!

  4. Love following your journal. You lift up my spirit. What a fabulous find. I have some antique French enamel buttons which I had made into earrings. Antique buttons are so fascinating. We have never met in person but I feel we are so connected. Thanks for sharing.

  5. my Husband who has collected buttons for years says it is
    European. He thinks it could have been on a priest’s robe or something like that. It is very nice. Value it and wear it at Christmas time. He has made some into pins for me.

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