My Favorite Easter Memories

My Favorite Easter Memories

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I have many fond memories of Easter Sundays as a little girl. I loved my smocked Easter dresses, bouquets of fresh flowers, and singing my favorite hymns at church. My favorite Easter tradition was dying Easter eggs. My sister, Janice, and I always loved picking out the most beautiful color combinations and elegant designs for our eggs. Now, dying Easter eggs is a tradition that I enjoy continuing with my grandchildren.

There are a variety of stories about the origin of Easter eggs, but it is commonly believed that these eggs began as a religious symbol. Easter eggs date back to around the 13th century when Christians dyed eggs red to represent the blood of Jesus. The shell was believed to represent Jesus’ tomb while the cracking of the shell symbolized his resurrection from the dead. Historically, Christians abstained from eating eggs and meat during Lent. Dying eggs was part of the Easter celebration where Christians were able to return to eating eggs.

Egg hunts and egg rolls are other traditions associated with Easter eggs. It is not known precisely when these traditions began, but some Christians have viewed Easter egg rolls as a symbol of the rolling away of the stone from Jesus’ tomb. The most notable Easter egg roll is the annual event held at the White House. It began during the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes.

Easter egg hunts are also a popular tradition that I know many of us grew up with. I had a special Easter basket that I filled to the brim with my spoils from the egg hunt. From Easter baskets and Easter dresses to everything in between, I hope that this season is rich with memories for you and those you love.

Do you have a favorite Easter memory?

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  1. My simple & profound memory of Easter….was my Dad (A Cleveland Ohio steel worker) coming into the kitchen with 2 beautiful Floral Corsages !! Mom’s was always a huge purple orchid in a box with a cellophane peek-a-boo window to see this beauty without opening the box ! Mine was a little carnation with a pipe cleaner bunny or chick with cascading ribbons !! Both were usually brought home on a snowy afternoon, as Cleveland Easter’s were usually cold and snowy !! He was so very thoughtful & romantic……..
    We loved wearing these beauties to church on Easter morning !

  2. Thank you so much for the recipe and its meaning!!

    And, for me gloves were really never “out”! Yesterday we went to a garden memorial service for a dear friend. I wore my velvet gloves and when I folded them neatly on the program, many commented on how lovely they were. Don’t hesitate to wear them on Easter morn….

    Happy Easter to you, Phyllis, and all on this inspiring “Ribbon”!

  3. We have always colored eggs and still do as adults. We make sure to write our names and other things related to Easter with a white crayon. The words usually do not show up that much. Wishing you and yours a blessed Holy Week and a Joyous and Happy Easter.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. Here in Colorado to go to Red Rocks amphitheater is a beautiful experience for the Easter sunrise service. The choir singing while the sun rises is beautiful causing the service to be a very moving. He is risen indeed!!!!

  5. Easter has always been my favorite holiday. Each year the Easter Bunny (my Mom of course) hid many big baskets for me which included darling henny pennies dressed in fancy hats. Cute wind up and friction toys, sugar panoramic eggs and hand made fancy decorated chocolate eggs filled with creamy peanut butter, vanilla and fruit and nut fillings from Gavriles in Laurel Maryland. My parents are gone and so is Gavriles but the memories are there. Happy Easter because “He is risen”!

  6. My mom used to stuff plastic rabbits with candy for us, and for years we were genuinely astonished to find them next to our bedroom doors.
    Here, Easter Monday is a holiday, and many villages do a communal Easter omelette, especially with wild asparagus that’s available now.
    And in France, it’s the church bells (les cloches), not the Easter bunny, that bring chocolate eggs for children.

  7. Like many I am blessed with bounteous wonderful Easter memories.
    One of the most memorable is a Sunrise Service in the Cascades. Sunrises (and Sunsets) can be awe-filled experiences any dawn (or dusk). He is Risen! Takes on new meaning when we are surrounded by His mighty mountains!
    Easter Blessings to all our Ribbon Friends!

  8. I remember dressing up in our Easter hat, coat and white gloves. Miss those special days. But still do an Easter basket for my hubby. When my mom lived near us, we would do an Easter basket for her also.

  9. Easter is my favorite holiday as we welcome Spring and of course the Resurrection, the reason why we are Christians. I fondly remember the new dress, bonnet and small white gloves that Mom would buy for me every year. I miss wearing gloves and wish they would come back. It was always a beautiful service and a great day with family.

    Happy and blessed Easter Phyllis and to all your readers as well.

  10. My grandchildren made the following – Resurrection Rolls for a number of years.
    I think it’s a great Bible lesson. Perhaps others would enjoy them.
    JESUS … 1 marshmallow (not mini)
    THE OIL … 1/2 cup melted butter
    THE SPICES… 1/2 cup sugar mixed with 1 tablespoon cinnamon
    LINEN WRAPS..1 Can Crescent Rolls (8 rolls)
    TOMB… Oven (set at 375 degrees)
    Dip each marshmallow in melted butter
    Roll it in sugar-cinnamon mixture
    Remove crescent rolls from can.
    Tightly wrap each marshmallow in a crescent triangle, sealing all edges.
    Place rolled marshmallow on a well-greased cookie sheet.
    Bake at 375 for 11-13 minutes (according to instructions on crescent roll can.)
    When you bite into the baked roll, the marshmallow will be gone,
    signifying that Jesus rose from the dead!
    VERSES: The oil: Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:2-8
    The spices: John 19:39&40; Luke 23:55&56
    The linen: Matthew 27:59; Mark 15:46; Luke 23:52&53; John 19:40
    The tomb: Matthew 27:60; Mark 14:46
    Jesus Christ: Romans 5:8-10

  11. Aren’t childhood memories wonderful? Easter was particularly special. Not just for the new pastel spring outfit, the Easter basket filled with yummy treats (and a fuzzy stuffed toy), the delicious dinner after church and usually an Aunt , Uncle and favorite cousins, but the sunrise service was so inspiring to me even as a child. I was fortunate to live in a rural area and our minister had donated land for a Christian Church camp for youth from St. Louis westward to our little town. It was in a wooded setting and our congregation always had our Easter sunrise service outdoors there, weather permitting. It made the occasion extra special. The only negative was if the weather was so chilly I had to wear a coat over my beautiful dress!

  12. Thank you! This was a beautiful and touching description of Easter and the memories you have!!!! It is a favorite holy time for me too and spring is also!!!

  13. I always made my daughter a Heirloom Easter Dress. I have been making Easter Dresses for my 4 year old granddaughter. This Easter however she is wearing a dress that I made for her mother. This is special to me. I love all of the beauty of Easter!!

  14. I have so many beautiful memories of Easter as a child too. Now, I’m trying to create precious memories for my grandchildren by having an annual Easter brunch and egg hunt in the garden. Wishing you a beautiful Easter, Phyllis, with your family and those you love, celebrating the resurrection.

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