A Few Favorite Farmers’ Markets

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Summer produce is beginning to show up in farmers’ markets across the south, and as someone who enjoys cooking at home, I am delighted! Visiting farmers’ markets on lazy Saturday mornings is one of my favorite things to do during this time of year. It’s such a thrill to see all of the fresh, colorful offerings and imagine the possibilities for dinner that night and throughout the week. Our summer issue of Southern Cast Iron outlined a few of the best farmers’ markets in the south, and I thought I’d share them with you. I hope you’ll get a chance to visit one or more of them during your summer travels. Enjoy!

From Southern Cast Iron Summer 2016:

Offering the very best of what the local area has to offer, farmers’ markets dot the sides of roads and centers of parking lots all across the South. At the height of summer, they’re popping up like mushrooms, so chances are you’ll find one near you. Here are a few of our favorites:

Crescent City Farmers Market
New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s fitting that one of the country’s most flavorful cities boasts one of the most flavor-filled farmers’ markets. Vendors sell some of the best and most unusual products from the Gulf Coast region, from fresh-caught shrimp and Creole tomatoes to goat chops and jerky. 

Pepper Place Saturday Market
Birmingham, Alabama

Surrounded by restaurants, shops, and designers’ studios, there is plenty to do and see at this market. With nearly 8,000 patrons at peak season, word has definitely spread about this Southern gem.

Carrboro Farmers Market
Carrboro, North Carolina

Striking just the right balance, Carrboro is large enough to offer plenty of volume and variety but small enough to ensure that all products are local, with everything coming from within 50 miles of the city. 

Sustainable Food Center Downtown Farmers Market
Austin, Texas

We wouldn’t expect anything less than a Texas-sized market for one of the state’s livliest food cities. With four locations around Austin, the Sustainable Food Center’s core mission is to connect the community with their local farmers and promote healthy and local eating. 

Chattanooga Market
Chattanooga, Tennessee

This bustling market offers up a lot more than just fresh produce. With a different theme every week, the Chattanooga Market has live music, food vendors, and craft stalls lining its open pavilion. 

Where is your favorite farmers’ market?

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  1. There are many wonderful farmers markets throughout the state of Connecticut on different days of the week. They all have a special local flavor. The farmers market in Durham, CT is held on Thursday afternoon on the town green with a special New England setting. while there is a farmers market on Wednesday at Central Park in the center of downtown New Britain.

  2. We enjoy the quaint Farmers Market in El Dorado Hills, Ca. just one exit from us. We enjoy the large beefsteak tomatoes for making BLT’s, and tomato and egg salad sandwich along with tuna stuffed tomato salad.
    Lots of variety along with many of the local vineyard’s promoting their wines. Its a cheerful setting and quaint restaurants/coffee houses to enjoy making it an enjoyable afternoon. Most of the time their is music
    coming from a small group to enjoy too. This is a farm to fork community and we are bountiful in fruit and produce. Greeting from a
    California gal and culinary enthusiast, Carmel!

  3. My greatest experience with a farmers market was in Paris… The selection was outstanding and you just wanted to buy everything!

    Unfortunately I had no kitchen to cook in but my imagination was running wild of what I could have made with all these wonderful ingredients!

  4. The Carrboro Farmer’s Market in North Carolina is fabulous and always a gardener’s adventure as well as a unique delight in the southern culinary! The one booth that does me in though is that of Louise Parish of Chapel Hill. She has been cooking up pound cakes for years and comes from a long line of exquisite, southern bakers! Louise is a remarkable woman and a real southern treasure. Of all places, we met at a Weight Watcher’s meeting before my daughter’s wedding. Her pound cakes were so wonderful that I went on a pound cake craze to find the best one. I tried every pound cake recipe I could find, near and far. I even tried Elvis Presley’s favorite pound cake recipe, yet none compared to hers! My obsession with those pound cakes sabotaged my weight loss, but I gained a wonderful and dear friend! So if you’re ever in Carrboro on a Saturday morning, stop by the pound cake lady’s booth and try one of Louise’s scrumptious goodies!

  5. Portland Oregon – Pietland State University Saturdays and other locations around the metro area throughout the week.

  6. Your article brings back such fond memories of childhood. My parents and I would leave early on Saturday morning and drive to the Atlanta Farmers Market. (We lived about 35 miles south of there.) We would ride up and down each lane selecting peas, beans, corn, squash, cucumbers and fruit such as peaches and cantaloupes. Nothing better in the winter than those fresh veggies we put up in the summer!

  7. I enjoy all summer a wonderful farmer`s market in Mont-Tremblant.
    From June to the end of september. We have local“ chefs “
    who come on saturday and create new recipes with local products. The choice and the colors are amazing. Of course
    we get our local strawberries later than you… in June.
    You would enjoy visiting it, next time you travel to Canada!

  8. Although I’m not from NYC , the farmer’s market in Union Square is one of my favourites…wish I lived closer. The arrangement and the variety of fruits and veggies is great…who knew that there were more than 10 varieties of thyme!

  9. so fortunate to have one of greatest farmer markets right here in Madison, WI (both sides of the street around our capital square) – no not in the south but if you are in the area – be sure to visit, you won’t be disappointed!!

  10. We have a great farmer’s market in Blairsville, GA! Very small town, but great fresh produce and wonderful handmade items.

  11. Phyllis,
    The State Farmers Market in Raleigh is wonderful. The produce is gorgeous year round, and the people are so friendly. I especially love to go there in the Autumn to buy pumpkins of all varieties for the front porch. Summer herbs and amazing produce, winter root veggies, all awesome. The is also a tiny little trailer where a couple sharpens knives. Gotta be grateful for the bounty, amen? Enjoy your summer !

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