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I love truly beautiful things, right down to the smallest detail. In fact, I think the real beauty of artwork of all kinds is found in the well-crafted, delicate details that all come together for a stunning creation. That’s why the works we create seem to come to life when we add embellishments, buttons, trims, and the final finishing touches.

I love Flights of Fancy Boutique because these lovely little details are their specialties. Flights of Fancy is an online catalog overflowing with trims, embellishments, hand-dyed fibers, ribbons, vintage laces, embellished porcelain buttons, flower beads, hand-dyed velvet fabric, and the list seems to go on and on. Looking through the catalog will spark your creativity and have you dreaming up new projects to create.

Flights of Fancy has been gracious enough to offer a giveaway package to a lucky recipient to help inspire a new design, embellish a work in progress, or just build a beautiful collection. The generous prize package includes:

  • 1 original fabric/lace collage, 7×10 inches
  • 1 yard beaded organdy scalloped ribbon
  • 1 yard beaded trim – gold/berry
  • 1 yard beaded trim – vintage rose
  • 2 yards hand-dyed narrow ribbon with metallic edge
  • 1 yard hand-dyed velvet ribbon
  • 1 yard 1½-inch wide silk ribbon, vintage ecru
  • 1 yard woven metallic ribbon with roses
  • 1 yard pale rose ribbon with one gathered edge
  • 3 pale rose ribbon posies
  • 1 large lace flower
  • 1 beaded piece on tulle
  • 3 Czech glass buttons
  • 1 yard silk rococo trim, pastel
  • 1 yard rococo trim, vintage lavender/green
  • 1 yard vintage pearl trim

To enter, share this post via one of the social media buttons below, and then leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win. Write about it on Facebook, pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest or even send a tweet. Not a social media person? Just leave a comment instead. Best of luck!


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  1. I know its way to late for giveaway, But would like to know of any in the future. Started Quilting crafting since I was in my teens and then had to stop 25 years ago because of my elderly parents whom I took care of while I still work full time. My Father and Mother have gone to be with the Lord. I was a late life baby for my parents and I miss them dearly and the only way to help me with the loss of losing them was to get back to my passion for quilting and vintage crafting. Please let me know of any future giveaways God Bless!!

  2. Post
  3. I love things like these! Reminded me of some kits for a crazy quilt that I’d bought from Gloria McKinnon several years ago. I need to find those packages and get to work on completing, OK…starting, that quilt. Would love to have a few extra goodies to add to the mix.

  4. What beautiful items!! My 96-year old mother continues to sew, quilt and do needlework. It would be wonderful to share these items with her. We would have such fun creating lovely keepsake items. Thank you for sharing the source.

  5. Hello there!! Oh my goodness what an absolutely beautiful trims and treasures win. What I would do with it! Oh my such endless possibilities for me. I enjoy “upcycling” refurbishing purses with all kinds of embellishments. So this awesome goodies pack would be just perfect for me to use for my purses. I absolutely love Flights Of Fancy!! I have in the past bought many things through them. They have so many amazing finds! And thank you for such a special gift offer to try to win.I hope! I hope!!!!

  6. Hi, I love everything about Flights of Fancy, I’m a romantic artist, I would love to win and create something beautiful with a romantic old world flair, like a Tiara.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Flights of Fancy fan here and i love all of Carole’s work. I did not need to pin this image to one of my social networks because it along with several other lovely collages she has made was already there. In fact I wanted to purchase this exact design however the Flights of Fancy boutique catalog had marked it already sold. Please select my entry for the artwork. (I will actually purchase it in order to receive.) lol Thank you

  7. Life seems so hard and ugly at times that I try to surround myself with beautiful things. I love crafting, is my way of scape and is something that brings me great pleasure, and fills my heart with gladness. I could do wonders with all these beautiful things, not only for me but to share with others as I usually do. Thank you for the opportunity of winning the Giveaway Package and for introducing me to the Flight of Fancy. God bless!

  8. I love all things beautiful, and Flights of Fancy is just that. I enjoy stitching and crazy quilting, I live to create. I have been blessed with seven children . I used to keep a bag of snippets from their clothing and such and I told myself I will do crazy quilting when I’m older. Well, I didn’t wait and started before too long and it has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. I just feel like all is well of I can create beautiful things with treasures I find. Happy day!!!

  9. I would love to win the giveaway package. I like to decorate vintagey, English country and with tea theme items, so the items in the package would match well. Bye the way, I have had a subscription to Victoria since day one. I love that magazine. Sometimes it is the only thing that can calm me down after a difficult time. I read the issues over and over. I do the same with Tea Time too. Keep up the good work.

  10. I am new to crazy quilting and would love to use this package to create my first crazy quilt. It contains beautiful trims that spark my creativity. What a lovely way to start a new passion…

  11. Sooooooo many entries! You have a large following and no wonder, your posts (including that potato soup recipe) are interesting and informative, not to mention your lovely photos! Hope to win but know winning the beautiful laces, ribbons, etc. is pure luck of the draw. Good luck to me! 😉

  12. I am so excited to find out about this lovely online boutique! I am so impressed by the selection of embellishments for cards and scrap booking and look forward to many hours of shopping as I make my first selections

  13. Oh, how beautiful are the items in the Flights of Fancy giveaway! I am a seamstress who loves antiques, especially of the Victorian era and the items you show remind me of that era. I would be thrilled to be able to use these items and to share them with a special friend. Hoffman Media is doing so much to help feed our souls with beauty and details to inspire us. Thank you so much!

  14. being a big fan of Flights of Fancy, I buy a lot of fancies for my crazy quilts…and I also teach classes in my local area to lots of other ladies….great blog…and I am pinning it to my pinterest….

  15. I love shopping at Flights of Fancy… the Downton-style choker I made with their ribbon sold within minutes of being posted. The textures, colors, and quality are outstanding and I so enjoy working with their products. So glad I found them!

  16. Everything I have ever purchased from Flights of Fancy has taken my breath away. Each item is a treasure and I find myself just wanting to take them out to admire them. I can never get enough of their products. Thank you so much for the opportunity because due to severe illness, I am now unable to work and can no longer afford to treat myself to these lovelies. Will keep my fingers crossed..

  17. Who wouldn’t just love to win this collection of fabulous embellishments? Count me in. They are beautiful.

  18. I would so love to win the fabulous giveaway from Flights of Fancy…The virtual store is such a treat to explore , full of delights…and possibilities.
    I have so enjoyed reading the posts from so many of the entrants because it so lifts my soul to hear of others joy in creating beautiful treasured and precious creations with ribbon ,lace and fabrics.

  19. I would love to win beautiful supplies from my favorite online stash shop, Flights of Fancy to add to my crazy quilt embellishments. FOF and Victoria is a beautiful match.

  20. What fun it would be to add these beautiful embellishments to my cross stitch pieces. I love to make pin cushions and these would certainly add some vintage flair. After reading about Victoria magazine, I downloaded it onto my tablet. I was stuck in with snow and ice and it added such a breath of spring to a gloomy winter day!

  21. The image is fabulous–so reminiscent of “Downton Abbey” costumes and 19th century millinery shops!

  22. Sounds like this would be a beautiful start to something amazing! Love vintage items and making beautiful art. Win win! Pick me, please.

  23. I would love to win this wonderful Giveaway package since crafting with lovely adornments is so gratifying and soul satisfying. Thank you for sharing the beautiful treat with us!

  24. Beautiful:) I am making a family memory quilt and this would be the perfect way to make it even more beautiful 🙂 Thank you for offering wonderful giveaways 🙂

  25. My grandmother has lots of ephemera from when she immigrated to America from Greece and I would love to create an altered journal in her honor incorporating her mementos as well as these goodies! I identify with my grandmother’s love of family and leaving behind this precious kind of legacy.

  26. I’d love to win because I could use a new project to challenge my creativity and then I’d have a reason to make stuff

  27. I have a fondness for lovely, distinctive, exquisite items such as the ones in this picture. My mom had a factory in Mississippi, where she made corde’ handbags that were sold all over the South. She learned to sew them from her parents in New York who sold them all over the North in the 1950’s. I managed to save several to share with my daughter, granddaughter, nieces and grandniece, so they will know their grandmother in this special way—through her love of beautiful purses. Thanks for showing these delicate items and stirring my thoughts of long ago items.

  28. Straight out of a Downton episode! I would so enjoy adding these beautiful things to my embellishments box!!

  29. I love Flights of Fancy Boutique’s website! I would be thrilled to receive this package of goodies. The embellishments, buttons and trims are just beautiful and will become more beautiful with time. I can see them now in my home or in my B&B Circa 1831 for my guest to enjoy. I may sew some of the buttons and trims on pillows or pillow cases or I may place some in my parlor at a special place in a glass decanter to be seen by all on my face book page and my website page, Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to each of your post!

  30. I love to use beautiful embellishments when creating my altered journals. This package of gorgeous would be so lovely to work with. Thank you for you beautiful magazine and your posts.

  31. What a lovely win this would be. I have been subscribing to Flights of Fancy newsletter for quite some time, and love looking at all their beautiful things. I got to know of them through Victoria magazine. Alas, our rate of exchange makes it very expensive to order, so a win would be so welcome. I love Crazy Quilting, and using beautiful embellishments to enhance my work. Embroidery is my passion.

  32. If I won I would immediately take these goodies to my friend of 34 years’ house 2 hours away where we would spend days coming up with gorgeous things to make and she would cook fantastic meals.

  33. This give a way would be would be a bright and cheerful display in my home during these cold winter months in Wisconsin!

  34. It is those small details that do indeed make or break a project. I would like to win your generous giveaway because you have coordinated everything down to those most important small details! Sharing on Pinterest and Facebook.

  35. What a wonderful gift. I love creating gifts for the special people in my life as well as my own home. I can’t resist that little bag of odds and ends found at the antique store, and I never throw anything away, no matter how small. You never know when it might be exactly what you need. To receive these lovely embellishments would be an honor and a privilege.

  36. I would SO LOVE to win to chase the last bitterness of winter far away! These are TREASURES that NEED to be CHERISHED, and displayed in a PLACE OF HONOR!!! xoxo LOVE!!!

  37. I am making a crazy Victorian a quilt from scraps of velvet, satin, taffeta and fancy elegant material that I,ve saved for years from sewing for my four daughters and others. Now I have 20 squares done and need to embellish each with ribbon, and fancy stitching and lots of those pretties.

  38. This is a beautiful grouping of treats to make wonderful creations. The colors are so pretty, so Victorian, and all go together. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  39. Checked out the Flights of Fancy website and had to bookmark it right away. I’d love to let the giveaway package tease my imagination to see what beautiful creation can come from so many lovely little pieces. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful site.

  40. I am turning an extra bedroom in our house into my very own “creativity” room…where I can write, make crafts,read my Victoria magazine and make plans for the day to do something creative.

  41. Dear Phyllis,
    This comes at a perfect time I am in the planning stages making a Marie Antoinette crazy quilt square. Your adjectives for this beautiful package perfectly fit my ideas. To capture the essence of her with beautiful material and to do it with exacting details would make my heart skip a beat or two.

  42. What a beautiful collection! I love to create different crafts. I do a lot of scrapbooking, cards, and crocheting,since I am not able to walk, I’d be honored to receive these items, think of the fun to come.

  43. These pretty embellishments would be the perfect companion for the calligraphy quotes I have written for my grandparents’ scrapbook I am working on.
    I have certainly enjoyed your blog-thank you!

  44. As an aspiring mixed media artist, I recently became infatuated with creating and giving away beautifully romantic pieces of art using bits and pieces of ribbon, lace, fabric, buttons, old costume jewelry, buttons and old photos. If I were lucky enough to be the recipient of this amazing giveaway, I would use all those lovely pieces of ephemera to create more piece of art which I would give away and hopefully bring a liitle ray of happiness into the lives of those receiving my art.

  45. I want to make a book of vintage lace i have collected and this would make the most beautiful cover for this special book. I have just retired and am now collecting material for crazy quilting and just discovered your site from Pat winters blog. Look forward to many new and beautiful treasures.

  46. What absolutely gorgeous tidbits all! Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
    Miss Phyllis: Love all your beautiful magazines that my loving sister sends me each year. Some times I just want to jump into those lovely photos!

  47. Indeed, these Flight Of Fancy items are reminiscent of my Nana’s sewing bag. There was always a treasure to perfect a doll dress or decorate an Easter Egg. It is my youth revisited! Thank you!

  48. It is so rewarding to see that these wonderful snippets from the past still hold their magic in today’s world. I spend my time searching for, collecting and refurbishing vintage laces and trims that I find tucked away in boxes and bags too precious to throw away. Thank you for this beautiful article.

  49. these lovely trims remind me of my Grandmas scrap bag. Lovely bits of this and that left over from projects or just taken from an old worn out dress but too beautiful to throw out. Just waiting for some creative thinking to be recycled in to something to be treasured. would love to win. thanks!!!

  50. I would love to win these beautiful items so my adorable 3 year old granddaughter and I could create original designs. We love to do crafts together and she is very creative and has her own ideas of what looks good together. She loves so many of the items, such as the ribbons, roses, the color pink and all the beautiful ribbons and other accessories. Thank you for this opportunity.

  51. I build miniature dollhouses and miniature scenes in 1 inch, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch. These trims, ribbons and other lovelies would surely enhance a bed-skirt, coverlet, dress, or used as upholstery on a miniature piece of furniture. Thanks for the introduction to this website with all its treasures!

  52. I have a love of beautiful things and especially beautiful lace, fabrics and all the other embellishments that make the final item so special. Just seeing the picture reminded me of when I made ring bearer pillows and a bed pillow for my mother out of the lace from her wedding dress. The warm and happy thoughts just jumped into my head when I saw this picture.

  53. Creativity is my middle name. From writing poetry, food art, embroidery, crafting projects, art ideas for children, or a birthday party theme, I am there. The feeling of thinking, using words, and different mediums of expression, is a passion. If you are one of these people, it is part of your being, and what makes you happy. I would love to experiment, with these beautiful embellishments!

  54. It was nice to read that others have kept their issues of Victoria Magazine. Reading back through them brings me back to the late 80’s and 90’s, my favorite issues. How I wish some of the clothes from the advertisements were still in style! The giveaway items appear as if from one of the early magazines. Simply lovely.

  55. Thank you for introducing me to Flights of Fancy. I enjoy sewing and decorating my garments with beautiful embellishments. I would love to have these beautiful items to work with.

  56. I would love to win these beautiful pieces from Flight of Fancy. I am a crazy quilt designer and would love to work with these pieces. Flight of Fancy is the best!

  57. This is “the stuff of dreams” I think. Such a lovely collection some very lucky person will win. Thank you from all of us

    Plus, I’m glad so many still participate by email and not “social networking.”

  58. The older I get the more I appreciate old fashioned and vintage things. This package has some beautiful pieces and makes me wish I had lived back in the day when ladies really dressed to the nines. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  59. I would love to win these lovely things and am so happy you introduced me to the site.
    I make children’s custom dresses and hairbows and am always looking for lovely trims to make them beautiful and unique. 🙂

  60. I enjoy collecting and using beautiful embellishments in my craft projects. It is a joy to work with various one-of-a-kind gorgeous elements. All the wonderful textures, colors, designs help to create lovely, unusual gifts for dear friends. I would love to be the recipient of your ‘giveaway package.’

  61. What bliss they’d add to any creation. Beautiful works of art and love. My fingers are itching to touch them while my eyes caress them! Sigh!

  62. Thank you for the opportunity to win this truly beautiful package of trims that reflect days gone by. I and my husband love antiques and have had an antique store for several years. I love to decorate with vintage glassware, depression era pieces, and antique furniture, etc. I always set my dining room table with old collectible tablecloths and various sets of china that blend with the current season. Having Tea Parties for children is also in my plans. I envision gorgeously trimmed pillows, lace entwined flower arrangements, and creative decorations on antique pictures. I plan on making lovely collages with precious family pictures, my Mother’s gloves, a tiny compact, small perfume bottles, hatpins, cameo jewelry, and many other items precious to me. Using these exquisite ribbons, fabrics and trims would only add to the beauty. I especially love the Czech buttons as that is my paternal heritage. What a joy it would be to receive this giveaway, and share it with an elderly aunt of mine for a day of crafting and reminiscing.

  63. I would love to win this jewelry because it is charming and versatile and can be worn with numerous outfits. This jewelry is fit for the “Red Carpet”! Thank You.

  64. Dear Phyllis,

    Oh My!!! What a beautiful collection. I have purchased things from Flights of Fancy so I know everything they offer is top quality and beautiful. Love their site. Your newsletter is also so interesting.


  65. Oh, my. I was not aware of this website and it is beautiful. Every item in the giveaway photo spoke to me. It would be wonderful to win something so nice.

  66. The Flights of Fancy Boutique is a beautiful place to browse, and one which I regularly visit to drool over their wonderful offerings. Occasionally (read rarely) our budget permits me to splurge a little, and this site is where those extra dollars are spent. I love collecting different little pretties to use in card making and crazy quilting … mostly for making little things to be used in gifting. Thank you Ms. Hoffman DePiano and Flights of Fancy for offering us the chance to acquire such a lovely bunch of pretties!

  67. I visit Flights of Fancy all the time, and drool over their gorgeous embellishments. I’d love to win the prize and embellish 2 projects I’m working on right now.

  68. It is so amazing to have women who know what it means to perserve the ‘Beautiful’ of life. I was never taught this nor did my mother or women of the family [small family] ever think to teach me about this. Grandmother vailed her ‘racial shame of being mulatto’ and this shadow attached to mom because of it. I was to ‘be seen but not heard’ back then. I have spent much time reflecting on these issues to declare my own and others precious ‘Beauty’. I now love to share with young women their strength and understanding of this ‘Beauty’ with-in and out using the basics of inner assurance, attractiveness, and hope for a brighter future. Thanks

    1. Clearly you ARE a beautiful woman – we fellow “Victoria”-ites know how important it is to preserve and share beauty in this world of ours. Blessings upon you!

  69. What a beautiful collection….I see so many possibilities, a pillow for a boudiour, an evening bag,etc. Thank you for the opportunity.

  70. In this day and age, things of beauty are far and few between. How I appreciate the intricacy of each delicate jewel, from the lace to the buttons. And so pretty in pink, I’m such a girlie girl.
    Thank you for your generosity and good luck to me!

  71. What a wonderful collection of pretty bits and pieces. I see things already there that could be incorporated into an embroidery project. I’ve Tweeted about it the giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

  72. I am dreaming of a lace border around the bureau scarf I am embroidering and that piece of lace in the photo looks perfect. If I won the gift, I would share the notions and fabrics with my downstairs neighbor. Michelle creates beautiful clothes, purses and quilts for others. She collects fabric and I was gifted with a beautiful bag made with fabric from Key West, Florida. The fabric is “me” and I just love it. This would be a gift that keeps on giving!

  73. These remind me of all the embellishments my mother in law & I used to buy on our craft shopping excursions. Now that she is suffering from dementia, we can’t get out on those monthly sprees any longer.

  74. I have been a fan of Flights of Fancy for several years now. Their quality is excellent and everything arrives in perfect condition. Glad to see Victoria promoting such a great company.

  75. Their things are gorgeous. I could surely use these items in a crazy quilt project that I’m planning. Thank you for the opportunity.

  76. Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely gift! I would love to win it as I am longing for more beauty in my life.Life has not been easy for my husband and me for a very long time.Thank you once again for this chance.

  77. What a beautiful package – would love to add that to my collection of scrapbooking supplies. Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful website – I will be visiting soon – and often I’m sure!

  78. Oh my goodness!!! This package is so ME!! I really love all things vintage and romantic and already have so many great ideas of what I could do with this bits of trim… Thanks so much for this give-away opportunity!

  79. I so enjoy reading your Blog! So many wonderful ideas are presented. This giveaway is another example of the fabulous things you have to offer.

  80. I have been knitting since I was six years old. I am now 55. I have been crafting just about my whole life. And because I love making things so much, I have decided to open my own business, start a blog and an esty shop on April 1, 2015. I would love to get my hands on these beautiful things and make something gorgon for my esty shop. Victoria magazine is my favorite magazine. It gives me great ideas.

    Thank you,

  81. I watch movies like Titanic, and shows like Downtown Abbey, etc. just because it takes me back into a time that is beautiful! I truly wish that I could go back in that time and walk the streets of London, visit the old house’s on the block that are tall and filled with antique furniture with lace doilies, pearls, ribbons and roses, (only if we can leave the tight corsets off, and have our inside plumbing!) What a time! It would be just a touch, a feeling and an awesome experience to win this package to add to many ideas and dreams I have for my own home. I truly love that God has given some people in “our” time with the love of these treasures and the gift of creating magazines like the ones we receive from Hoffman Media, It gives us a chance to feel maybe a smidgen of what they felt.

  82. Shortly, I will be going through cancer treatment, again. It would be a lovely gift for me to make and give to someone in the chemo unit or to a wonderful nurse.

  83. Oh, what lovely trims and embellishments!!! I can see these adorning some of my hand-stitched pieces, attached to pillows and even on some of my handmade greetings that I send to my friends via postal mail! Thank you and Flights of Fancy for the opportunity to win such lovely items! ~ Donna W.

  84. I have a dear friend who would love to have this. I would enjoy winning and presenting it to her as a gift – a lovely tribute to friendship.

  85. Thank you for the chance to enter this lovely giveaway. I, too, am all about tiny exquisite details. A project without embellishments is like a day without sunshine!!!

  86. I did post this on FaceBook and pinned it as well! For the last several years, I’ve wanted to host tea parties, and have been inspired by your magazines. I’m hosting my first one on April 25, and this giveaway would add so much to my Victorian-themed tea party.

  87. Such lovely pieces of fancy. A piece of beautiful lace on a dresser scarf, a special ribbon as a bookmark, all these bring joy to eyes of the beholder!

  88. Good Day, I love anything from the turn of the Century, any help on where i can find beautiful Lace? We do have a Yardage Store near by, but they don’t have the kind of Lace i’m looking for. And of course the Jewelry, just costume style but the kind like in the Movie Titanic. I know it sound , well, dreamy but i so want to create something that is just my own. Thank You for your help.

  89. Thank you, Phyllis for providing we non-social media people a chance to enter the drawing for this beautiful assortment of trimmings. Even though I am much older than you, I still share your love for all things lovely. Having been a loyal fan of Victoria since it’s inception (I have a copy of every issue ever printed!) I have seen many gorgeous crafted items and enjoy creating some from time to time. It gives me great pleasure to know younger people are still interested in these “old fashioned” ideas. Thank you for all you do to preserve them. Sharon

    1. Sharon,

      So glad to hear you have every copy of Victoria ever printed, as do I, and my husband thinks I am the only one who would save them. The beauty in the magazines from times past just sings to my heart.

      1. Jody, You are in good company! I also have every issue of Tea Time and almost every book published on behalf of Victoria! I have been hosting tea parties for my sisters, sister-in-laws and now my nieces and grandnieces since May 1990. Planning menus, digging out just the right china,glassware and old silverplate to set on my collection of vintage linens is the grandest form of fun I can imagine. Indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather, any time is a good time for a tea!! Continue to enjoy your beautiful magazines. I lost my husband of 38 years to cancer in June 2013, so enjoy yours while you can. Sharon

  90. What a wonderful group of embellishments. They would be wonderful on a crazy quilt or a Baltimore Album quilt. I am an avid quilter and these embellishments would be wonderful to use on a quilt.

  91. I like to have special places in every room, where a small “feel good” item is displayed. When I enter the room, there is always something that evokes love and peace and creativity. These are great items to use in many special ways for myself and for gifts to others.

  92. I believe all things happen for a reason. This post and contest came at a perfect time. My daughter, the eldest of eight, recently became engaged. Her dream wedding is one with a vintage flair. From her lace dress she dreams of to homemade floral arrangements and bouquets this prize would definitely help us to create her vision come alive. I would love to win this prize as a gift for my daughter. This would be a perfect gift for her special day. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  93. This collection reminds me of my memory box. The box lid is glass covered, I place my small pieces of tatting, lace from party formals she made for me plus antique buttons, her thimbles, her old pieces of jewelry and many more memorial items. The memory collection box is placed on the bed in the guest bedroom. Such beautiful keepsakes I view everyday. Thanks for letting me share my heartfelt memories.

    Love this idea, Marguerite

  94. All of these lovely embellishments would be amazing as I bring together a photograph of my maternal grandparents who were a large and loving part of my life, along with one of their love letters from 1918, the year they were married. I have their marriage certificate, the deed to the farm (now gone), her beautiful handkerchiefs and other treasures of the heart. What a beautiful legacy to hand down to my daughter and granddaughter. Thank you for this opportunity!

  95. I am going directly to the Flight Of Fancy online catalog! What beautiful items; just looking at them has my mind exploding with ideas of how I could use them. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!!!

  96. I recently gave my daughter a sewing machine,she expressed an interest in sewing. I wasn’t blessed with this gift, but my mother made all my dresses while growing up. I was so happy to see a younger person want to sew. We need to encourage them to be creative. She would love the Giveaway Package, she is so talented and creative.

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