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Fourth of July: A Tablescape How-To

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I love making Fourth of July a casual affair. Mix-and-match your favorite china patterns—I’m partial to blue calico—and use greenery from the garden to set the perfect table. Whether you’re celebrating with a group of two or twenty-two, these easy ideas using red, white, and blue will surely bring your party to life.

Tell me: How are you celebrating Fourth of July this year?

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Comments 33

  1. I always celebrate the fourth in some way even though I’m not American(I’m Canadian and we have Canada day on the 1st of July)but I do it mostly as an homage to my paternal grandmother who was born and raised in Pittsburgh(I also celebrate American thanksgiving). I make blueberry and raspberry muffins for breakfast to start the day,decorate with red and white carnations in blue buckets and we always watch the fireworks on tv!

  2. I loved the video. It inspires me to use what I have to decorate with. We are not having a big barbecue, but instead will attend a small town parade and then dine out, probably at a barbecue restaurant. No work involved, just a peaceful day to give thanks that we live in the United States of America, the greatest place on earth and have our freedom. God Bless America. Laura

  3. Phyllis,

    You set a lovely table.Thank you for beauty and inspiration you add to my life.

    Usually we spend the fourth with our kids and grandkids, but this year my husband and I are exploring sites along the Oregon trail in Idaho and Oregon. We are stopping at places mentioned in the journals his 4th great- grandfather wrote on his journey west.

    Happy Fourth! ~ Kathleen

  4. What a lovely video. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration! I so miss getting to see you every year at Southern Lady Celebrations!

  5. I loved your 4th of July Video. I have a love for vintage linen napkins and blue and white.
    It brought a smile to my face!
    Happy 4th!

  6. Phyllis, love your tablescape. I have a gorgeous Mediterranean blue and white table runner with red dishes and silverware with a white handle and I’m so looking forward to serving my guests with this tablescape. I wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July.

  7. My girls and their.families will be here! We will enjoy fresh summer salads, cold desserts, grilled meats and veggies, the warm sun on our faces and best of all our newest addition, my grandson.

  8. It is such fun, and inspiring, to get these messages every day. Thank you. Now I will get out my red table cloth for July 4.

    1. I appreciate all the suggestions !
      Pier One only had plastic when I checked last , but I will look once more . Merci !
      My bet is that others will be looking for the glassware after reading all these posts !

  9. Bravo! Bravo! Phyllis, you have done it again. Your tablescape is serenely patriotic. I love it. Thank you. Happy Independence Day to you and yours. Now, Encore, Encore!

  10. You are such a gem. Making all of us feel we, too can set a beautiful place in our own homes. Your table is just lovely and fresh.

    Our 4th will be spent quietly eating off of our patio table in our back yard. Very traditional.

    Happy celebrations to everyone!

  11. My husband and I were married on July 3rd forty three years ago, so the 4th has always been away to just extend the festivities for us. This year we are off to Carmel, California one of our favorite jaunts where we can enjoy for a day or like most anniversaries as this year a few days just relaxing. It seems we often anymore look back and just shake our heads and wonder about how fast the time has passed and enjoy our present time together.

    Thank you for creating this blog!

  12. I want to thank you for sharing your journal with us. As with your magazines, I can’t wait for the next one. I especially like your short videos, it’s like talking with you in person. Thanks and happy 4th to you. Gayle

  13. Thank you for that lovely video. I got married on the 4th of July and spent every year for 30 years celebrating our anniversaries. My husband passed away. I’m with an English man now who just became a citizen and this will be his first 4th of July as an American – that brings a chill as I write this. He’s been in the country for many years and becoming a citizen was very, very special. We’ll be celebrating the day with our friends.

  14. Phyllis,
    Love the simplicity of your holiday table. I too love to dig into my cupboards and bureaus to mix and match, particularly old treasures from loved one. Fresh flowers from the garden are a must (my garden here in Michigan is coming into her glory, roses, lilies and such). Each morning with coffee and my beautiful Golden Retriever, Gunner, we walk the gardens and pick flowers for bouquets placed all through the house and patio.

    We will be spending a few days, this 4th of July holiday, boating on one of our Great Lakes, before heading “up north” to our cabin in Northern Michigan. Being able to enjoy a little fun on the water and the peacefulness of the woods is wonderful.

    Have a wonderful “4th” and God Bless America,

  15. Dear Phyllis ,
    You have once again sparked my creative , decorating side . I adore your tablescape .
    Our 4th celebration will be quiet this year – and a simple , easy fix, “all American” menu – made special by setting my table with all the red , white, and blue I already have . How nice for you to share.
    Collecting linens,china and glassware IS my guilty pleasure – I never can have enough … beautiful
    things make everyday life even more beautiful .
    Thank you for your never ending ways to inspire your readers .
    “Victoria” has been my friend since her beginning ( when she briefly “went away” , I felt as if I had lost my best friend ! ) I have saved each and every copy .
    I am having difficulty finding cobalt blue stemware . Acrylic will not do – it must be glass .
    Where did you find yours ?
    Again , thank you !

    1. Christine,
      Believe it or not, I found my blue stemware at our local Salvation Army store – at 2 different visits. I found 2 the first visit, and several months later, another 2 appeared on the shelves. They’ve been living happily and used often at my home.
      I wish you good luck in finding yours.


      1. I did not even think to try there !
        Thanks … I will make a trip to a “super” WMart . My quest is on !

  16. I love the blue calico china! I am on the hunt for some pieces myself. You are so inspiring! Happy 4th to you and yours!

      1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check into that. Meanwhile, I did find four dinner plates on Etsy that I ordered and actually received today. Beautiful!

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